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maninchair_thumbIt’s that time once again for me to tell you what new TV shows I tried out and why most of them have sucked. I think the “golden age” of TV we have been living in this century might be ebbing right now. Hopefully TV can bounce back soon but looking at the shows on the horizon I don’t think so. Still, TV is better than the movies at this point but not by as much as it use to be. The suck gap is narrowing fast. Read More…



On Saturday 15 March 2014, I decided to plop myself down on the couch and watch the Veronica Mars movie on VOD. This was the proper way to watch the movie since the couch/hospital bed was how I got sucked into the wonderfully realized world of Veronica Mars in the first place so it was only right that I watch the movie that way. It was a good thing I did since the movie was essentially an extended episode of the series and believe you me that isn’t a bad thing. Read More…



Here’s a look at some new TV shows I’ve been watching going back to last summer. These will all be short except for one that I need delve into in order to do it justice. They aren’t in any particular order just how they occur to me. Enjoy. Read More…



Here are some TV shows I’ve seen over the last 6 months or so that have a common theme (mostly I stretched on a few because I didn’t want to do something separate with them and they sorta’ kind of fit here) of murrrrrrrder in them. They aren’t in any particular order except I just noticed alphabetical. Read More…


Here’s a look at some shows I have watched lately. Some are brand new, some are just starting their new seasons and some were summer shows that have now ended. There will be spoilers. You’ve been warned. Continue at your own risk. I tender no apologies if you whine about learning something you didn’t want to know after you chose to read this after you’ve been given fair warning. Also most of these will be pretty short except for a couple.

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Jarv and Xiphos explain why Game of Thrones Season 2 sucks giant flaming dragon balls

Game of Thrones is unfairly lauded across the Internets and by bored TV critics salivating over something shiny. However, in all honesty, the second series of it hasn’t only been not very good but actually awful and quite unmeriting of the slavering adoration showered upon it.

Myself and Xi had varying opinions of the first series, in that we both liked different bits, but one thing we agreed on was that there was plenty of room for improvement, and the second series could well turn into something special. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case- and we both held the opinion that the second series is an absolute televisual atrocity.

Contains serious spoilers below- you have been warned. 

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I am of two minds about this Showtime original program. On one hand, it’s a somewhat entertaining show with some decent acting and occasionally good writing. On the other hand, there are some major league boners that would be easy to fix if the writers cared enough to fix the issues (more on this down below). There are also some stupendously bad choices made by the writing staff and a retardedly outlandish and preposterous “twist” that is monumentally stupid and insulting. Further, the show got a tongue bath by nerds and online critics so that makes it suspicious in my book since a majority of online nerds and critics have shit smeared where their taste buds should be.

So basically the purpose of this post is me working out if I like the show or not because I haven’t been able to figure that out just thinking about it. I finished the 12 episode run like a month ago and I’m still trying to sort my feelings out over Homeland so I decided to write this up which I really wasn’t planning on doing. I hope by the end of it I finally pick a side, we’ll see if that happens. Read More…



The mid-season break of TWD has come and gone and 13 episodes of poorly thought out drivel and melodrama worthy of Desperate Housewives or a soap opera has rightly cost Frank Darabont his job. The absolutely heartbreaking thing about TWD is that there are glimpses and glimmers of a good show in among all the crap on screen. Almost every episode has one decent, good or interesting thing happen in it. Unfortunately the few good things are surrounded by 20 or 30 awful ideas, bad story choices, horrible writing or illogical and dumb antics by our less than plucky or interesting, for the most part, band of survivors. TWD has much in common with the ultra crappy NBC superhero suckfest Heroes first season. They give you just enough decent stuff in certain episodes to keep a viewer interested or a cliffhanger that makes you think hey they finally got it! Then the next episode, it kicks you square in the nuts with dumbness and gives you a Nelson Muntz HA HA.

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Here’s a round up of things I’ve watched on DVD or off my sling box over the last few months. It’s a weird grouping this time out.

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So you said to yourself “self I wonder what TV shows Xiphos has been watching lately” Well here you go*

*started early April 2011

Don’t say I don’t do things for you people.

Here’s a round up of shows I’ve caught since the start of the year. Most of these I saw via the computer since there have more been a few nights I was working late and alone so the Internet download became my good friend. I predict at least two of these shows will send Jarv’s blood pressure into orbit so that should be fun.

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