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Koutchboom’s Adventures In Terrible Comedy – The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard

Sad Clown

This is my continuing journey into the downward spiral that is rsecent comedy. Luckily only two movies in and I’ve already hit a major detour. What I thought was going to be some depressing sort of a nothing movie turned out of be quite humorous, so lets pull over for the first rest room break with The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard.

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Koutchboom’s Adventures In Terrible Comedy – The Love Guru

Sad Clown

Some people have accused me of liking trash because I’ve enjoyed some of the recent comical offerings that Hollywood is pooping out. Films like The Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine, Tropic Thunder, Twilight: New Moon. So I’m on a quest to find the lowest of low (though I’ve already found it, it goes by the name of ‘Year One’) in comedies. There are a slew of terrible comedies released every week it seems, while I will not be able to see all of them I at least have 5-6 movies lined up before I can’t stand the unhilarity anymore. Without furthering my adieu I bring you the first bag of sadness…The Love Guru.

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‘Mother’ is a solid little murder mystery


‘Mother’ is the next film from one of the few Asian directors making a name for himself outside of his home country. Joon-ho Bong of course is the director of ‘The Host’ and ‘Memories-of-Murder’ seeing that ‘The Host’ has become a sort of cult classic it makes sense that his next film ‘Mother’ has gotten some attention. Though I think without ‘The Host’ no one probably would have cared about ‘Mother’, it would have become one of those foreign films that just never made the leap to a bigger audience. That being said it is still a good movie, just nothing that is going to change your mind about foreign cinema.

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The Rocket is a great sports film

The Rocket

BY GOLLY THEY’VE GONE AND DONE IT AGAIN!!! I love French cinema and I am glad a lot of their greatness is spilling into French-Canadian cinema. This is a great movie. One of the best sports bio movies I’ve seen in a while. Also it’s a man’s man’s film. If you have ever heard of the game of hockey then you need to see this film.

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Do NOT go ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall


This is one of few Tim Burton films I didn’t see in theaters with Corpses Bride (on purpose) and Ed Wood (because it wasn’t in enough theaters) being the others. Seeing what a giant hit this movie had become I was a little upset because I felt that maybe Tim had done it again, he brought back that old magic that made him one of my favorite film makers of all time. I mean a movie that grosses a billion dollars has to be pretty entertaining on some level, I didn’t really care for the Pirates franchise but I recognized the fun of it all. Too bad I cannot say the same for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

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Bon Cop, Bad Cop is Très Magnific


Though it technically isn’t French I’ll give Bon Cop, Bad Cop the benefit of the doubt (and the fact that half the movie is in French) and say “HOT DAMN! FUCK! Even the French know how to make a good buddy cop movie!”

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A Town Called Panic is Zany Fun

A town called panic poster

I’ve sat on this review for a while because there is not really much to say about this film. You watch the trailer and you get an idea of what you are getting into. But I’m bored so I’m going to try to recall the plot of this insane wild ride.

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44 Inch Chest

Are you seeing this? What you’ve done? What you’re responsible for? Are you proud of yourself? Was it worth it? All this pain

44 inch chest poster

This was not the movie I expected it to be. The trailer is very misleading as are most of the reviews about it. That’s not to say that I really get upset about it, I haven’t been bombarded with tons of junk about this film but what I have seen I really liked and was excited to see this. What I got was something different entirely.

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A Double Dose of Recent DVD Releases

Bad Lieutenant: Port Call and Taxidermia

bad lieutenant port of call new orleans

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Koutchboom Rectifies the Situation: The Hidden Fortress

So its been a little over a month and this weekly segment where I go back and watch movies that are considered classics and I have yet gotten around to seeing them, or I have seen them but I was too young to realize what I was watching IS BACK! I’m going to try to see if the film is worthy of its greatness or not, feel free to disagree with me and defend a movie you love or a movie you hate. Either way at least now I can say I’ve seen THAT movie.

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