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The view from the couch: The catch up begins.


Christ, it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything, due to Halloween remake 2 breaking my brain, and not in a good way, but having spent the last three months with a baby in the house, we’ve not really watched anything in the way of films. What we have watched, however, is a whole shitload of TV. So, brace yourself for a stampede of mini-reviews, for stuff that you’ve all probably seen already.

As is usual with this, I’ll be honest about how long I stuck to each series before throwing poo at it.

Also, I’m so far behind, I’m splitting this mammoth post into sections. This is part one.

Contains spoilers, and lots of them, below Read More…

Jarv’s view from the couch returns!


It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed anything due to crushing work pressure and the fact that I’ve knackered the home PC. So, in a lame attempt to at least update every now and again, I’m resorting to our Spanish lap top. Which is fun, provided I remember where the quotation marks are.

Anyway, I’m still not watching a lot in the way of films, seeing as Lovefilm has seen fit to put basically every TV show ever made up on free to view. So, as a result I’m picking my way through TV series. You know the drill for this by now: a handful of mini-reviews of whatever series I’ve watched recently. Usually a mix of the good, the bad and the downright rotten. Read More…

Jarv’s view from the couch part 2: Comedy and Drama


I know technically DarkPlace was a comedy, but I’m splitting this TV series into manageable bite-sized chunks.

Anyway, this time around, I’m looking at another cancelled British comedy, and a long running and grotesquely overrated American series. Read More…

Jarv’s view from the couch: Part 1 (Sci-fi and Horror)


This is normally Droid’s territory, but work has been kicking my arse to such an extent that I have literally not watched a movie of any description for absolutely yonks. However, Lovefilm has stuffed a whole load of TV up on the On-Demand service, and I have been watching that. So, this will include a brief capsule review of everything I’ve seen in 2013. Many of these series I started and then abandoned for being either a) shit or b) too much  for my lazy brain to deal with.

I’m not bothering with ratings for this lot, as I’ll be here all day. I will try to be clear though.

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Destruction Through Advances In Technology: Chapter One of The Fringe Manifesto

Fringe Season One PosterI’ve never attempted a television series review before, so this may come across as a little all over the place. But I’ve taken inspiration from Xi and his terrific reviews of Supernatural and Friday Night Lights, and well, thought I’d give one a go. And who better person to try to emulate than the bastard that walked away will all those coveted Golden Changs? So consider yourself duly warned.

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