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Jarv’s Schlock Vault- Blood: The Last Vampire

I never make mistakes

Jarv’s Rating: 1.5 Changs. Reasonably enjoyable stupid violent fun, but at the end of the day it’s heavily flawed and kind of shit.

Well, after the crushing disappointment that was Splice, I wasn’t feeling all that great about watching anything in particular, especially not anything that was released in the summer. However, at the same time, I’m busy watching as many vampire films as I can stomach in the hope of unearthing some that aren’t completely terrible and preferably nothing like the romance driven soppy vampiric drivel that plague the genre nowadays. Except, now that I’ve watched it I have to say that this isn’t  a vampire film.

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Kloipy’s Short Fiction: Itch

The itch started off in the morning as nothing more than a slight annoyance. Roger first felt the twinge when he stepped out of the shower. He scratched at the left side of his ample stomach, relieving the nuisance for a short time. As he dressed for work, his mind was consumed with the presentation he had to give today. Thoughts of dollar signs were replaced in his mind while visions of pink slips danced in his head. He was nervous and was starting to sweat already. He wiped himself off with a few paper towels and put on a second t-shirt in order to soak up any more beads that would show up to ruin his life today. Public speaking was not a strong point for Roger, and knowing he had to speak in front of the may be partners that day had resulted in him throwing up his dinner the previous night. A light breakfast was in order. Bagel, no cream cheese. Small coffee, maybe a banana. Skipping dairy would be a good idea. Read More…

Droid howls with laughter at ‘The Wolfman’

the wolfman poster There is a point very early on in ‘The Wolfman’ where you realise that it’s not going to be an effective horror, but it might just make a hilarious comedy. It’s the introduction of Anthony Hopkins character, and his performance is the first indication that the tone in this film is completely out of control. The film is all over the map, but mostly entertaining if you let it be.

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