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A look at 2013: January to March

2013-HeaderIt’s a new year. Time for resolutions, fresh starts, life changing decisions and all that bollocks. It’s also a good time to evaluate the cinematic landscape that we’ll be navigating in the new year. 2012 was, let’s face it, a very mixed bag in terms of cinema. Some good, a lot of bad, but mostly it was content with mediocrity. Will 2013 be any different? Let’s take a look.

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Droid defines the Decades best movies – #14 The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

royal_tenenbaums I’ve been stuck trying to write this review, as it’s difficult to put in to words why I like it without pulling out nothing but clichés. I’ll try to get a few out of the way and hopefully something readable will occur. Bear with me.

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