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Made In Britain: Paperhouse

I struggled with how to categorise Paperhouse. Initially, I considered writing this review as an Underrated, because Paperhouse is a hideously underexposed little film, however on reflection, I think this is the natural home for it. Yes, it is obviously underrated, but I try to save those reviews for films that I’d consider giving a maximum to, yet for some reason have dropped off the radar. Paperhouse was music director Bernard Rose’s début feature (he was previously responsible for the Relax video that got banned), and was completely missold as the UK’s answer to Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s nothing of the sort, instead, Paperhouse is an almost-outstanding slice of dark children’s fantasy, a creepy film full of strong images, and with enough chills to traumatise most kids for a long time.

May be a fever dream but has spoilers below Read More…