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August 2015: Dryer than a bone, and hotter than the surface of the sun- yup, it’s summertime in Perfection and El Blanco is on the prowl.

Disclaimer: This is the part of the Church that is the most no holds barred. None of it is intended with malice, and although it can on occasion seem a little bit fraught, it is banter rather than venom. So, be warned that this is like taking a naked swim in a piranha tank and not recommended for the faint of heart.

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  1. Jarv says :

    Things I didn’t know- volume too many to count.

    Haunting of Hill House is getting a second series. This is disappointing. The first series was laughably awful without being laughable, and was one of the most unjustly nut-stroked series that I’ve seen since Season 2 of GoT. It was flat out dire. To see it’s being turned into an anthology a la American Horror Story, just with each series being a different type of haunt is an awful turn of events.

    The Handmaid’s Tale is now up to Season 3. I gave up at the end of Season 1, when I came to the conclusion that it was wrecking a great novel. Nothing I’ve read about the later series has changed my mind.

    • Jarv says :

      And now the film version of the same. I did not realise that Fox Uberhack Rothman was now head of Sony Pictures. I feel that this explains why basically every Sony film nowadays is fucking terrible. Particularly those that feature genre properties.

      For instance, take Ghostbusters remake- while Feig takes the blame for that improvised car crash, the whole film reeks of studio interference in the name of merch- slimer has no business being in that film, for instance. As does the repeated dumbing down of shit- do we need to see where the GB logo came from? No, no we do not.

    • Judge Droid says :

      I gave up on Handmaid’s Tale after about 4 episodes when I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t give a shit.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Haunting of Hill House was TERRIBLE.

      Been thinking of finally watching American Horror Story (since i just got done with Pose).

      Zero interest in watching tv version of Handmaid’s Tale. Like, a HARD pass on that.

  2. Xiphos0311 says :

    Steve is awwwwweome! So was Maya Hawke. Those scenes when the commies were torturing them were great.Those two had excellent chemistry. The Hopper and Joyce road trip was comedy gold. The rest like you said was sort of meh. The show does coast by on nostalgia though, that is true.

  3. tombando says :

    So I decided to check out Lucifer-having only caught the first ep and thought-that’s fine, but whatever.

    About 5 eps in–Not bad. Guy is well cast-clearly they’re going for the Cumberbatch type here-and it makes sense in it’s little universe for most part. I am willing to watch the rest of the first year and maybe the next if things keep going. A show like this can fall off the rails real fast. Thinking it doesn’t.

    • Jarv says :

      It doesn’t. The second and third series with Cylon Number 9 playing his mother are the best ones. Also an appearance from Tom Welling that’s worth seeing.

      • tombando says :

        Am up to ep 10 or 11 on yr 1, still enjoying it. The Lady Cop runs around in Charlie’s Angel type shoes most of the time and there’s a real sameness to the show to show plotlines, but it’s good fun. Tom Ellis as Lucifer is the whole show and he’s fun.

  4. Jarv says :

    So last night I found one of my Holy Grail shit movies on Youtube- Tales of an Ancient Empire

    It’s FUCKING AWFUL and not entertaining. They were clearly trying to set it up for the sequel, which they ain’t getting.

    Gonna review it, I think.

  5. Jarv says :

    New content! Pity it’s such a shit film.

    • tombando says :

      I have Fond memories of watching Sword and Sorceror back in 82 when it came out, had Bull from Night Court and Robert Tessier etc etc. Was a Big hit too. Haven’t re-watched it in years, and I remember it was kinda junky but still fun. I will take your word on the sequel being shite.

  6. Xiphos0311 says :

    Yesterday for some unknown reason I went over to AICN to see what was going on there. Man has that place fallen on real hard times. Hardly any post a bunch of nobodies doing reviews. I felt a bit happier when I saw that.

  7. Xiphos0311 says :

    There is a new miniseries of Stephen King’s The Stand being made for like Amazon or Netflix I think. I have zero issue with that but I think one of the main roles, Stu Redmond, is wildly miscast with James Marsden getting the nod. Now I like Marsden as an actor he can do comedy, action and drama I have no problem with his skills the problem is that he’s way too pretty for the role, Stu is supposed to be an “every man” type not a super good looking dude with cheek bones that could cut glass with and blue eyes, like limpid pools, you get lost in.
    Gary Sinese was perfect casting as Redmon, in that first miniseries, since he looked like a regular schmo that would own a gas station in Nowhereville Texas.
    Not sure who is playing the Walking Dude but they got Amber Heard for Nadine Cross which is great casting. Whoopi Goldberg as Mother Abagail, some what shaky casting I think and Greg Kinear as Glen Bateman which is solid. There is some young actress playing Franny I don’t know anything about.
    Let’s be honest here the show lives or dies on who gets cast as the Trashcan Man and The Walking Dude. If they screw up casting those two the show is toast. Its going to be insanely difficult to get somebody as great as Matt Frewer was as the Trash Can Man. He brought the pain, pathos, boot licking and redemption to the role. Hopefully they will leave the hand of god in heaven this time and nuke Las Vegas without a lot of mumbo jumbo claptrap, buuuuuuuut probably not.

  8. tombando says :

    I Did catch Lion King remake today, It’s Exactly the cartoon almost shot for shot, there was a bit of a change a couple spots but they really made sure not to rock the boat here. I liked it fine. You’re better off with the original but this wasn’t bad. Wasn’t Necessary either save for the obvious big money.

  9. Jarv says :

    Cricket is shit. This is the idiocy of playing a test in September in the North. Draw or Aussie win.

    Arkham Knight is this months PS4 freebie. It’s nowhere near as good as City. Hamill is still a great Joker. The controls are shit and someone forgot they were making a Batman game. Thought it was a tank game.

    • Jarv says :

      This is terrible. We’re bowling badly, but there’s been about a million dropped catches, and some bad ones too.

      • Jarv says :

        Poor. Very fucking poor.

      • Jarv says :

        Denly is opening apparently. May as well open with Root.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Poms really have no idea how to get Who out. The only strategy they have is trying to hit him in the head with a bouncer. Toothless strategy when Archer is bowling like shit. And he’s a right-hander so Broad is useless.

        Crap, error-riddled effort in the field by England and a decent enough performance in support of Smith by Australia. We have a big problem with our openers. I think it’ll be tough to take 19 more wickets in 3 days of (probably weather interrupted) cricket on this pitch.

      • Jarv says :

        Openers and 5,6 and 7. Marnus has made a huge difference, but the rest are crap- Paine’s 50 is papering over how useless he is otherwise.

        To the surprise of nobody, Denly opening didn’t work. Also, good to see that we’ve done our traditional response to shit batting: drop a bowler.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Paine is okay. He bats at 7. He’s a solid keeper and a boring but positive captain. As a keeper, I’d take him over Bairstow. As a Captain, I’d take him over Root.

      • Jarv says :

        See I don’t agree. As a keeper he’s about as good as or slightly better than Bairstow, and as a Captain he’s actively bad. The last match was a case in point. Reminded me of England under cook.

        Bairstow is nowhere near our best keeper. That’d be Foakes. Who should be in for Buttler anyway. Whatever happened to the keeper you had in the last ashes here? burns? He was way better with both the bat and the gloves than Paine.

      • Jarv says :

        Starc has been absolutely wretched so far. I wonders if his selection wasn’t to clean up the tail after the last test.

        Still, watch him mangle us now I’ve said that.

      • Jarv says :

        This right now is bad captaincy. Match is drifting so he’s over bowling Hazlewood. Took far to long to plug that gap to third man.

        Just very poor.

      • Judge Droid says :

        It’s silly to knock his captaincy because of one test. Particularly because the last test was such an anomaly. Paine is a solid captain.
        Who cares about a few lost runs down at 3rd man? Runs don’t matter. Aussies need wickets. 2 hours of today were already lost. Wickets are the goal. England can’t win this. A few runs leaked down at 3rd man doesn’t mean anything.
        Starc needs to bowl a lot better. Tomorrow he’s just got to york the tail. He’ll eventually get them out. Half of the next 2 days will probably be rained out. Test cricket in northern England in September. What a great idea.

      • Jarv says :

        It’s not about the runs, Root was using it as an easy escape route.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Much better bowling from Starc today.

      • Judge Droid says :

        It appears that Archer might not be up to the task for test cricket. He’s putting in half efforts with both ball and bat. Seems his pace is his only asset. But he’s bowling in the mid-80’s, so he’s just another Pommy trundler. And doesn’t appear to know how to bat. Shame. He has promise.

      • Jarv says :

        That’s a bit fucking harsh in his third test when he’s been exceptional on debut and good in the second.

      • Judge Droid says :

        He’s been beyond shit in this test. I’m not basing it just on his performance. It’s his attitude and effort. He opened the bowling and he wasn’t trying. A perfect example is he was bowling at about 82mph and doing nothing, then his first ball to Smith was 87mph. If he needs Smith as motivation to bowl fast then he’s got a problem. Opening the bowling should be motivation enough.

      • Jarv says :

        That’s utter bullshit. He’s in his third test in and was bowling to orders.

        He’s been crap but you’re writing him off after two very good tests based on one performance where none of them were good. By that rationale Australia should’ve written off Warne.

      • Jarv says :

        Also this doesn’t exactly jibe with your Paine apologism yesterday.

      • Jarv says :

        Well. Yesterday a poor keeper and a worse captain shouldn’t be judged on an inability to protect over 70 runs in one test but Archer is not up to the task of test cricket based on one innings.

        And Paine has how many caps?

      • Judge Droid says :

        Ha! Lousy argument. Not his 3rd test ever. Not showing zero effort. etc etc. This isn’t even worth arguing.

      • Jarv says :

        Wtf? It is his third test ever.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Settle down, dear. I said he has promise. But he needs to show effort, even if he’s bowling poorly. If he’s so psychologically fragile that he can’t bowl at speed when he’s opening the bowling in an Ashes, in his third test ever, after 12 days off then he’s got a problem.

        I like him. But he’s been absolute shit in this test. Did you see the first ball of his batting innings? He nearly got run out because he was jogging. A direct hit and he’d have been out by a good metre. That’s an indication his head’s not in it.

        Don’t be so defensive on his behalf.

      • Jarv says :

        “Not cut out for test cricket”.

        “Just another pommie trundler”


      • Judge Droid says :

        Yep. For all the reasons I have provided. He’s not a test bowler if he can’t get up for an Ashes test etc etc.

        Again, for the cheap seats, he has potential. He needs to actually prove it. Unlike some, I won’t just give him a pass for this effort.

      • Jarv says :

        In his third test at the end of the season. FFS.

        You’re talking complete shit.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Wow. You’re really working yourself into an irrational tizzy.

      • Jarv says :

        I have a LOT of issues with this England team. I think at least 6 of them aren’t up to test cricket.

        Archer is neither the second coming as painted by our idiotic press or worth writing off altogether. Given of the three tests he’s played he’s been fucking great in two of them, I’m happy to put one bad innings down to inexperience, shit instructions and fatigue.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Heh. Why is a 24 year old “fatigued” bowling in his 3rd test after 12 days off? And why is he magically less fatigued on the 3rd ball of his 3rd or 4th over, which just happens to be his first ball to Smith?

      • Jarv says :

        Because he has played all summer and has been much slower since that idiot Root over bowled him at Lords. We haven’t got the luxury of rotating bowlers, so tend to break them.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Ha! He bowled all summer. This is really weird excuse-making. Very unlike you.

      • Jarv says :

        World Cup. Full county season. Then tests. I’m not surprised he’s fucked.

        I have to go and build a train track now. But I’ll dismiss your cyclopian gibberish later.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Oh, poor diddums. It’s like he’s not a professional athlete who has nothing else to do other than rest and prepare for the sporadic requirement that he shows up and puts in a bit of effort.

        Have you been hacked?

      • Judge Droid says :

        What is this bizarre “avoid the follow on” shit from the commentators? No one follows on any more.

      • Jarv says :

        It’s a cultural hangover from the 90s when every fucker made us follow on. Well never get over it.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Good news. Archer’s bowling with a lot more intent. Pace is up and he actually looks like he’s bowling in an Ashes test. Perhaps his terrible performance is limited to the first innings.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Ugh. Our openers.

      • Jarv says :

        Broad is on one again. He’s a horrible bastard but hella entertaining when he’s in the mood.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Left handers. Needs to do it to the righty’s.

      • Jarv says :

        He’s done it before. Problem with him has always been inconsistency.

      • Jarv says :

        Talking about not up to tests- Harris.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Agree. Why drop Bancroft for this guy?

      • Jarv says :

        Bancroft is shit too. Though. I have no idea what you do with Khawaja, Bancroft and Harris. They’re all crap.

        I’d drop all 3 to be honest but Khawaja seems to have pictures of your selectors up to something.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Bancroft is preferable to Harris’ performances. And Warner is a fucking liability at this point.

        Khawaja has always been a conundrum. He’s got so much potential. Every time you write him off he pulls a big innings out of his arse.

      • Jarv says :

        Total waste of a review.

      • Jarv says :

        I’d declare before close of play tonight. 200 ahead. Throw the bat for another 150. England aren’t chasing that.

      • Judge Droid says :

        That’s about the right tactic. We’ve got to put on 200 at this point. Broad has his tail up.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Aussies would’ve loved a few of these decisions in their innings.

      • Jarv says :

        It doesn’t matter. You’re effectively 230-3.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Sure. But I think to comfortably go all in attack for the win on day 5 we need 350-400.

      • Jarv says :

        You’ll get that. Easily.

      • Jarv says :

        Given how archer is bowling now, I’m even more convinced he was bowling to orders in that first innings. I remember Strauss doing the exact same thing with Harmison.

        It’s bullshit. No other nation does this “blah bowl slower so it can swing” crap.

        Why reduce a strike bowler to a county trundler?

      • Judge Droid says :

        Maybe that’s it. If it is, it’s fucking stupid. The person or people responsible for that strategy should be drawn and quartered.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Great series this. Steve Smith vs England has been a classic. At some stage, the other 10 are welcome to show up.

      • Jarv says :

        Harsh on Marnus and Hazlewood.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Exaggeration for effect. Mild exaggeration.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Our bowlers aren’t the problem. Far from it.

      • Jarv says :

        Half our problem is you see these two off and it’s Overton (ugh) or stokes.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Yeah, Overton and Leach are a bit of a drop off. Can probably pick these two off for a few runs.

      • Jarv says :

        Leach is ok. He’s a holding off spinner. Better than our other non-injured options.

      • Jarv says :

        Declaration batting from smith. Neither of those balls was bad but he flayed both. Lucky not to get caught on the first.

      • Jarv says :

        Awful shot. Definitely declaration batting.

        They’re going to slog to 150
        And declare. Right thing to do

      • Jarv says :

        I have no idea why we insist on picking the wrong Overton twin. The other is an out and out fast bowler. Quicker than Wood apparently.

      • Jarv says :

        Yup. Going after Leach and leaving the rest.
        It does make me laugh how Smith treats the rest of the side like tail Enders.

        For good reason looking at that from Wade

      • Jarv says :

        Overton is such trash. He really is the quintessential county trundler.

      • Jarv says :

        Oh fuck. Nothing he could do about that.

      • Jarv says :

        We have form for it.

      • Jarv says :

        Vastly better.

  10. tombando says :

    *Mad About You-finished up the 7 year run here. Just a few things…

    *It kinda jumps the shark after the kid is born. They hung around a year or two longer than they should. Last season suffers from Late Flintstones Syndrome-you know when Gazoo and the Beau Brummels or the given fad of the month was around they ran with it? Same here-Mark McGwire(!), Nokia phones, urmmm Virtual Reality stuff, Gateway 2000 type computers, the Y2K bug-are all name checked or written in. It-doesn’t work.

    *They Did finally shoot some scenes in NYC, instead of just some off-year B-roll photo shoots, it was kinda nice. Hunt looks like she’d dropped X amount from year 6 to 7 too.

    *They wrote off the Skank sister for all of year 6 and brought her back for a few turns in the last year. Other new characters like the big Norm on Cheers lookalike-just don’t work. And some of the plots were embarrassing.

    *They at least tried to work in a few more black or Asian folks into the works, I mean-ala Seinfeld and Friends, it’s a really White Manhattan, and it just is in St Elmo’s territory most of the 7 seasons. I don’t get worked up That much on this with most shows, but-if you’re in NYC, you know where my ex wife lives, you sorta Have to reflect that, at least a little? in the Apt buildings or the job or wherever? It was as white as the Tool Time and that’s really…weird.

    *Anyways-Hunt and Reiser are bringing the show back for a 12 ep. run on Spectrum Cable, I’m interested, I like them as a couple and hope this will be done right. For the most part Mad About You holds up.

    *Now onto Yr 1 of the X Files (it’s a slow starter from memory will see) and Newsradio.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      The early part of S1 of The X Files is a bit rough. The find their footing around mid season approximately. News Radio is great until what’s his face gets killed by his wife.

      • tombando says :

        Agreed! they were going right down the list of Art Bell topics-a bigfoot, Ed Lauter in that weird Space Ghost thingy, possessed demon children, the rubber limbed guy, etc. And I do get a ha ha-the subtitle is-IOWA. They’re at a mtn lake surrounded by pines w/ steep hills behind. That’s gotta be Cedar Rapids I guess? But no CGI to fix it, so-there ya be. I remember enjoying these early seasons before it got too Alien Conspiracy minded, and it held up fairly well. I think I will get the next year too.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Squeeze is probably the early episode. Fire is where they begin to figure it out. The monster of the week episodes were always the strongest episodes of the series.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Squeeze is probably the *best* early episode, is what it should’ve read.

      • tombando says :

        Yeah I noticed they were doing the old monster movie cliche of showing the monster/monster’s kid etc still around at the end of show while they drive away. Pretty fun.

  11. Xiphos0311 says :

    Here’s an update on my hurricane induced holiday that nobody asked for nor knew I was doing. Since the over hyped Dorian made everybody nervous I decided to head inland and up into the blue ridge mountains to Asheville.
    If you have never been there I highly recommended it as a good vacation destination. The area is beautiful, there is great outdoor things to do, I did two great hikes and rode a beautiful mountain bike trail. There are lots of cultural things to do like art galleries, art collectives, I watched a glass blowing demonstration that was really cool. There is music, history and great pubs and restaurants. The weather is excellent, except for today, since it started raining as I was leaving, low 80’s low humidity during the day and cool nights. All in all it was a very nice 3 day vacation due to some over hyped rain storm.

  12. Xiphos0311 says :

    Blitz have you caught up on Succession yet? In the current episode we meet the old money version of the Roys. With their snotty faux intellectualism and utterly fake ass Limousin liberalism they are somehow more insufferable then the Roys.
    I am really starting to come around on Kendall, in all his mopey junky guilt, the actor is just killing it this season.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Watched it last night, despite being fresh off the fucking five-hour US Open final(!)

      Love Kendall and his weird, wooden, broken awkward, loveable, oddly capable, fucked up self.

      Love Roman and Jerrie’s new thing (sp?) Most especially the bit of thrill and glee it is giving Jerrie

      Love everything Logan has said and done all season. His face when the lady mentioned Teddy Roosevelt was great. That family was a nightmare come to life. The Shakespeare thing reminded me of Quiz show (cuz i watched that again recently)

      Love Shiv saying the MOST insane and wrong shit over and over. Love the way Tom is showing the pressure getting turned up.

      Love ummmm whatshisname/Cameron’s turn to politics.

      Holly Hunter’s character is a fun addition too.

      Cousin Greg, ahem Gregory, showing up at the end to give me a cackle. Logan calling him Ichabod Crane loool

      This season has been impeccable.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        The actor playing Kendall is giving an amazing performance for all the reason’s you listed. The most being that out of all the kids he really is the most capable even if he is drowning in all his issues.
        I think Logan has a certain respect for him, even though he is crushing him mercilessly, just for the fact he came after the old lion.

        I really don’t understand the Roman Jerrie thing. Roman might actually be more fucked up then Kendall.

        Shiv spectacularly screwed the pooch over dinner.

        The utter falseness of the supposedly ‘good” anti-Roy family made me blind with anger. Did you clocked all the dirty looks the house keeper kept shooting at the matriarch woman? First the bull shit have some coffee with us nonsense then her claiming credit for making the roast which clearly the house keeper did. Or her claiming credit for the Berlin wall falling in in reality was all due to mix up on the East German side, bad paper work brought the wall down.
        I much prefer the honest naked aggression of Logan over the fake do gooder liberal ass holes like that other family. In the end it really was all about the money. She caved when they got a billion more and Logan was going to walk, he was right take the money.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Oh I guarantee the housekeeper lady has dreamed of poisoning the anti-roy fam’s food on more than one occasion. She treated the staff like less than dirt. The level of breathtaking old-money arrogance and divorced-from-reality via status isolation. Politics such as “liberal” are irrevelevant at that level of rich, smoke and mirrors to obscure the wielding of power. And Logan is many (terrible and dangerous) things, but he isnt so far gone from whence he came to not be able to see right through their bullshit.

        Also loved when Kendall bonded with their daughter (bonus points to the show for making her an addiction counselor)…”So…are you gonna ask me?”

        And no doubt in my mind poor Roman is the most truly fucked up of those kids.

  13. Xiphos0311 says :

    I tried to watch Carnival Road on Amazon. If you don’t know what its its a show about humans and “the fae” a catch all term for fairies and centaurs and the like. The fae have to flee their homeland after it is taken by some despotic political group with anti-fae agenda.coughcoughNAZIScoughcough. the lands they run to looks suspiciously like 1800s London but of course it “isn’t” because its a made up land. So all the fae folk are of course put into ghettos and are subjected to racism, classism and all the other isms and what nots. At least I think that’s what its about I shit canned it after two episodes because even with a shit ton of nudity and some violence, political intrigue, shinning a light on “social ills” the show somehow managed to still be incredibly twee.

  14. Jarv says :

    Nu-It Part 2 released, and it’s apparently shit. I am not surprised by this, as I thought the first one was heinously overrated, and this part has McAvoy in it.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      To be fair the best part of the book was the first part with the kids. By necessity the new movie has to a different style then the first one and I think that’s what the reviewers are reacting to.

      • Jarv says :

        Or it could just be shit?

        To be honest, when they made the decision to split it chronologically, they kind of missed the point of the book. Not to mention that there seems to be a lot of outrage at the ending change.

        Hader is meant to be good, though

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        What point did they miss?

      • Jarv says :

        That the nature of the evil in Derry is centuries old and the impact of childhood trauma influences adult behaviour. By splitting it in two, you lose the “show don’t tell” aspect of this. King’s best decision with the book was mixing up the timelines and the historical stuff into the kids narrative.

        His worst decision was the underage sewer orgy.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I think the movie touched upon the trauma issue a whole lot. According to most of the reviews I read its practically drowning in it.

    • Judge Droid says :

      First one was shit. So no surprise there.

  15. Jarv says :

    In cricket news- congratulations to Steve Smith and 10 other Australians for retaining the Ashes- we’ve selected an unchanged squad for the last test.

    Something something learning from history doomed to something something.

    Christ we’re poor at the moment. I’d have dropped Denly, Roy and Buttler to begin with.

  16. Jarv says :

    Recent viewing:

    Toast of London. This is great. If you haven’t seen it do so. FUCK OFF CLEM FANDANGO!!!

    Year of the Rabbit- this is weird. I’m not sure if I like it or not. On the whole I think not, and it wastes Matt Berry.

    Lilyhammer. This is OK. Wears a bit thin though.

    Catch-22. Fucking shit.

  17. tombando says :

    Huh. They’re planning on a Face Off remake??? How can that possibly be as bugnuts as the last one? This-is a mistake. Face Off isn’t ‘Great’, but-c’mon. The Cage and Travolting? that’s 1997 bottled and distilled.

  18. tombando says :

    Newsradio-First ‘year’-7 eps only and year 2. Pretty okay, about how I remembered it. Phil Hartman and Andy Dick are the highlights, though David Foley(Kids in the Hall) and Maura Tierney are the nominal leads. Oh and Stephen Root as the somewhat out of it Boss.

    It’s fast paced, a bit dated, hrmmm funny in a low key ha ha way, very much a spawn of WKRP by way of Cheers (some of the characters) and Mary Tyler Moore. I don’t think it’s Great, but it’s solid, my opinion on this hasn’t changed much despite not revisiting it for 15 years or so.

    Worth a watch. There’s one ep with guest star John Ritter and in the scenes he has with Phil Hartman makes you feel a bit nostalgic, both being gone now.

    Overall I don’t have much to say–not a bad show.

  19. Jarv says :

    Weird morning’s cricket. We’ve selected an odd side (although FINALLY dropped Roy) with Curran in- Curran should probably have been in instead of Overton in the last test. Or Woakes all summer, but there you go. However, they’ve also picked Woakes. This makes our batting, already poor, extremely threadbare.

    Burns continues to accumulate ugly runs- he’s now outscored every other opener in this series PUT TOGETHER by quite a bit. Denly failed. Again.

    Australia have forgotten how to catch, and dropped Root three times (one of them was a terrible drop).

    I’m thinking a combined team looks like this:

    Root (may as well be fucking opening)
    Bairstow/Paine (doesn’t really matter which, they’ve both been poor)

    There would be more Aussie bowlers, but they’ve chopped and changed a fair bit. Lyon has been absolute wank since Edgbasten, but that one test is enough. Bairstow and Paine have both been poor, so meh to that pick.

  20. M. Blitz says :

    Awwww….rest in peace Daniel Johnston. Sweet theme songs for life 😦

  21. Jarv says :

    Fucking Ted, Oceans’ 11 and Borat made the list but the following didn’t:

    City of God, Lives of Others, Adaptation, The Descent, Battle Royale (the far east in general is dismally underrepresented), Baader-Meinhoff, Pan’s Labrynth, Eternal Sunshine, Wall-E, Talk to Her (although Volver did make it, which is inexplicable), This is England etc etc etc.

    Under the Skin is not in any way, shape or form the 4th best film of this century so far.

    Far too much pretentious continental European crap too.

    • Judge Droid says :

      I reckon I’ve seen about 20-25% of those movies. It’s either missing great movies like the ones you mentioned, and Master and Commander etc, or great movies are way too low. A Prophet, The incredibles, Requiem.

      Ted!? WTF!?

      • Jarv says :

        And mediocre movies are too high- TWBB in at number 1? That’s a pure critic choice. Mulholland Drive in at 11? WTF?

        Just all round a very poor list.

      • Judge Droid says :

        TWBB is a great movie. But it’s also a movie I’ve seen once and have not really been compelled to watch again. Fair or not, but that factors into it for me. I’ve seen Adaptation and Master and Commander around 5 times.

        And I really didn’t like Mulholland Drive.

      • Jarv says :

        I’m ambivalent to MD. I wouldn’t have it anywhere near a top 100. I don’t think I’d have it in a top 250.

        TWBB is a great movie. But it’s not a top 10 for me.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Gravity, Nebraska and Tree of Life at around the 30 mark. That’s 3 hideously overrated movies.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Get Out at 25. Grand Budapest at 27. Fine movies but way too high.

      • Jarv says :

        Fucking Ted appearing at all. Borat appearing at all.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Ted is especially egregious. It’s a shit movie.

      • Jarv says :

        Gladiator is a bad call too. That’s a shit film.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Gladiator is good as an entertainment. It would never get anywhere near a Top of the whatever list.

      • Jarv says :

        Anchorman in at 70 too. WTF?

      • Jarv says :

        They fucking love Andrea Arnold. I’ve seen both her films they’ve got in the top 100, one of them is merely boring (despite Fassbender), and the Wuthering Heights is just awful. I’m certain nobody actually likes it, and the Guardian feels obliged to pick it high because they cast a black dude as Heathcliff.

      • Jarv says :

        There are also films that I really like, but most definitely are not top 100 material- 24 hour party people, for instance. It’s a really entertaining film, and Coogan is BRILLIANT as Tony Wilson (a complete dickhead in real life), but it’s so esoteric and British that I can’t see how you could objectively put it in a top 100.

        And even the Guardian’s own review isn’t exactly stellar.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Team America is awesome. But 10? Way too high. Seems to me like they’ve thrown a few bones to the mainstream to try to make the list less obnoxious.

      • Jarv says :

        I can see why it’s that high, though. It’s probably the best example of a “weighty” comedy of the last 20 years.

      • Jarv says :

        And films that I’m sure I’ve seen but can’t remember- Margaret, for instance.

      • Jarv says :

        Without looking- guess the film:

        Possibly the most fun anyone’s had at the cinema so far this century

      • Judge Droid says :

        Synecdoche, New York!?!??!

      • Jarv says :

        Wolf of Wall Street.


        I don’t think I’ve seen Synedoche.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I was joking. Synecdoche is not fun. It’s difficult. I admit, I didn’t get it.

      • Jarv says :

        Yeah, but you wouldn’t put it past the Guardian to be stupid enough to say that about a Kaufman film.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Wonder if this is a coincidence… It’s an exact, even split between decades. 50 on the list from 2000-2009 and 50 from 2010-2019.

        Have to say, this decade is way worse than the last. So that doesn’t ring true.

      • Jarv says :

        I tend to agree. The overwhelming majority of the omissions I put up earlier (some of which are unfuckingforgivable) were from the last decade.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I’ve had Margaret on my hard drive for 6 to 7 years. I can never get around to watching it. Same with Manchester by the Sea. I really liked You Can Count On Me, so should see these two.

      • Jarv says :

        I looked it up in Wikipedia and I have seen it. It’s boring and overwrought with a seriously unlikable main character.

      • Jarv says :

        Also- Boyhood.

        There’s a film I really, really admire there. I just don’t like it. It’s an experiment, it’s not a film.

        Then there’s Lincoln. Ugh. I kinda wish Spielberg would just retire now.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I was jazzed for Boyhood. I loved the idea. The craft behind it. I followed it for years up until it came out.

        I’ve never seen it.

      • Jarv says :

        I was jazzed for Boyhood. I loved the idea. The craft behind it. I followed it for years up until it came out.

        All of this.

        However, I have seen it. Patricia Arquette is amazing. Ethan Hawke less so. The kid is er, variable, and weirdly at his worst in his oldest stage. But, and here’s the thing- it’s boring. The story, such as it is, revels in banality of “ordinary” life- which is kind of the point.

        But who the fuck wants to see that?

      • Judge Droid says :

        I have less of a prob with Anchorman. There are no comedies on the list and that movie is pretty influential. It’s a reach, to be sure but there are bigger issues. Like why isn’t Paddington 2 number 1!!!

      • Jarv says :

        To be fair, it’s from 2000, so I’d have Paddington 2 in at number 2…

        I hope they don’t fuck up Paddington 3.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I’m surprised Bridesmaids isn’t on the list, the way The Guardian blew that movie.

      • Jarv says :

        Hah. When I saw Ted, I immediately scrolled to the top 10 as I thought Bridesmaids was going to be nailed on.

      • Jarv says :

        The one that really gets me is Under the Skin at 4. It’s not that good a film (it really isn’t) that it makes a best of. It’s weird and unnerving for the most part, but it’s not particularly interesting (although you get ScarJo full frontal), and aside from the poor bugger with the horrible disease isn’t really that remarkable. There is absolutely no way it’s a top 100 film. It’s a proper arthouse critic pick putting it in a top 10.

        I think I gave it Meh when I reviewed it, and with hindsight I was probably being generous because I like Glazer (Or rather I did pre-Birth).

  22. Just Pillow Talk says :

    John Wick 3 – I of course liked this, similar chaos, slightly different variations of what we saw before. Horse, motorcycle, dogs, the scene in the museum with the weapons I thought was a nice touch. Yeah, I will see number four when it comes out. The adjunct lady was weak however.

    Shakedown – haven’t seen this in ages, Sam Elliot is solid, Weller is good, decent enough lawyer cop combo with bad cops story. Plus you have some crazy action set pieces thrown in which sort of don’t belong in this type of movie. Flying roller coaster? Electrocution in a whore house!

    And my youngest thinks the Paddington movies are delightful as well you’ll be happy to know.

    • Judge Droid says :

      JW3 was fine. But too long.
      Never even heard of Shakedown. Rollercoasters! Whores! Sounds awesome.
      The Paddingtons are great movies.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Yeah, it was probably 20-30 minutes too long.

        Shakedown was Peter Weller at his finest.

      • tombando says :

        *Shakedown saw it. Remember almost Nothing. It makes me think of Running Scared with Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines for some reason, about all I remember from That was the scene of them running around Chicago in their long johns. I donno.

        *John Wick AKA Bill and Ted go Chop Socky. I liked it. I agree on the excess length too. It has it’s moments. I was a bit lost at first but came around.

  23. tombando says :

    As Good as it Gets-continuing with the Helen Hunt theme–1997 with Jack Nicholson and Greg Kinnear. I Never saw this one before Jaack got an Oscar and I think the other two were nominated. Wasn’t quite what I expected. Grouchy OCD addled misanthropic Jaack is a reclusive writer who lives in a NYC apt next to gay Greg Kinnear and his partner Cuba ‘Show me the money’ Good Jr. He tortures their yappy terrier dog and treats people like shit on an hourly basis. Hunt plays the waitress at his fave diner who he winds up falling for despite major personality hurdles, theres a roadtrip, slow painful mutual attraction and personal growth on display. Jaack is great in this. Hunt is her usual icy exteriored self, a blue collar mom with a sick kid(some Hollywood asthma syndrome) that Jaack unexpectedly provided doctor help for. Kinnear and Jaack actually wind up as friends despite their mutual hatred.

    You wind up buying the Jaack/Hunt romance, it comes of as somewhat earned by the end of the movie. They do a roadtrip to Maryland that has some pretty good moments. There’s the usual Rom-Com cliches and etc-but for the most part I liked this and bought it. Jaack is NOT a fave actor, but he won me over here.

    Strange I never saw it before, I certainly remember it getting the Oscar bait hype winter 97-98, and the endless scene of the dog going down the garbage chute. It’s not bad at all.

  24. Xiphos0311 says :

    I watched Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk today. The film is a technically impressive movie but as usual with me and Nolan it left me a bit cold and disconnected. However while watching Dunkirk I realized that the entire situation epitomized the high quality of the English character and its back bone, let me explain that.
    Over 3500 sorties were flown by the RAF to cover the evacuation. Most of the RAF were held back in England in preparation for an invasion, that means a small number of pilots were in the air at all times. they did what they could and did it superbly.
    The Royal Navy took ships into shoals and break waters that they had no business in. They stood fast while getting hammered by the Luftwaffe and Krigsmarine while pulling the French and English and assorted other allies off the beaches of Dunkirk. The thing though that truly shows the character England once had was the civilian fleet “The Little Ships of Dunkirk.”
    These ships were all shallow draft craft that could brought in close to shore to rescue soldiers, Ships ranged from pleasure craft belonging to the quality to Ferries to barges that had no business on open water. Much of the crews were in fact Royal Navy but many were also experienced volunteers and in the case of more then one pleasure yacht their owners went also. The Germans had absolutely no problem going after these craft and many a volunteer sailor was killed. The word went out these men answered the call. This was England at its very best.

    • tombando says :

      Agreed–and it was interesting seeing how Nolan looped in all the different characters-guys on the boat watching the plane above who turns out to be Tom Hardy who sees them below etc etc. The ‘Distance’ sensation you got I did too. Good movie though.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        On a technical level the movie is outstanding. However I never really developed much of an emotional connection with the movie, except for the larger idea of what made England at one time England. I have that issue with all of Nolan’s movies, except for the Joker one.

      • tombando says :

        Nolan’s stuff Does tend to be pretty distant…didn’t he do that Johnny Depp Dillinger one too? Or was that someone else? Same idea for me.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Public Enemies was Michael Mann.

  25. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Trailer for last season of Supernatural (no, seriously) doesn’t really show much, but still looking forward to it. It’s been on practically as long as the last time the Jets won a superbowl.

  26. M. Blitz says :

    Re last night’s Succession…

    Why do they let Shiv or Roman speak publicly, ever?? GEEZ. Shiv especially needs to chill.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Oh, and kendall’s reflex reaction at the end of the ep….sadly not surprising and explains a good bit.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I think you are referring to what Logan did after the panel? yeah ken has some sense of family protection.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Yeah not the very end, after the panel. He was so fast about it that it strongly came across as a reflex from that having happened a ton when they were kids.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Shiv can’t seem to help herself, she just has to swing a metaphorical dick around when she feels slighted in any way. Roman is just an idiot. The sad thing is that once again ken had it fairly well handled, with the right amount remorse and believable sentiment, and those two screwed it up.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Everything Shiv says or does is fucked. Her inability to read a room or situation is astonishing. She thinks she’s competing, but it’s in the pettiest manner. And she actively resists being useful in any way. Ahh. I cringe so hard watching this show.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        That is true Shiv can’t read a room for shit nor does she particularly care.

  27. Judge Droid says :

    Apparently, sci-fi movies are an example of toxic masculinity. Please note; I have not clicked this obvious attempt at clickbait so I cannot comment on its validity. Except, for example, I’ve seen Alien and Aliens, two of the most influential sci-fi movies of all time wherein the main character is an awesome, ass-kicking female.

    • Judge Droid says :

      If I can’t get a fucking image to show on this site then for context it’s an “article” published on the talent impoverished website The Guardian titled “Ad Astra and the toxic masculinity of space films”. From what I can tell, no matter what the actual content of the piece is, no comment section is available for rebuttal.

      • M. Blitz says :

        I started to read that yesterday on a break from work but i only made it a paragraph or so before I ‘set it aside for later’ as it was making me mutter and grouse out loud just a little too intensely.

      • Jarv says :

        I read it. It’s unsurprisingly bollocks. The headline doesn’t reflect the article- it’s specifically about astronauts, which is obviously going to feature men.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Apparently it ends soon after I stopped reading, heh, somewhere around here:

        Women in space have often been overstated counters to all this testosterone: emotional, intuitive, vulnerable; more likely to be found in their underwear. Think of Sandra Bullock and her zero-gravity tears in Gravity, or Jodie Foster in Contact. Even Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley started off as a vulnerable female (in her underwear) in Alien.

      • Jarv says :

        Even Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley started off as a vulnerable female (in her underwear) in Alien.

        That’s just context free drivel.

      • Judge Droid says :

        How is this film “toxic masculinity”? As far as I can tell from that trailer, Ad Astra is a daddy’s issues movie. Seems like a good one, and I want to see it, but why can’t I get a daddy’s issue sci-fi movie without some horseshit Guardian comment-piece labelling it toxic masculinity?

      • Jarv says :

        Cos men. #metoo #thirdwavefeminism

      • M. Blitz says :

        The Guardian (and nytimes) really have a knack for “calling out sexism” in the most sexist manner. The criticisms they lay out are so often far more offensive (to me at least) than what they are purporting to critique (“critique” apparently meaning to willfully misread, cherrypick and/or ‘engage with in bad faith’). Bah.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Don’t they realize the reason Ripley and the others are in their unmentionables is that they were in stasis tubes? Fucking idiots they just want to be “right” but not accurate or truthful.

  28. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Alita Battle Angel…so this one surprised me, in a good way. By the trailers I was expecting a John Wick consistent violence, and while it certainly did, it actually had more setup and was clearly just the first part of a bigger story. I know nothing around the background of this movie, so I am sure that was always in the cards. In any case, pleasantly surprised. It left a lot of the details in the periphery, which is fine. I think they made her into a very believable character, which is not something I would have thought from the trailers. If there ever was a sequel, I would check it out.

  29. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Godzilla, King of Monsters…so nothing earth shattering here, decent enough effects, fine with the stupid humans freeing the monsters, not fine with the mom being the bad guy and nothing was going to happen to her until she sacrificed herself. How the hell did they think this was a good idea? Utterly preposterous. And of course the ridiculous of the main family surviving all these monster fights while literally being at the feet of these “totans” as the did their monster shuffle. It’s like the Rock surviving Rampage, but they are not Hobbs.

    • Jarv says :

      Rampage. What a disappointment that was

    • tombando says :

      *Gojira vs. All da Monsters was fun. Agreed on the points made about the family/mom etc. Yeah those were kinda dumb.

      *Rampage was big dumb fun for me. As stupid as it was I still enjoyed it.

      *Have NOT seen Skyscraper and the Rock’s fake legs.

    • Judge Droid says :

      I didn’t like it at all. Everything was shot through an impenetrable wall of earth, wind and fire. Admittedly, I’ve never really been a fan of Godzilla movies. They over-corrected from the first one, which had barely any Godzilla until the end. This one had nothing but monster on monster violence. And as mentioned, the “human” characters blew.

      I enjoyed that Kong movie though.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I watched Spidey’s European Vacation. It was fine. I liked Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. The whole villain plot is essentially the exact same plot as a season 1 episode of Rick and Morty. The reveal of the villains plot is almost entirely lifted word for word. I won’t go into spoilers, but it also wastes a good character.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Would agree Kong.was better.

        As far as Spidey’s vacation, certainly a step up from the first one (hey, villain NOT related to Spidey, that was refreshing), thought it was a bit too long. They needed to cut back on runtime. And not for nothing, he’s so much better than mopey Tobey.

  30. Jarv says :


    How did we miss this? Some dreadful calls on this list (SATC, Buffy- both are unarguably 90’s TV, and SATC is fucking awful).

    • Jarv says :

      Top 10 is fucking awful, though-

      10 Atlanta
      9 Peep Show (JUST NO)
      8 Fleabag (WTF?)
      7 Game of Yawns (LOL)
      6 Office (UK)
      5 Breaking Bad
      4 Thick of It (good shout
      3 Mad Men (good shout)
      2 The Wire (should’ve been 1)
      1 The Sopranos (90’s TV)

      Of that list, there are three that should be in it.

    • Judge Droid says :

      I saw it. The Top 10 is solid. The rest is mostly terrible. Good shows but the ordering is lousy. Baking shows should not be included in a best of list unless it’s a Best Baking Show list.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Solid. Not perfect.

        I haven’t seen Fleabag but that shit gets blown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it’s no surprise it’s in the Top 10.

      • Jarv says :

        That was going to be my point- it’s a hype selection. It’s honestly not that good.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        the hypiest of hype selections was #7.

      • Judge Droid says :

        To be fair, GoT at its best was pretty great. The last couple of seasons blew, which dings it a bit. But even Friday Night Lights had season 2.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        the “best” season of GoT was the first one and it was only OK. 2-4 were extremely meh and the rest were fucking awful. half the main cast can’t act, the writing was terrible and the one great thing about the show, the cinematography, took a powder the last two seasons. It was a hugely popular dumpster fire that got on there for being hugely popular.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Ha! Well, I liked a lot of it. Had my gripes at times, sure. Many shows I’d rate higher but it was pretty good.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        objectively speaking it was no where near being one the 10 best shows of the 2000s. that is my point.

      • tombando says :

        The ones I know from the list–Mad Men is Great. But I’d put stupid Walking Dead on there over some of the others. And that’s not a top ten show.

      • M. Blitz says :

        1-4 are fine. Maybe shuffle em around a bit. I am still reeling from that absolute atrocity of a top 100 movie list that I finally got around to looking at.

        Fleabag was ehhhh it was alright. Certainly overhyped. And with some extraordinarily annoying aspects to it. Possibly spoilery if it matters but did you know that sarcasm and a sense of humor are symptoms of guilt and impeded self-growth? If you don’t suffer solemnly and seriously how will you know that you’re being abused by the priest you’ve pressured into fucking you?? Sigh.

  31. Xiphos0311 says :

    Why do I do this to myself and get sucked into watching conspiracy theory videos on YouTube? The astounding stupidly of them are only rivaled by the asstards on social media arguing politics.
    Once again for the cheap seats you fucking idiots the Kennedy “single bullet theory” was bullshit made up Arlen Spector(that asshole) and ran with by Garrison, both knew perfectly well that Connolly was seated in a jump seat 3 inches lower and 6 inches left. With that fact in mind his wounds match perfectly with Kennedy’s. If you then shoot a back azimuth through the wound channels and where do you get? the sixth floor window of the book depository building. There were no shots from the grassy Knoll, which doesn’t work, nor the sewer which is fucking stupid and impossible. The only other viable location to shoot from is the Dal Textile(its called something else now i think) building and it didn’t come from there. You know, I’ve been there and I work out the target acquisition, the shot angles, ballistics and exfil as if I was the shooter. The only place that really works is the book depository. I’m not the only person with training to do this, there are loads of people that have. Hell you don’t need specialized training to figure this out. Any experienced hunter could probably dope out the shot. God I hate these fucking assholes so so much.
    Also, idiots, did any of you ever stop to think that during the classic era of UFO sightings in the 80’s, the government used the UFO angle to hide the Have Blue program? The HBP was the code name used for FB 117 Stealth bomber development program. Fucking conspiracy theorist are so easy to lead around by the nose.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        that was about how accurate the original idea was. Hell I’ll even accuse Black Jack McDowell of being the second second shooter on The Grassy Knoll. Sure he was only like two when Kennedy got his ticket punched but it makes about as much sense as the BS thrown about who the “second shooter” was.

  32. Xiphos0311 says :

    I started watching On Becoming A God in Central Florida. Its pretty good and makes fun of Florida which i like. Kirsten Dunst is good playing a former teen beauty queen/borderline white trash woman trying to take down a pyramid scheme/cult called Founders American Merchandise(Fam) from the inside for causing her true believer husbands death. FAM is based on the AMWAY pyramid scheme. It took a couple of episodes to get into but since I have I started to like the show a lot.
    Ted Levine is fucking fantastic as the founder/cult leader Obie Garbeau. Its the best work he’s done since Silence of the Lambs and he’s done some great work in that period.

  33. tombando says :

    Shutter Island–2010 (has it been that long already?!)–finally saw it this week. I knew there was a twist, but wasn’t up on details. Good movie for the most part. I liked the cast–Patricia Clarkson/Gandhi/Leo/Hulk/etc. I liked the setting. Some of the greenscreen stuff when they’re ‘rockclimbing’ was kinda bad and obvious, some of the conceit is a STRETCH in places, but–overrall, I liked it. Not sure if I need to see it again. But a good film. Scorsese branching out here somewhat.

  34. tombando says :

    Saw Rambo here today. It’s basically Rambo: Taken Mexico Boogaloo. His niece is grabbed by Mexican white slavvers while trying to visit her jerk dad there. Rambo goes to save her, hijinks ensue, fight comes back home to his boobytrapped ranch. LOTSA dead Mexicans, stabbings, impalings, incinerations, beheadings, shootings, abuse of compound bow.

    You know every twist. You might recognize Xi’s fave Stranger Things ice cream scooper, had 2 lines. It’s not as good as the last one, but ok youse gets what youse pays for if you go see it. I didn’t mind it. Boys is Sly fugly now.

  35. Just Pillow Talk says :

    MIB: International – by no means was there any high expectations going in, and it certainly was not great, but it was passable. And that was mainly due to Thor, who seems quite at home continuing his Thor 3 persona. What’s her face from Thor 3 was okay, Liam Neeson was kind of just there collecting the paycheck. Again, not terrible which is what I expected.

    Shazam – my youngest daughter wanted to see this one. I don’t know about this one, it seemed like the movie was a bit confused about how it wanted to tackle the material. I know nothing about Shazam, is it a serious character and actually exist with the other DC characters? I couldn’t give two shots about the kid who became Shazam, so the movie just didn’t work for me.

    • tombando says :

      *I saw Shazam too, I liked it.

      *They’ve opted to…camp it up with the character of late in DC from what I understand, so-that’s what you’re getting here. Yes he exists in the same universe(s) as Supes, Bats, etc. For a while in the 70s-80s he was on some alternate Earth 2 type thingy, but who knows what they’ve done now as they like to reboot the whole works every couple years.

      *I get what you mean by the schizo tone. The baddies massacring the board room was overdone, but the stuff with the kids learning the powers and their you tube channel etc I enjoyed.

      *I’m interested in seeing the follow up, see if they play it a bit more straight this time. Guy they cast as Shazam was good.

      *Have NOT seen Men in Black Four Thor, but-will stream it down the road.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Yes, I would agree them running their tests on what powers he had was the strong point. Unfortunately, you can only show so much of that, so the rest of the movie suffered. Without that peice in a sequel. I think they will struggle with filling in a whole movie with non training stuff.

      • tombando says :

        Let’s see what they do with the Marvel Family stuff etc. And if they actually give us a talking humanoid tiger in a business suit.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Tiger in a suit?

        Okay then, guess it can’t be anymore weird than a talking gunning raccoon.

      • Jarv says :

        If he doesn’t have a hat for stealth purposes count me out.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Fo sure.

  36. tombando says :

    Tawny the Talking Tiger. Yes. Walks around in a business suit etc.

  37. tombando says :

    *Watching DVD set Yr 2 of X Files, have seen most of them before, but am enjoying same. Something kinda fun about the early seasons.

    *Had Never watched Rainman A to Z. Seen most of it in bunches on TV you know how that goes. Was as good as I thought it would be. Cruise was great. You already know about Hoffman. And I enjoyed seeing Ms Golina too had no idea.

    Lucifer finished Yr 1. Still fun. Will delve into Yr Too soon enough.

    • tombando says :

      Saw the episode that punches ALL my buttons for the X Files–it’s called One Breath, where Scully is back from abduction, in a coma, sees her late father come by, Skinner loosens up a bit, and the mysterious ‘Nurse Owens’ is asked for and turns out not to have been there. The ones where they explored a somewhat supernatural path w/ Scully (the character being a Catholic I think?) could be really good. This one was was. Fave so far of first year plus.

  38. tombando says :

    Yr 2 X-Files, just finished marathoning the last of it. I’ve seen almost all of them before, but–it’s been a while for the early seasons. Just a few things here….

    *I REALLY liked the episode Humbug, it’s one I saw just once, back in 95. It’s the one with the sideshow guys etc. It’s really good. Holds up well. A different vibe to this one from the others.

    *The finale in the desert where the traincar full of dead aliens is set on fire by Smoking dude–well done. They don’t go overkill with the mythology til later.

    *Few other eps that stood out—the one in the volcano with the silicon based tapeworms sucked, the one in Wisconsin with the red turbaned dudes didn’t work so well either-they missed their chance at a Picket Fences cross-over, yes it Was in the works. THAT I would have enjoyed. Tom Skerritt meets Duchovney. Works.

    *First app of the Alien bounty hunter, the one with the clones–I think that worked really well too. Winds up on the Sub etc.

    *Liked the one on the Norse Freighter where everyone ages fast. Liked the one with Steven Railsback as a homicidal would be abductee. That one was good too.

    *The one with the cannibals at the Tyson Chicken plant didn’t work, sticking Scully’s head on the chopping block was one damsel in distress sequence too many. They needed to get away from that, esp as the character is shown as being anything but helpless.

    *Floyd Westerman Crow always makes a 90’s show better.

    *This season is good. I like it and recommend you go re-visit it sometime if you’ve not for some years(like me). The bad eps are rare and even then there’s stuff worth seeing in them.

    *This is SO clearly shot in BC.

  39. Xiphos0311 says :

    Is anybody else except for me watching The Deuce On HBO? If not you are missing out on a show that, while covering an entirely different subject matter, is equal to The Wire in quality. It also has a metric ton of actors from The Wire on it. The weirdest casting of all is The Karate Kid as a bent Vice cop. It actually works well Russo is great in the role.

    Also am I the only one watching Lodge 49 on AMC? I’m not sure if I actually like the show however when it pops up i do watch it right away. its a very odd very strange show.

    This is for Blitz since she is the only other person that watches Succession. The show is absolutely killing it, it gets better week to week and the show was already operating at near perfection. Ken’s rip off rap of NWA for Logan’s tribute fete was cringe inducing perfection.

    • Judge Droid says :

      I watched ep 1 of The Deuce, put it on the back-burner and never got around to watching it. It’s one I’ll get to eventually.

      I started Succession recently. Seen 4 eps so far. Will work through it over the coming weeks.

      Currently, I’m watching and really enjoying The Righteous Gemstones. I’m a big fan of McBride’s HBO shows. Great cast and performances. Goodman, Goggins and Edi Patterson are particularly good. Bizarre amount of full frontal male nudity though.

      Also watched s1 of Goliath, Billy Bob Thorntons lawyer show on Amazon. It was pretty average.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I was hoping for Vice Principals McBride instead we got regular shitty McBride. I was very let down by Gemstones. I think I chuckled once.

        S1 Of Goliath is the only one you need to watch. It slides down hill fast in S2.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Gemstones isn’t really a full on comedy in the way that Vice Principals and Eastbound are. It’s a bit more low key, with some added drama and pathos that those shows didn’t really go for. I haven’t laughed a lot, but I’ve been frequently amused and entertained. I like it.

    • M. Blitz says :

      I’m starting to think it might be the best show I’ve ever seen….they don’t put a foot wrong. Every detail is on point.

      I froze during Kendall’s rap. Hand over mouth and eyes wide.

      So do you think that Logan’s brother is using greg’s inheritance money to bankroll the cruise guy?

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Definitely the brother is bankrolling the whistle blower in an effort to take out Logan. Shiv, Ken and Roman might bust balls on each other but they wouldn’t do anything so terrible as what Logan’s brother is doing.

      • M. Blitz says :

        I really want more information on Logan and his siblings and how their whole situation came to be.

  40. Judge Droid says :

    As I generally do around this time of year I checked out a few pilot eps for new shows. Here are my findings on 4 new shows (based on the pilot)…

    Emergence – Plane crashes in a beach town and a 10 year old girl survives unharmed. She is taken in by Police Chief Alison Tolman from Fargo. Clancy Brown is the sick dad. Donald Faison is the ex. The girl has amnesia and may possibly be super or an alien or blah blah. There’s a shadowy organisation hanging around looking for her. It’s blandly competent. The trio of adult actors are likeable. There’s not a lot of juice to the mystery so far. Reminds me of a TV show from a few years ago called Believe. That show lasted half a season. Probably won’t bother with this one.

    Evil – Main character is a psychologist I think who evaluates accused murderers as an expert witness for the prosecution in murder trials. She encounters someone claiming to be possessed. She starts having doubts and is enlisted by Priest in training Luke Cage who investigates possessions for the catholic church. Psych is married with 4! young daughters. She lives in a shitty little house under an enormous bridge. She used to be a mountain climber. Her hubby is absent, being an Everest guide. It appears that only thing she has in her fridges (house and office) is some no brand cans labelled Margherita. Psych and Cage team up to investigate the possessed guy on trial. There is a demonic figure, a shadowy organisation called The 60, latin rambling and bunking/debunking. In other words, this is a frantically overwritten and pretty stupid show that I won’t be watching.

    Prodigal Son – Michael Sheen is a convicted serial killer and his estranged son is a profiler with nutjob tendencies. Son is enlisted by Lou Diamond Philips to help with a copycat case, which leads to father and son reunited. This one was fairly entertaining thanks to Sheen and son. It’s got a pretty goofy, low rent vibe that makes it fun. Will give this a few eps and re-evaluate.

    Stumptown – Cobie Smulders is an ex-military vet who is enlisted by the casino-owner mother of her deceased ex to find the ex’s runaway daughter. Bar owner Jake Johnson is her buddy. Michael Ealy is a cop. She has a mentally challenged brother. She has a run in with low-rent crims, there’s a bit of backstory of her and the ex, she finds the daughter and ends up as a PI. Or she always was a PI. That was unclear. There’s a very TV thing with a cassette tape stuck in her car radio so the car action is all soundtracked by 80’s tunes. You know, ironic. But it was fairly entertaining and pleasingly undemanding. I’ll give it a go.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Emergence yawn. I bailed after the pilot episode. Dr Turk can do better.

      I’ll stick with with Evil for a bit just because I seriously dig Katja Hebers. Since its on CBS i have no faith in it and that they won’t turn it into like NCIS/CSI Satan weekly procedural. The Indian guy who usually plays Muslim terrorists seems like he might be good. Power Man is hired for his grin and voice other than that he can’t act.

      Prodigal Son is hilariously awful. Jesus from TWD is wildly miscast and looks weurd without the beard and hair.. The woman playing his mother is like 8 years older then he is. Sheen seems like he’s having fun channeling a goofy version of Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter. The cops are bland and interchangeable. Even LDP can’t save this thing. I’ll probably catch an episode here or there just to see how awful it gets.

      Stumptown seems like the winner of the bunch because Cobie Smulders is just so damn cute and is giving her all in the roll. This thing got 13 episodes and cancellation stink all over it. She was never a PI finding the kid was her first “case”. She used her military intelligence skills for the job which makes absolutely no sense but what eves writers are tools and don’t know anything about anything.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Heh. I thought the same thing about the age of the mother in Prodigal Son. It stood out so much that I googled them. He’s 36 and she’s 49. So… weird. The only caveat is in the show he’s supposed to be late 20’s I think, going off the flashback year. Don’t watch TWD so never seen him before.

  41. Jarv says :

    The Guardian have gone all in on the Joker bashing today/ yesterday- they’re trying to walk back their earlier 5* review.

    I personally have no interest in this film, because I saw it when it was called King of Comedy. But there’s a lot of horseshit doing the rounds about it- apparently it’s going to incite incels etc.

  42. tombando says :

    *Allmmmost done Yr 3 X Files–most of which I saw back when. The monsters of the week are hit and miss, I enjoyed the Nessie/gator, hrmm the strange Inca thingy, and Charles Nelson Reilly as Truman Capote. That one is a hoot. Of course I’ll go get the next couple years too. I remember losing interest about when Duchovney had them move to LA to film the show 98, it seemed to lose something there.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      I usually preferred the one off episodes of The X Files over the “mythology” episodes. The one offs to me were always more interesting.

      • tombando says :

        Well the one offs allowed the actors to play against type, to be tongue in cheek, and it dealt with some pretty Neato concepts you’d not get in the mythology arcs. I remember All Souls had a decent premise, for example. You had the uber-believer Moulder suddenly turning into the skeptic once it was a religious thingy they were dealing with, Scully the believer. They pulled those off well. Usually. The one where Mitch Pileggi is accused of killing a hooker and there’s some succubus type thingy chasing after him–that I didn’t remember. Was pretty good Skinner in the lead for a change.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Arguably, not by me I think its the best, one off that ended up being carried into the show Millennium was the Jose Chung episode you mentioned above. It had Mulder and Scully presented as MIBs at one point with Scully being male to female cross dresser. “Real MIBs” Alex Trebek and Jesse Ventura (I believe this because he’s a scumbag) were on hand. All the unreliable narration and alternate scenes etc etc etc it was one of their most inventive episodes. Plus it shit all over lying ass clown Uri Gellar.

  43. Xiphos0311 says :

    I am three episodes into s3 of Goliath and the downward spiral continues hard. it has turned into a weird mash up of David Lynch and a court room drama. its not good. Previously interesting characters with inner strength like Patty are turned into cliched version of her former great character. There is all sorts of weird Lynchian musical numbers, magical crows, hallucination and general stupidity.
    Seriously Hollywood types shouldn’t try and creative anymore it never works out except in their own swollen domes. Just keep churning out what worked before.

  44. tombando says :

    Oh yeah the Jose Chung one was great. Loved it. Especially the comments on Mulder -always has that blank look on his face and Scully-hair’s Way TOO red-etc. All good.

    I’m guessing my fave episode(s) are the two-fer Max and whatever the followup one was, where the plane gets dropped, along with the Aliens, there’s a magic Doohickey everyone’s after, etc. That one works great.

  45. tombando says :

    Recentish non-Xfiles watchin’.

    *Nabonga. 1944 Buster Crabbe/Julie ‘Dixie McCall on Emergency’ London and a guy in an Ape Soot. Wow what a mess this one is. Half stock footage from Tarzan movies, potten jungle plants, killer ape, white goddess, Buster Crabbe in a Pith Helmet, awful sound F/X, done on a buck 4 and you can Really tell. Unplotted plot involves the above, make Dixie McCall as Sheena and the Ape as her protector and Crabbe as her love interest amidst the unga bunga natives and other dated embarrassing things. I usually like these kinda movies but this one’s just..awful.

    *Body Double. ’84. I never saw this before, remember it came out about when I first went to college. Melanie Griffiths, Craig Wasson, Deborah Shelton, Dennis Franz etc. etc. Another DePalma Hitchcock tribute, it’s pretty okay in a rather sleazbag way, if you remember Rear Window you get (some) of the plot, though it’s involved with the porn industry and a guy in a bad Indian mask using a big drill on lady Wasson”s spying through the scope. He’s being set up by the husband, the gal in the window strutting her stuff is really actress Melanie, not the poor gal that gets drilled, there’s a bad Billy Idol homage here, there’s a few long stalkeratzi scenes in a mall and hotel, there’s a near being buried alive scene or two, the usual. There’s Really not much to this if you think about it afterwards, but it’s done alright. Made a bigger impact back then than it would now just because it’s your basic Skinamax flick with a budget. Melanie G comes off the best. Not bad for a 6 buck dvd buy though.

    It’s a Wonderful Life–well you know this one. I watched these 3 in order today, just FYI. It holds up great, usual Capra-corn with Jimmy Stewart/Donna Reed/Lionel Barrymore etc. THough I’ve seen it a few dozen times it holds up like all the other classics ala Casablanca, you always get something more from it. Love the cast-Ward Bond/Clarence/Sheldon Leonard etc. Off season it still rocks.

  46. Xiphos0311 says :

    Carry on my wayward son
    For there’ll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don’t you cry no more”

    Here it is Supernatural the final season. I think I might cry in May when it ends. this goofy show has been a big part of my life for its entire run.

  47. tombando says :

    Got a bunch of freebie VHS movies from a video store here….

    Watched 3…

    *Running Scared. 1986 Billy Crystal/Gregory Hines Chicago set Buddy Cop movie. This is the one with the El Train car-chase, them out in the streets in their long-johns shooting at a runaway car, the usual. It’s Lethal Weapon-lite before Lethal Weapon, if you can picture it. I hadn’t seen this in YEARS, and remember I liked it, wasn’t anything great. Few things I noted watching this today…

    *Billy isn’t believable as an Italian Chicago Detective. He’s just not. He’s…Billy Crystal, little Jewish NYC stand up dude. I like him in general, but–he’s not so great here. Hines as his partner is fine, you can see he’s a dancer in some of the chases or action scenes.

    *Dan Hedaya is their harried boss. Always liked him. Jimmy Smits is a *sighs* Columbian drug-lord who wants to be the Godfather of same in Chicago. There’s a goofy hiatus in the middle of things where they wind up in Key West on vacation and are shown going thru the Sports Illustrated Cover girls while there. Uhhh okay guys. It was a fun diversion at the least. Parts of the movie were shot in winter and there’s other parts where they’re driving past green lawns before it magically going back to February. I donno. Editing wasn’t the greatest.

    *The big finale in a skyscraper involves Hines scaling mulitple stories outside in the dark with windowcleaning equipment…I mean he does this in record time…anyways there’s a big Uzi shootout and a hostage taking and so on and so forth here. It’s meant to be tongue in cheek etc. but you DO need to be able to believe at least Some of it. Hines dangling from the ropes and Tarzaning around inside is…special. Anyways.

    *Movie’s fine and has a few funny parts, the El Traintrack car chase is hard to believe, the tires on the cars would have blown out way back back before it ends. And they have all these uzi gun battles where a couple people get winged. Sorta. A Team time.

    *You can see why this did well, and why they never made a sequel. The Michael McDonald hit ‘Sweet Freedom’ plays a couple times, along with the other typical 80s soundtrack wannabe hits.

    *I still liked it and if you have fond memories of it you won’t be let down.

  48. tombando says :

    *The Devil’s Own. 1997-Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt. You might remember this one, it had re-shoots etc done because Ford didn’t like the way it ended originally. I haven’t bothered with the details am sure you can use the Google for that. Anyways, I liked this the one time I saw it ages ago, thought it’d hold up. And it does. For the most part.

    *Pitt as the IRA gunman from Belfast comes here to buy some Stinger missiles from noted gun-dealer Treat Williams, he intends to take them back to North Ireland via a…run down fishing boat and go alllllllll the way across the Atlantic in said tub to take down some English Copters. More or less.

    *So, he gets a room with Harrison Ford, a cop who lives in NYC, of Irish descent. Ford doesn’t suspect a thing. His wife was the chief of staff for the prezzy in Independence Day, his oldest daughter is Julia Stiles, who has a few ‘typical teenager’ scenes but isn’t round much otherwise. You get the idea the family scenes were kinda cut out watching this. You know.

    *Pitt goes to get the weapons, there’s trouble with Williams, a couple shootings, the violence comes to roost in Ford’s home, he arrests Pitt, Pitt gets away, shoots Ford’s partner, and you wind up with…a fight to the death on the Boat as Pitt attempts to get away with the Stingers solo across the Ocean. He winds up shot and Ford limps back home.

    *Uhhh, it sorta works as an IRA movie, it Sorta works as a cop movie, but overall it is missing Something. I donno. Treat Williams is okay as the jerk arms merchant, Ruben Blades in the ‘you know he’s doomed the minute you see him’ latino partner is fine, hrmmmm…Ford is Staunch, pissed off Ford in this. Nothing you haven’t seen him do before.

    I say see it, Pitt’s Oirish Accent is like Costner’s English one in Robin Hood, you’re probably better off just not bothering, but….it works okay. Director Alan Pakula’s last film.

  49. tombando says :

    *Sleepless in Seattle. 1993 Okay This is a def. a change of tone from the other two. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and Rosie and Rita Wilson. You all know this one. I have seen it three or so times total counting today, I like it fine, the long-distance lonely hearts thing here works, mostly due to both leads utter conviction in their parts. It’s right before the online world exploded, so here he’s getting gobs of letters/proposals from women round the country after hearing him on the call in radio show, you see Meg Ryan as a writer for the Baltimore Sun using a Typewriter(!) in a couple scenes, and of course what computers you do have are all big honking monitors and clunky as all get out.

    *It’s based on a Deborah Kerr/Cary Grant 50’s movies where they meet on top of the Empire State Building. And so yes, at the end, accompanied by Jimmy Durante/Nat King Cole/Tony Bennett tunes, true love wins and they do meet and fall in love. You are lead to think. Ryan’s a bit of a stalker who leaves Bill Pullman for someone she never met before, and you have a real reach here, but sod it, it works.

    *You either go for this kinda thing or you don’t, I did and it works fine still.

    One commentary—its set in Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, NYC, right? You see about 4 black people and one has lines, a waitress. I don’t USUALLY notice this kinda thing, but-wowsers. It’s like stupid St Elmos’. Guys at least TRY?? Another movie like this is JFK from 1991-I love the film but shit–you’re in New Orleans and Dallas and whatever, and I think the maid and some random singer have lines in the movie. And the junkie on the stand. What’s Oliver’s excuse this time?

    I mean, I don’t wanna be That Guy, but–it’s not Andy Griffiths or Green Acres 1965 you can show other races doing shit. They’re just not trying.

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