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superHUMAN! The Real LIfe Super-Hero Movies: Hero at Large (1980).


Welcome to a new series! We’ve been completely shit so far in 2015 (well, Droid has been keeping up his usual fine run), and have let the content level drop a fair amount. So, thankfully, ContinentalOp has stepped into the breach and come up with a new series- a look at the “real life” Superhero movies. There are loads of these, and the quality of them varies from the decent to the frankly risible. Anyhoo, here’s ContinentalOp with what is arguably the progenitor of the whole subgenre.

Massive credit is due here, as I think this may be the most erudite review that any of us has ever produced- it even has footnotes backing assertions, unlike the wild unqualified shite that I usually turn out. Anyhoo, Take it away, dude:

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You’ve wanted it! You’ve asked for it! You had to have it!
Finally, after hours and days of great effort and painstaking research,
and at the insistence
Moonwolvians around the universe,
we humbly present to you:

In which our intrepid authors, Conti and Xiphos,
continue with their ultimate and final ten


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