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Just Pillow Talk’s Birthday Nightmare: That Darn Cat (1997)

Welcome back to Just Pillow Talk’s ongoing movie series. I feel that he blames Droid entirely for this fiasco. With some justification. This time out, for a change, he’s got another Disney film, and this time it’s even more evil than one of the usual efforts that are inflicted on him.

When I was growing up, I loved the original That Darn Cat. It’s a light hearted 1950’s romp about a neighbourhood cat, the FBI and dubious mobsters. There’s a whole lot of heart to these shitty films. However, regarding the remake, well, let’s see… Read More…

The Underrated: Black Snake Moan

I find there is a frequent common thread in underrated films: terrible marketing.  Some films are just either misrepresented, or someone has been extremely lazy in the marketing department, or someone has failed to understand the film. Black Snake Moan is a case in point. Seriously, look at that poster- we’ve got a semi-naked and sultry Christina Ricci chained up with a glowering and angry Samuel L. Jackson grasping the other end of her leash.  It is a poster designed to hit as many taboo buttons as it can. It reeks of sex, miscegenation, inter-generational naughtiness, misogyny and whole lot of exploitative fun. It looks like it could be a poster for a Russ Meyer film.

Black Snake Moan is not exploitation.

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