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Jarv’s Top 10 TV cunts

I’m just back from Spain, and because it was an absolutely hideous week I’m in what could be called an evil fucking temper. Therefore, as an act of pure therapy, I’ve been thinking about Television, and which characters are arguably the biggest cunts ever to grace the small screen. There is a proviso with this one- I don’t watch either soap operas or Reality TV, so I’m sure there are lots that I’ve missed (Cowell), and I have only included characters where I have witnessed the cuntishness on screen myself- hence no Lithgow from Season 3 Dexter. Furthermore, while Brent is no doubt a complete and utter cunt (of a type that I particularly loathe) I haven’t included him as there’s nothing more really to say as he’s made practically every other one of these lists out there.

So with no further ado, here are 10 of the most detestable bastards ever filmed for television. Read More…