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Jarv’s Schlock Vault: Evil Angel

I don’t do women

Jarv’s Rating: Two and a half Changs out of 4. My Christ this is confusing, but it’s propped up by a really good performance, a fair amount of boob, and some ropy CGI

This “Watch Now” Thing on Lovefilm really will be the death of me. The amount of mediocre/ extremely schlocky films that I’ve watched on it because the stupid interface on the PS3 won’t go beyond the first 100 titles is frankly getting absurd now. I was drawn to this film for the very simple, and monumentally stupid, reason that it had a nice picture, seemed like it may contain loads of nudity and starred a chick that I briefly remember thinking was smoking hot in Ugly Betty. Oh, and it also has Ving Rhames in it. Mind you, his presence in a film is no guarantee of quality. In fact, usually the reverse.

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