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A Droid Premiere: Triple 9 (2016)


Surprise! Yes, it’s your old mate Droid here with a review of the new film ‘Triple 9’. Since it’s been a surprisingly long time since I wrote one of these, I expect it to be pretty terrible. So… par for the course, really.

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Made in Britain: Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

We are now, apparently, “multicultural”. London is a veritable melting pot of different cultures, religions, races and whatnot drawing from a wide range of people on the planet who all contribute to the rich life that we live now. Or at least that would be what the spin would have you believe. In reality, Britain does have an immigration problem, and the asylum system is, to say the least, broken beyond all recognition with peoples from any war torn shithole in the world moving here with the promise of a better life and refusing to learn the language or integrate in to the community. Not all, I hasten to add, but when Mrs. Jarv worked in Camden Council it was interesting that for a wide section of the immigrant population the only English they knew was “Section 6” which refers to the exact piece of government legislation that gets them money. Yet, given how developed and tolerant and whatnot that we are, it’s surprising that we haven’t produced more films looking at life for these immigrants. Dirty Pretty Things is one of, if not the only, film I can think of that stares into the abyss populated by this underclass, a bleak and depressing look at the lives of people who have to exist below the radar.

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Invictus Gives it a Good Try

Human Factor


At first I was really interested in seeing this, since the last Rugby movie I saw (Forever Strong) was like a good Lifetime film. But after reading some of the reviews and hearing some strong disapproving comments from my peers who said this is another Lifetime film made me almost skipped it.

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