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Stuff Blows Up – Taken 2 (2012)

stuff-blows-up-real-good-headerThe first Taken film, released in 2008, came as a bit of a surprise. It’s an effective, lean, mean action film elevated by a convincing, driven central performance from Liam Neeson. After a lacklustre 20 minutes (10 of which are entirely unnecessary), the film delivered one of the most gripping, perfectly executed scenes in recent action films. Brian Mills (Neeson) on the phone to his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) as she is abducted, to be sold into prostitution. What follows is a relentless series of beatings as Mills devastates the Parisian immigrant population in his search for his daughter. It’s pure, grim, visceral thrills, and it’s one of the better action films of the past 5 years. It was also a big hit on a modest budget. Inevitably, we get a sequel. How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice? Well, when you bludgeon to death half the population of Albania, a few of the victims family members may kick up a stink.

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Stuff Blows Up Real Good: The Mission: Impossible Trilogy

stuff-blows-up-real-good-headerSince Mission: Impossible Droid Protocol is under way, and the latest instalment of the franchise is soon to be released, it seems relevant to revisit the series with these, the much vaunted (not so) mini reviews. I’ve chosen this method because, to be quite honest, the sequels don’t warrant a full review, and much of my opinion of each film can be attributed to all three.

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Stuff Blows Up Real Good–Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Stuff-Blows-Up-Real-Good-HeaderWelcome to yet another ongoing series. Really, I could’ve put this under the Droid Premiere title, but I’ve been meaning to start this series which will celebrate the classics and not so classics of one of my favourite sub-genres, the Dumbhouse action movie.

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