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What’s In The Box? Faster (2010)

Whats-in-the-BoxGreetings and salutations ladies and germs. I have thought about beginning this series for a while. During the past year, I have been surprised by a hell of a lot of films. I attribute this first and foremost to my expectations being at an all time low when it comes to Hollywood. Blockbusters and action movies are the usual culprit of my dismay. Long gone are the days when I’d anxiously await that bountiful season of the American summer, which would provide me with hours upon hours of entertaining awesomeness. Alas I have grown weary of the special effects, the explosions, the fifteen shots every thirty seconds, the shaky cam and the cliff notes masquerading as characters. But during the past twelve months I have time and time again been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed myself with some of the movies I, quite frankly, was 100% certain I’d dislike. Movies like ‘Knight and Day’, ‘Date Night” and one movie in particular, ‘The A Team’. If any movie had pretty much everything going against it, that was it. But to my great surprise I enjoyed it a lot. But there’s a flip side to this coin (there always is). Movies I’ve expected to like have disappointed. ‘Iron Man 2’, ‘The Fighter’ and ‘Splice’ all disappointed.

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Droid defines the Decades best movies – #15 Bad Santa (2003)

bad_santa.2003.de Christmas movies are usually saccharine filled garbage where some selfish twat learns the true meaning of Christmas and becomes a “better” person. Then there’s ‘Bad Santa’, which sees a vile, loathsome, selfish cretin beat up kids, bang fat chicks and piss himself while a line of kids wait to sit on his lap. Needless to say this is my kind of holiday movie.

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The Odyssey continues: Jarv’s best of the decade for America

Yes, I know this is late. It wasn’t my fault- honest. However,  I don’t feel bad in the slightest about keeping going.

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Droid defines the decades best movies – #20 Friday Night Lights (2004)

friday_night_lights_ver2 America is the only nation I can think of where common teenage high school kids are placed in sporting programs en mass, come under extraordinary pressure to perform, and are called failures if they don’t succeed. Sure, this is not exclusive to America, but rarely are those kids considered failures, and told their future is ruined, if they don’t achieve this success in non-academic activities. ‘Friday Night Lights’ is about that pressure. It comes from coaches, family, students, media and even strangers. These kids are under the microscope, every success celebrated, every failure criticized.

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Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

the vault logoChopper Chicks in Zombie Town

CC1“Blind kids, a midget, dykes on bikes… we could start a side-show!”

Ignore reviews on IMDB (as if you need me to tell you that), ignore Amazon, especially ignore the middle bit of that idiotic Variety quote on the cover- it isn’t a spoof (I don’t think they know how to do a spoof), ignore pretty much everything, and trust me- your guide to the darker recesses of the vault. Would I lie to you? Read More…