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Made in Britain: Franklyn (2008)

When the National Lottery was set up, some of the takings were put aside to create a fund for charities, good causes, and culture. This has been, almost totally without exception (there are a few), an unmitigated disaster for the viewer. In the most part the films funded have been “right-on” art films (My Son the Fanatic), shameless commercial but not good enough to attract studio interest nonsense (Shooting Fish), dreadfully unfunny comedies starring a TV hot property (The Parole Officer) and the occasional gem (28 Days Later). The “hit” rate of worthwhile films funded by the Lottery is so bad, that it almost isn’t worth thinking about as it will make you ill. In the meantime, Channel 4’s film division, Film 4, also produced films, some of which (The Full Monty, Trainspotting to name two easy ones) went on to massive global success. So, in the mid 21st Century, the time was ripe for Gerald McMorrow to pluck these low hanging fruits with his sky-high concept film, Franklyn.

And they gave him £6m. £6m to a first time writer-director. This pisses me off so much when you consider that Neil Marshall and Edgar Wright don’t get that from British sources. Although after Scott Pilgrim, I’m not convinced Wright deserves it any more. We really do need to pull our fingers out and get Astrodykes v Werewolves on the Moon written, before people wise up to this kind of funding.  Read More…