Burt Gummer’s Rec Room- Archive 2014

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A belated welcome to 2014. Happy Fucking New Year.

Disclaimer: This is the part of the Church that is the most no holds barred. None of it is intended with malice, and although it can on occasion seem a little bit fraught, it is banter rather than venom. So, be warned that this is like taking a naked swim in a piranha tank and not recommended for the faint of heart.

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  1. Continentalop says :

  2. Xiphos0311 says :

    What I’ve been watching nothing much. Movies haven’t interested me much as of late. I am sitting here trying to recall the last one I saw and for the life of me I can’t remember.

    There’s been some TV in there although I have to say that this season has for the most part sucked. Constantine and The Flash are entertaining and Z nation while not good is for me fun as hell to watch everything else I tried new pretty much sucked and blew.

    Also most of the recurring series i watch have been fairly blah. Sons of Anarchy went out like the faux hard guy true bitch that it is. What a dumb ass show that was good riddance to bad garbage. surprisingly Marylin Manson was pretty good in it.

    The one thing I did do was watch all 7 seasons of The Big Bang Theory. I did that becasue I had caught a few episode in reruns and I couldn’t figure out why that hot mess is so popular.It was a scientific experiment. I laughed out loud a handful of times and chuckled maybe a dozen or so times and smiled at something or other maybe a dozen more times and that’s it. I don’t understand how a show that repetitive and one note can be so popular. In bullet point fashion here some takeaways I left with.

    1. The “hot” chick isn’t. She’s a classic butta face and is aging terribly. When the show first started she was sort cute with a tight package. Now she’s sort blah looking with a tight package. That hair cut she got Did. Not. Help.

    2. Why hasn’t somebody kicked the shit out of the Alpha nerd yet? I get it that he falls somewhere on the spectrum but he still knows right from wrong and chooses to act like a grandiose selfish prick all the time. that should earn him a beating by somebody, just not from the weak ass punks that are his minions.

    3. Chuck Lorre, the creator and producer of TBBT(and other popular shows) literally shits money for CBS. That guy makes awful shows that people eat up so in that sense he’s a baller. He deserve all the Dinero his shows have earned him because he knows how to work the CBS programming style to the utmost.

    • tombando says :

      I watched gobs of that a couple yrs ago, its wall to wall on tv now, enjoyed it more than you Xi, but got sick of it so much that can’t be bothered now.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Didn’t you find TBBT to be highly repetitive and bad Tom?

        Also for a show that purportedly celebrates geeks and geek culture(I threw up in my mouth a little writing that bit) It sure doesn’t like them in anyway. i guess the nerds are so hard up for acceptance and have such low self esteem that latch on this superficial show about geek life they chose to willingly ignore the sneering disdain and scorn that the show heaps on them.

      • tombando says :

        Naw I laughed pretty hard, I liked Wollowitz, Sheldon and co. I know too many like these charicatures so its kinda familiar. I got burned out from the walltowall syndication to be honest. And yes these portrayals are not that far from say Gomer Pyle or Green Acres level as far’s reality goes. They used to di fun parts like showing them bouncing a lasar off the moon, for example. Stuff Caltech nerds would, you know, do. But they got away from it and turned them into Comic con nerds who run around dressed as the Flash…that angle just got too much for me. I’m a Broncos fan but no you won’t see me dressed as Barrel man at least not against non Conference teams..

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      I despise that show. I tried watching a couple episodes and saw nothing resembling funny. I just do not get it at all. Same thing with that 2 guys show with Ashton.

  3. tombando says :

    Saw Hobbitses. Liked same. Big cgi battle. Tunnel worms, Catapault trolls and all those bats I donno, but it worked. Best of the 3 easily. You might like the Jedi fight w Sauron, Super Mario Legolas less so. The Billy Connelly dwarf was fun. The goodbyes worked ok too for a change. Awfully cgi, has a strange Benny from the Mummy character who looks like the Foo Fighter guy. Harolds minions hated him but I laughed a couple times. Cameos of Asian and black extras too.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      I don’t know Tom, that sounds pretty bad to me. From the trailers, the CGI looks like shit. At least we are done with Middle Earth now….

      • tombando says :

        Well I was entertained. I hated first one and half hated the second, so its more like Sith syndrome. It was actually ok instead of being a 2 hr shitfest.

        So how bout your Jets. Go Geno Smith.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Bah, they couldn’t even knock off the Pats from getting the #1 seed. Bastards.

  4. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Tried watching Frankenstein’s Army….a found footage shaky cam bullshit movie about a Russian squad who comes upon some town where a Nazi scientist has experimented on town folk or someone else and turned them into zombie type things with various weapons attached to their hands. I just couldn’t stay with it…characters were worthless.

    Also caught some of Avatar, 300 pt. 2, MST3k, and something else I just don’t remember.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Avatar–good god….has the dopiness increased much over the last however many years?

      300 pt. 2–i find you very brave.

      MST3K—did you watch the movie or one of the old shows? I ain’t seen the movie version in years! Was always more partial to Joel. But I love that bunch. May have to watch some today.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Seems so odd, the idea of a movie where you’re doing battle against the victims of nazis!

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Dopy dialogue is the same unfotunately….I actually forgot how bad some of it was.

        Movie version of MST3K, and I pretty much like all of them.

        That must have been cool seeing Titantic with them.

  5. M. Blitz says :

    I find The Big Bang Theory to be incredibly frustrating, patronizing shit. It can be funny on occasion, but ugh. It is always on TV too.

    The “alpha nerd” was good in that depressing HBO Aids movie, though.

  6. M. Blitz says :

    Been falling asleep to old Arena episodes. Watched Penny Serenade with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne on TCM. Good times, creepy ending.

    Yeah, not been watching much. Haven’t even had my annual Christmas Gremlins viewing yet! I need to get it together. Been avoiding my cat-less house, coming home about 4 hours before it’s time to get up for work. By then I’m guaranteed to be practically unconscious by the time the little Arena bottle comes bobbing up.

    Will be needing some Marx Bros here pretty soon….

  7. M. Blitz says :

    I AM IN EXCEL HELL. Cannot for the life of me figure this out!!!!

  8. Continentalop says :

    I never get sad by the passing of celebrities (unless she is incredibly hot and dies way too young), but I do get a little depressed by the passing of eras.

  9. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Day early, but more than likely I will be quite busy with the kiddos.

  10. Xiphos0311 says :

    Its that time of year.

  11. Xiphos0311 says :

    Christmas music

  12. Xiphos0311 says :

    Happy pagan winter solstice celebration/Saturnalia to you people. The Christianized Romans really messed this stuff up.

  13. M. Blitz says :

    Anybody see Lone Survivor? My dad chose this as Christmas viewing yesterday…

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      I have it recorded, just haven’t gotten around to actually watching it yet. Any good?

      • M. Blitz says :

        It made me kinda uneasy, to be honest, but I’m still working out a coherent take on it. It’s a quick watch for sure… Very modern action movie-y. Depressing as hell. Felt a bit disrespectful with some of the directorial choices, slow mo and such, freezing the moments when a bullet breaks the skin with a stylized puff of blood. I dunno.

        A handy coup on my dad’s part though….pump us full of booze and deer sausage early in the morning and then bust out Lone Survivor!

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        The problem was your mind trying to reconcile the fact that they cast Marky Mark as a SEAL. On the other hand they are a bunch of lunk heads so that works.

      • M. Blitz says :

        HA! You might be onto something their Xi. Mr. Mark E. Mark”s slack-jawed stare throughtout was pretty fucking distracting, to be sure….

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Anytime I see Marky Mark now all I can think of is Andy Samberg going “Say hi to your mother for me” and his hilarious attempts to out run the wind.

  14. Continentalop says :

    I really could have used a wingman tonight (I’m thinking Xi).

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Did you get into a fight?

      • Continentalop says :

        No. Stealing chicks from their boyfriends. Also drugs.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        So I’m good for thieving and drug use? Well maybe I’m good a theft.

      • Continentalop says :

        Dude, I’m stoned on cocaine, booze and aderall. I needed someone sober (or at least only on booze) and who had enough game to steal some chicks from their lame looser bf’s with me.

        I got ones phone numbers but that’s it. Could have used someone with a little more game than my friends (or could have had my brothers available).

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        adderal isn’t that legal speed?

        Just thinking out loud here but if you weren’t loaded up maybe your game would be better?

      • Continentalop says :

        Well duh but what fun would that be.

        Also in my defense I got high before I met these girls. They should up at the bar late.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Were they actress/models/weather girls/aspiring newscasters type?

      • Continentalop says :

        No. Just girls in the frozen tundra of Mimnesota.

  15. Continentalop says :

    Mimnesota? Nice job autocorrect missing that.

  16. Toadkillerdog says :

    Conti, maybe your spellchecker is drunk as fuck!
    I am one my way too

    Kloipy! I am inhaling all of the alcohol in w.pa! some damn good shit here!
    my bro in law got some troegs and southern tier and some local brews i never heard of.
    we are having a damn good time!
    Ill be here until the 3rd.

    Xi, did i read you are going to review little hero hobbit 6?. I posted my thoughts over in the Christmas thread

  17. Jarv says :



    Spain was great. I watched nothing while there, but caught bits and pieces when back.

    Constantine- best episode so far. Pity the axe is falling.
    Grimm season 2- getting good. Much to my surprise
    GotG again- I’m going on record as this being the best Marvel movie by a mile. Setting a high bar there.

    However, I did read quite a bit, including ticking off Ulysses from my personal “must read before I die list”. Although I wish I hadn’t finished it now.


    The Name of the Rose.

    Everyone has seen the film of this, and I genuinely can’t think of another book where knowing the film helps it out so much. It’s a great book, but my fucking god it’s heavy going. Loads of Catholic philosophy and history in it with very little actual plot.

    • Jarv says :

      One for Droid- seems like Bad Mitch has returned in Melbourne. 1 for 113. Shite.

      I haven’t looked at the side, but is he having to bowl longer spells or something?

      • Judge Droid says :

        He hasnt bowled very well, but to be fair to him the MCG pitch has been horrible for bowlers. Just look at the first innings. 1000 runs scored.

        He also suffers when he’s the “main” bowler. Especially in Brisbane where he had no Harris and Siddle (Hazelwood bowled very well luckily).

        The major talking point of this series is the fact that WHO? has been made captain and has been in astonishing form! If someone would have told me a few years ago i would have had them committed.

      • Jarv says :

        I’m stunned by that. WHO? No longer.

        Although you have to factor in that India are shit.

        Did you see the ECB finally did the obvious and canned Cook from the ODI Side.

        Thank the lord.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I saw that. I, along with all of Englands opposition, was saddened by the news.

      • Jarv says :

        Not that itll make any difference

      • Jarv says :

        Also I think Mitch needs to not be the main bowler. Back when he was total crap it was accompanied by all that “targeting” nonsense. Give him 4 overs to be fast and nasty then whip him off. No more than that.

        Relies on fugly being fit to take up the workload though. Particularly with Harris needing the same treatment.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I watched The Interview. Exactly what you’d expect if you watched it prior to the hacking stuff. A stupid Rogen and Franco comedy thats good for a few laughs but that’s about it.

        But the hacking stuff has seemed to raise expectations that its some sharp political satire or something. It’s not MASH, Catch 22 or Team America. It’s just an idiotic movie that’s fairly entertaining. Franco’s a bit all over the place and Lizzy Caplan is wasted ( and the CIA aspect could have been mined for more than hiding a tube up Rogens ass). If any have been raised beyond moderate, reduce any expectations significantly and you should get a few chuckles.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      I guess you’ve never read Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum, though I agree about Rose. Great book and movie.

      • Jarv says :

        Is there a movie of Pendulum? I’m sure I’ve read it.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I really like the depth and breath of Eco’s books having read most of them. However there is one to avoid at all costs called Baudalino its so far past bizarre that i can’t even explain it.

      • Jarv says :

        I’ve only read rose and pendulum. The sheer depth of history, culture and philosophy in rose is astounding.

        But I have heard he goes a bit loopy. Pendulum was difficult, to put it mildly.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Rose and Pendulum are great pieces of literature, they’re his best by far.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I doubt they would even attempt to make a movie of it.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Ya know, i’ve never read a single book by him. Not one! What’s good to start with?

      • Jarv says :

        Name of the Rose. Particularly if you’ve seen the film.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Yeah I agree with Jarv In the Name of the Rose is probably the best place to start with Eco, it’s the most accessible book and its still jammed packed to the gills with church and European history, semiotics and a really good mystery

      • tombando says :

        I read and lijed Baudilino, til that last third that goes right off the deep end. Then it’s just shrug-shrug, Nestorian fables and weirdness.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Disagree Tom it started off the rails and got father and father afield from there.

      • tombando says :

        Whatever dude, Eco you know?

        So–Ryan Lindley eh? An 11-5 team has to travel to a 7-8-1 team’s city in the playoffs….ahh the Nfl gotta love it.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Will be grabbing a used copy for sure. Haven’t been reading much as of late, unless picture books count! Never seen the movie either, somehow…..

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      GoTG is entirely meh but I admit i violently can’t stand that fucking knob job Chris Pratt so that is coloring my perception.

      • Jarv says :

        I think it’s better than Meh, but even were it merely meh it would still be better than every other Marvel movie not called either Thor or Iron Man.

        The first ones.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Like I said my searing hatred hatred of Pratt is making me devalue the movie. Take him out and it was alright.

      • Jarv says :

        I also think my searing hatred of every other Marvel movie is making me overrate it.

        I was all prepared to flame it, because that total hack Gunn directed, and I wouldn’t let him direct traffic.

        Why does Pratt annoy you so much?

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I don’t know. It’s chemical or something. i see him all i want to do is cave his smug fucking face in.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Heh…I can understand that feeling with Pratt, though for Guardians he didn’t bother me. I guarantee the feeling will be the reverse with the new Jurassic movie.

        As I said before, Guardians is Marvel studio’s best movie. I think x-men DOFP is probably better though, which I just watched again.

      • Jarv says :

        Can’t bring myself to watch another shitty X-flick. Particularly not after the last one

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Yeah i would say on the whole DOFP was marginally better.

  18. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Recent viewings….

    How to Train your Dragon 2 – think I prefer this one over the first

    A Bridge too Far – quite like this movie, even while at the same time shake my head at the sheer lunancy of what they tried.

    Narrow Margin – love Hackman.

    The Seige – caught ending, always though Willis was horrendous in this.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Arrrrgh Operation Market Garden…that fucking hump Montgomery… way to fuck the dog on that one allied command…must not descend into rant….

    • tombando says :

      *Recent Viewings:

      Barnaby Jones, season one. Its good. Jed Clampett as a PI in a Quinn Martin Production(tm). Fun ’73 stuff. Lee Meriweather drives a red 2 door Pinto(!), Claude Akins, Dabs Greer and Honey West all show, ditto Shatner, Bradford Dillman and strategic guest star Frank Cannon. I enjoyed it and am doing set of Cannon as I type this. Good stuff.

      *The Way Back-Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, the Gobi desert. Pretty good. Peter Weir rocks.

      *Cagney and Lacey season 5. Woe Martin Kove was in this?! Has been a while. Pretty good, really. I preferred Buddy Ebson just because. Very mid 80s/Hill Street.

    • Echo the Bunnyman says :

      You know, Willis had a bad run around that time. I liked his McClane send-up in Fifth Element, but didn’t he turn around and do The Jackal, The Siege and Mercury Rising all back to back? That was a trifecta of awful “performances”.

  19. M. Blitz says :

    Why are they making a tv show out of 12 Monkeys?

  20. M. Blitz says :

    This was interesting….

  21. Judge Droid says :

    Recent viewing…

    The Two Faces of January – Okay Yanks in trouble in Europe thriller movie. Acting was okay. Reminded me of Talented Mr Ripley, then discovered (in the end credits) that it’s a Highsmith book.

    Ain’t Them Bodies Saints – Way too wannabe arthouse cinematography and direction that seemed to be intentional to cover up a pretty lousy, underwritten screenplay. Decently enough acted.

    The Water Diviner – Rusty’s new movie that he directed. Father goes to Gallipoli 4 years after the war to find the remains of his three sons. It’s a bit hokey in places, sometimes feels a bit made for TV, but also features some really nice looking shots and well executed scenes. It’s also pretty involving. The story seems a bit too overblown and stuffed with DRAMA!!!, even if it only claims to be “inspired” by true events.

    Happy New Year chaps and chappettes.

  22. Just Pillow Talk says :

    I completely forgot I had already seen The Immortals, but as I sat there and watched it, I struggled to remember what the hell was coming next. Usually I can remember bits and pieces, but I was drawing a blank.

  23. Xiphos0311 says :

    Things I’ve watched as of late.(late being the last few months)

    GOtG I would rate this higher than meh if I didn’t detest Chris Pratt so much. Still on the whole its better than most Marvel flicks but that isn’t setting the bar high.

    3rd Hobbit flick. What a fucking disgrace of a movie truly epically awful horseshit
    One of the worst movies I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch. its been a week since I’ve seen it and I hate it more now the when I left the theater. Fucking nerds, fucking Fat boy and fucking Del Toro should all be ashamed of themselves for that cluster fuck of a series.

    A shit ton of TV some of which were great, Kingdom and You’re The Worst come to mind most mediocre and a few downright awful.

    12 O’clock High, The Caine Mutiny, The Great Escape and Bridge on the River Kwai for an idea I had for a series. Then I realized I was much to stupid to pull it off so i shit canned that idea

    Mad Men the complete run a few times through because I had an idea for a post but shit canned it see above reason

    High Fidelity man is that a great flick holds up spectacularly well. i miss the per-internet world people were much better in those days.

  24. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Xi, shame that the Cardinals have shit at QB with the injuries, since they probably can’t be Carolina now. Hope they do manage to beat Cam though…

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Lindly was alright last week, its the defense that has suddenly developed serious issues which is worrisome.

      Just how effective can Newton be? For all intents and purposes he has a broken back that’s got to put issues in his head. about taking hits and running around.

  25. tombando says :

    Usual You bet your life and Bilko marathons, Groucho was fun as a game show host. Phil Silvers was great, Bilko was a terrific show and smart. You never see it broadcast now.

  26. M. Blitz says :

    Anybody see Inherent Vice? I missed it!

  27. M. Blitz says :

    That is great! Finally, I remembered something BEFORE it was already gone. Now I just need to remember a little while longer.

  28. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Wow, what horrible special teams play. Cards have the worst punter I have ever seen.

    My condolences Xi.

    • Judge Droid says :

      They’ve also got a lousy OL. Can’t expect a 4th string QB to get you very far if the guy is constantly getting pressured and sacked.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      There was no way they were going to win that game. The D has forgotten how to tackle, The O line stopped blocking and A guy off another teams practice squad at QB is not a winning recipe in the post season.

      Thanks for the condolences.

  29. tombando says :

    Yah fugly is as fugly does. Missed a golden opp at the 1 to cut it to 6, lousy way to see this.

  30. Xiphos0311 says :

    dang it I thought I was onto something original and new with number 6. I was wrong everybody else sees it also.


    • Jarv says :

      Its a great idea. Sadly, nerds with too much time on their hands beat you to it.

      I am still laughing at hide the womp rat, though

      • Judge Droid says :

        I heard that Bond thing in the 90s. When Connery was still active and they were trying to figure out if they could team the Bonds up or something along those lines.

      • Jarv says :

        I heard it when Craig took the part as he looks so radically different from the usual bond type.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Craig looks like a crying baby. Thanks the hilarious FX show You’re The Worst(highly recommend) for that on the mark bon mot

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      No matter how you spin it, inclusion of the droids in the prequels was dumb and no explanation works as to why Kenobi would not remember R2D2.

  31. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Watched The Untouchables (damn awesome) and The Colony (damn stupid). A young dude with no experience killing is able to take out the leader of the cannibal posse? And how the fuck did they get to the colony with the bridge blown up by Fishburne? I’m assuming no one else will waste their fucking time with this stinker, hence no spoiler warnings. And what the fuck Paxton? Really no work thrown your way?

    • Jarv says :

      Watched more of Season 3 of Grimm. It’s got so much better, radically better actually. I can’t believe it was the same show that I waded through the first series of and then abandoned half way through the second series.

      Starting to work with a proper story arch now, still using monster of the week as a framework. Really enjoyed the last few episodes.

      It is still prone to the odd stinker, admittedly.

  32. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Eh, watched Snowpiercer last night. Not really sure about it, as it was pretty bloody and had no weight to it until the end I guess you could say. It felt hollow to me, as the focus seemed to be on how bloody could they make it as opposed to focusing on the toll those conditions took on the people.

  33. tombando says :

    Django was okay, better than it hadda right to be despite Cokey. Kick ass seriously? horrid. Snowpiercer is Supertrain for Zombies. Yay.

  34. Judge Droid says :

    In far more trivial news, the Ant-Man trailer blows. Plus I kind of hate how they’re acknowledging how shit the whole thing is with the last line “Is it too late to change the name?”

    • Jarv says :

      Ant-Man as a concept blows.

      When do we reach peak funnybook saturation?

      • Judge Droid says :

        Sometime in the next 5 years surely. Conti posted a list of the scheduled funny book movies a while back. It’s basically 6 a year or someshit. Surely something will fail in that time. I hope it’s Ant-Man.

      • Judge Droid says :

        It’s probably more likely a DC one. Wonder Woman or Aquaman.

      • tombando says :

        Ant Man is a bad idea for a movie. Guest star on Dare Devil or whatever sure. But a whole film?! Strange.

        Waiting for the Werewolf by Night or Killraven movie myself. Can’t be any worse.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      Horrible trailer. So indifferent to it, it’s ridiculous. This is the “hero” they wanted to waste a budget on? How about Moon Knight?

      • Jarv says :

        Moon Knight is a batman rip off. I’d suspect they’ll try to avoid that. Hell, they’ve even done 9th rank shite like GotG before that one.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        I know there are certain similarities, but they could spin the supernatural element to differentiate the two.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Moon Knight would be great but they need to go batshit insane with it.

      • tombando says :

        Wan’t there an Egyptian angle to this? Never usef to read it much but liked what I can remembet.

  35. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Just had a 2for2true sighting!

    I asked him if he still stabs people with #2 pencils. See if I get a response….

    • tombando says :

      PaZoozoo makes the occ cameo over to Harold’s as well.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        So does MNG.

      • Jarv says :

        Very, very rarely. Last time I looked it was goatfucker and a whole tranche of usernames I’ve not seen before bitching about fatasses kickstarter fraud

      • tombando says :

        Recent viewing: Minority Report. Cruise, magic wooden balls, American Colin Farrell, Max Von Sydow and Leb Andropov. I enjoyed despite the basic silliness of the whole conceit-precrime-really now. Cruise is his usual self. Movie is dated and is shot thru a Cybill Shephard on Moonlighting level of filtered lense that gets old. Cgi spider bots and the sidewall cars are fun though. Another chase flick.

        Starman! Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen, Toad and Richard Jaeckel! Plus a neato ’77 Mustang. Yes you should see it again. Pretty ok.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        I like Minority Report, but I completely agree on how it’s shot. I haven’t seen Starman in ages, but I remember liking it. Good to hear it still holds up.

      • Jarv says :

        I hate minority report. Think it’s total shit.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I like it. But it does have a weak ending.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Yes, there apparently is a small group that wait for any posting from him to launch a new wave of attacks on fathead.

  36. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Now You See Me…did not like this movie. Jesse Eisenberg still an annoying fuck, Isla didn’t whip out the puppies, the whole super magicians bullshit, I dunno. The concept could work, I just didn’t like how this movie worked. Plus I think the acting was uneven, some of the dialogue came off very poorly when some characters interacted. Like some of Woody’s lines came off like he sure as hell didn’t want to be in this movie.

  37. Jarv says :

    Droid- you played GTA online?

    Heists coming on 27th Jan- if you’ve not played it, give it a whirl. Loads of missions and whatnot to do. It’s like a new game. But you need to build your character up.

    Looking forward to the heists

    • Judge Droid says :

      I think I created an online character when I was playing the game but I didn’t do anything with it. So they’re finally releasing Heists. That’s been a long time delayed.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I was considering getting GTA V on PC when they release it.

      • Jarv says :

        It’s worth playing it. I’m rank 56ish now.

        You have to build your character, and spend cash to get decent shit. Earn cash through either random acts of criminality or missions/ races etc.

        Some of the missions are staggeringly dull (anything from the hood, usually), but some of them are great fun- the smugglers one is a cracker.

        The survivals are also good, as are the deathmatches.

        I didn’t like it at first, but it’s good now. Can’t wait for the heists.

  38. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Since I just watched Serenity again, I’ve finally started watching Firefly, knocked off first episode which I liked. Clearly Serenity is a better film than Avengers.

  39. Xiphos0311 says :

    If you’re looking to watch a pretty damn good comedy check out FX You’re the Worst. its one of the funniest damn things I’ve seen in a while it’s almost as good as Silicon Valley. I’m pretty sure the male lead is partially based on Jarv.

    It is in no way kid friendly. It pushes the boundaries of basic cable almost into pay cable range.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      Hmm…never even heard of that show. Maybe I will give it a look.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I hadn’t heard of it either Pillow until I stumbled across it on one of those “best shows you’re not watching” lists and tried it out. For once the goobers were right. DO NOT watch it with children around or you will have some really awkward and uncomfortable conversations.

  40. tombando says :

    Wow what a game Pats over Ravens. Arena Football time! Was fun to watch.

    Carolina did about what you could have expected, made Sea Hokkers work a bit before the inevitable.

    Big Horsies vs little horsies. Come on Elways. Wanna see Packers sit on Dallas just to see them vs the Hokkers.

  41. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Watched football of course, and then a couple shit movies: Expendables 3 (may have been the worse of the 3, quite an accomplishment) and Divergent. Why was it bad to not fit into their little buckets? Previous uprisings? Disruptions from these so called divergents? Nothing. The actress was pretty blah too.

    • Jarv says :

      Watched almost all of Season 3 of Grimm. Not chuffed with the way it’s going or how I think the season is going to end. If it does what I think it’s going to do, I may well abandon it.

      They’ve introduced a “new” Grimm into the mix, and I think they’re going to strip the hero of his powers. If this happens, I will not be chuffed at all.

      Mary Elizabeth Masterantonio is really good in it, very welcome guest appearances when she’s on.

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      Can’t stand Ravens or Pats, bu thought harbaugh was a wimp for arguing that it was unfair. Still, pats are a deceptive sneaky and rule breaking bunch and the hawks will punish them -i hope, cause no way Andrew and the colts stop them.
      I saw divergent. I kind of liked it even though the lead actress is very bland.
      I am watching breaking bad – finally, and really enjoy it. Rewatching The Wire and it is just as awesome as ever.

      Mary E M? wow i thought she was dead.

  42. tombando says :


    Manning and co shite the bed and then some.

    Go Cubs.

  43. ThereWolf says :

    Watched around Xmas/New Years…

    Mortal Instruments – can’t remember what happened in it now.

    How I Live Now – not bad.

    Captain Winter America Soldier – (see Mortal Instruments)

    Ender’s Game – I know there was a big hoot n holler about the book but I didn’t think much of the film, obvious what was coming at the end.

    Gravyty – was expecting more somehow, but all right.

    Divergent – didn’t hate it but not really memorable & at least it had that Woodkid song in it.

    Babylon 5 Season 1 – always threatened to try watching this one day. Oddly, enjoyed most of it! Dunno why.

    Hobbit 2: Smaug Goes For A Poo – I have now seen roughly over 6 hours of extended Hobbits and I thought it a reasonable expectation to be treated to a spot of Laketown fire-strafing… Instead I got an elf-dwarf-elf love triangle. Woeful. Apart from the trippy forest stuff I wasn’t best pleased.

    Under The Skin – has stuck in my memory. By turns, fascinating, boring and hypnotic. Still can’t get my head around it. Nothing like the book, apparently.

    Played on PS3…

    Alien Isolation – not played it much but excellent so far. Not even run into an alien yet!

    Tomb Raider 1 – it’s like putting on my favourite comfy slippers…

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      Hola Wolfie!
      How are you my friend?
      The book Enders game was great, the movie not so much. Can not put my finger on why it failed, but maybe tried too hard to be the book. None of the characters felt real enough for any connection, so that when the twist is revealed you do not feel anything.
      Gravity was the most spectacular IMAX film i have ever seen. The Fx were so damn good i actually watched a ‘how’d they do that’ doc. but the film itself was boring and outside of the aforementioned effects, not interesting.
      I thought CA2 was good, not great, Redford’s head was distracting. Looks like it is on the wrong body.Too damn big. Like Barry Bonds without the rest of the bod.

      Tom, yes the hobbits needed giant robots or something. Say what you will about the Lord of the rings, but those movies felt like an event, a must see even when they were plodding. these flicks felt like a chore and the stupid 48 fps did not help at all.

      Jarv, the james bond invisible car as ludicrous as it seemed, is now a true possibility. I shit you not.
      CNN had a story on a true cloaking device just developed.

      the concept of james bond being a code is very old, as far back as the 1960’s comedic Casino Royale starring David Niven as an old James Bond and Deborrah Kerr – two of favorites anyone remember prudence and the pill?

      They had Peter Sellars impersonating James Bond and Woody Allen as Jimmy Bond. Yes woody allen.

      Conti, i heard about jon jones, will he be stripped of title for the nose candy?

      fixin to watch the bucks vs ducks. no real rooting interest just want a good game

    • Judge Droid says :

      Recent viewing…

      Unbroken – Okay. Really misses the incredible detail of the book. Would have worked better chronologically instead of using flashbacks that interrupt the middle of a scene.

      Inherent Vice – Wasn’t over the moon about this. Story was a bit muddled and I didn’t really care much about what was going on.

      Whiplash – Really enjoyed this. I don’t really like Miles Teller but he was very good. JK Simmons was very good. The finale was brilliant.

      Foxcatcher – Very good. Carell is great. Such a creep. Tatum and Ruffalo also very good.

      Taken 3 – Better than 2, which isn’t saying much. This series really should have stayed as one movie.

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        how the heck are ya?
        I think i would like to see all of those flicks except inherent vice. The worst reading i ever had was slogging through pynchons damn near indecipherable gravitys rainbow. i doubt i would enjoy iv.

      • Judge Droid says :

        I’m good thanks. How are you and the family? You’re not really missing much if you skip IV I think. The others are worth a look.

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        Family is great, girls are growing up too damn fast though.
        Rufus has fallen off the wagon for the 143rd time. Found him drinking vanilla extract a few days ago after i cut his beer allowance in half.
        He loves the IPA’s something fierce!

      • Jarv says :

        Mortal Instruments – can’t remember what happened in it now.

        Seen it. Shite. Was meant to be a franchise starter but was basically Twilight level drivel.

        Enders game was poo as well.

        I badly want to play Alien Isolation- you haven’t encountered the Alien yet, because it’s random and with a ferocious AI. If you see it, it’ll kill you. Which is how it should be.

        Played a LOT of GTA online. I’m now up to level 60. I’ve got just over a week to get sufficiently tooled up to be allowed to get involved with the heists.

  44. tombando says :

    Bab 5 season 1, nodd watched that a month or so ago. Pretty ok, David Warner looking for the Grail? Works for me.

    Hobbit Dwarf air hockey Dragon Donkey Kong. All 3 needed giant robots. And red army ants.

  45. tombando says :

    Watched my new 5 buck bin Walmart special Terminator 3 and Fore set last nite….Saw Three when it came out and then a bit on TV since. I like it OK though it’s just a long car chase ala 1000 other movies you’ve seen already. Very close to Transformers too, kept expecting the big truck Blondie drove to turn into Peter Cullen again. Claire Danes?! the other guy there-?! Say wha-? And it winds up w/ the nuke out happening anyways despite all the havoc wrecked. I donno. It’s fair-ish.

    # Fore. Bale is miscast and overacts BADLY all throughout. Avatar dude is a block of wood and the Aussie brogue/twang/whatever comes out mid-sentence when you least expect it. Plot was silly and what was with the One(1) big Robot there in the middle?! Some good action but it falls apart. 4 second cameo by Jane Alexander. Mike Ironsides plays Nemo. Bonham Carter plays the Matrix. Oh and for about 5 minutes Ron Howard’s daughter was a star too, I forget that. Can see why this reboot attempt(of 2) hadda be rebooted. Eek.

  46. tombando says :

    Also watched:

    Elvis in Tour, ’72 American Trilogy/Evel Knieval Soot era Elvis. Scorsese worked on this in some capacity. Pretty okay, you get to see Burton/Huston/Tutt in action, the random freaking out groupies, Red West cameos etc. He didn’t Really hit the skids til ’74 or so.

    King Creole: ’58. Elvis, Matthau, Vic Morrow, Morticia Addams. Mike Curtiz. Oh it’s good. He shoulda made more like this. I like the New Orleans setting, this works well. Michael “Frankie Five Angels” Gazzo wrote it.

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      Michael V. Gazzo also wrote A Hatful of Rain.
      Great play and flick about drug addiction.
      I saw last 5 min of the Elvis ’72 on TCM. Had Sammy Davis Jr saying something about Elvis turning it on and being the best thing he ever saw or something. Then of course about an hour later while flipping channels i see a reenactment of a dead, bare butt Elvis in the bathroom after he has died from a heart attack while trying to take a dump but was so constipated by all of the drug use that his bowels turned grey or something.
      A humiliating way to go for the King of rock and roll – not to be confused with The King! Who had a sort of humiliating summer himself with that dumb flick that showed no action at all. King James was humiliated too!
      Maybe Mel was wrong, it’s not good to be the king!

      • tombando says :

        Gazzo was a fave character actor of the day, ever see him in Crazy Joe or Gang that couldn’t shoot straight or Love and Bullets? Good stuff.

  47. ThereWolf says :

    Just watched Kick Ass 2.

    There should be an ‘un-watch’ button on yer remote control.

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      There is.
      You take the remote and attach a piece of metal to it, then you touch the remote to an electrical outlet. Voila!
      Instant electrical shock memory wiper outer!.
      Do not ask how i know this, because i forgot.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      Cleanse your memory by throwing in The Thing and Escape from NY, along with drinking copious amounts of your favorite adult beverage.

    • ThereWolf says :

      It’s gonna take more than a couple of good films & shock therapy to erase that wretched shite from memory…

      • Jarv says :

        Just an appalling film. Awful, with no redeeming features. The dismal “THEY ATE MY COCK AND BALLS” ending was frankly the final piece of poo on the shite sunday.

      • Jarv says :

        There’s no justice that it made 3 times it’s budget and Dredd didn’t even get close to even. Fuckssakes. I hate people.

  48. tombando says :

    Nash Bridges yr 1…8 eps only. Pretty fun. The yellow ’70 Barracuda is the real star.

  49. Judge Droid says :

    More viewing…

    Birdman – Pretty good. Keaton was great.

    American Sniper – Tried to read the book but quit after 100 pages. Couldn’t stand the guy. Watched the movie and it suffers from the same problem (which isn’t a surprise). I don’t like him. And he’s played by Bradley Cooper. But other than that it’s a pretty well made movie.

    Into the Woods – Okay for a while but the songs all sound the same and it outstays its welcome by a long stretch. And I want to punch James Corden in his fat annoying face.

    The Imitation Game – Very good movie.

    These Final Hours – Aussie movie. A serious version of Seeking a Friend… Good. Could have used a couple more scenes where he encounters someone that isn’t completely mental to balance it out a little, but it’s worth a look if you get the chance.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      On American Sniper, why didn’t you like the guy? It would seem to me that the whole movie rests on the viewer’s ability to feel for what the guy went through.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      1. Cocksucker is a sailor so he’s unlikable and a douchebag that couldn’t get into the Army, Air force let alone THE MARINES. All that was left was the navy since bitch ass couldn’t get into the coast guard.

      2. cunt is a useless motherfucker of a SEAL so that means he’s an arrogant unproductive cock stain that doesn’t pack the gear to serve in my beloved CORPS or The Army and the Air Force wouldn’t want him

      3. I would be the most lethal sniper in history if I had the green-light to indiscriminately drop any and all targets no matter what the mission parameters were.

  50. Just Pillow Talk says :

    I haven’t watched much of anything over the last few days besides rewatching the last Arrow before their mid-break, and a few episides of Firefly, which I am liking.

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