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Drunken Cinema: Killer Klowns from Outer Space



Top film this.

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Drunken Cinema: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Warning time- we’ve postponed this for ages, due to life interfering with fully becoming Tron-like electronic characters, but enough is enough. Friday 11th March sees Drunken Cinema return (even if it’s just me).

I suggest a kick off for 9Pm, and so far Frank and Myself are signed up.

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Drunken Cinema: 28th January

Well, boozehounds, this is the warning that riding over the hill like an inebriated horseman of the Apocalypse (possibly falling off the horse a few times), Drunken Cinema is coming for next Friday. The Poll results are in, and I doubt they’ll change much so I’ve closed it.

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Drunken Cinema- January 2011

Righto chaps,

The last one of these was the exquisite Lifeforce (well, the exquisitely jugged Lifeforce) and what with it being a new year, we should clearly have another stab at it. I’m posting a poll on this page this evening (week before payday, am skint so not going out) with the suggested titles.

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Drunken Cinema 2: Lifeforce

Our first attempt at this was the utterly insane The Pit. It was fun, but the monkey got bored and started watching some shenanigans with cheerleaders in a chick flick pos. So, clearly The Pit wasn’t bugnuts enough for this kind of drunken foolhardiness. Read More…

Moonwolves Presents Drunken Cinema: Number 1- The Pit

Huzzah! Welcome to the first Drunken Cinema.

This is how it works, periodically we will select a film of dubious artistic quality, and get completely and utterly shitfaced while watching it, commenting as we do so. Think MST3K  but with less Americans, worse films, and more alcohol. Read More…