The Voice of Chang

20th October 2009    –  NEWS   James Cameron and ‘Avatar’ get the ol’ reacharound from the New Yorker

27th October 2009    –  NEWS   Trio in talks to show their ‘True Grit’

3rd November 2009  –  NEWS   Muhammad Biopic

4th November 2009  –  TRAILER   Angelina Jolie wants to pass you the ‘Salt’

11th November 2009  –  NEWS   News Roundup: Aronofsky, Trannys, Cross dressers!

20th November 2009 –  NEWS   News Roundup: The Beard, The King, The Pitts!

4th December 2009      –  NEWS  News Roundup: No Beard! No Greengrass! More Anderson! More Diesel!

6th December 2009     –   TRAILERS  Trailerthon – December 6th 2009

12 responses to “The Voice of Chang”

  1. Xiphos says :

    So what’s this?

  2. kloipy says :

    how do i sign up?

  3. kloipy says :

    thanks Droid! I emailed Jarv earlier to set up. It’s awesome to have the gang all in one place again

  4. Jarv says :


    Sorry I’ve been shit and inept. Sorting you now

  5. kloipy says :

    that’s fine Jarv, I understand my friend

  6. koutchboom says :

    Please all of you. I implore you not to pay to see Shutter Island this weekend! Give your hard earned money to something else and sneek in if you HAVE TO SEE Scorsesee’s new film, otherwise do not waste your money. I will explain why in my review.

    I say this because I care.

  7. Orcus says :

    BEHOLD! Orcus comes from Facebook! Nice Joint you set up

  8. Abominable Snowcone says :

    Praise Bale! Greeting to the Changians of yore!

    Stay Professional. You’re going Gummer’s work here.

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