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Quantum Droid – Looper (2012) vs Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

Quantum-DroidOriginally, this review was going to be about ‘Looper’. Then I saw a small indie film that was on my radar since the Sundance film festival earlier in the year called ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’. Both films revolve around the subject of time travel, but their respective approaches are completely different. A comparison might make interesting reading. We’ll see.

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Quantum Droid: Primer (2004)

Quantum-DroidI was complaining recently about the misuse of the awesomeness of time travel when I reviewed the film ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ for the 1984 entry in my birthday series. Of that film I said “The film drags along in a seemingly never ending series of tedious scenes that fail to develop anything interesting and then ends in a fury of special effects.” But by comparison with ‘Primer’ that film was a veritable hive of activity. And that isn’t a criticism of ‘Primer’ at all. It’s actually a testament to the fact that if you intelligently craft a film of challenging complexity, a film that fails to build an interesting story, and instead relies on a far fetched plot and whizz bang special effects, will look pretty silly in comparison. I’ve tried to keep the details of ‘Primer’ under wraps, so for those that haven’t seen it, hopefully there’s no dramatic spoilers lying in wait. And if there is, you can rest assured that they won’t help you understand the film any better.

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The Birthday Series: The Philadelphia Experiment (1984)

Droids-Birthday-Series-1984There’s nothing worse than trying to write a review about a dull, average, boring film. A bad film gives you plenty of topics to talk about, and a review can often be therapeutic as it allows you to clarify in your own mind why you didn’t like it. Good films are easy as well, but tend to be less complex than bad reviews. The reasons for its success are usually simpler. The film is fun, entertaining, emotionally satisfying, challenging or whatever other base reason gives you the jumping off point to create a review that encapsulates your positive attitude towards the film.

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Quantum Droid: Source Code (2011)

Quantum-DroidSince I have a sincere love for anything that relates to time travel (thanks to seeing Back to the Future as a youngster, which is of course the greatest movie of all time!), I hereby introduce a new review series, Quantum Droid. There’s a heck of a lot of material for this series, and I will look in on it every now and then as a break from the usual series I’ve got going. The inaugural entry for this series is the newly released ‘Source Code’. Enjoy.

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