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It’s May now. I suppose it is too soon to make a Bin Laden joke?

Disclaimer: This is the part of the Church that is the most no holds barred. None of it is intended with malice, and although it can on occasion seem a little bit fraught, it is banter rather than venom.

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  1. koutchboom says :

    Also again that Green Lantern game is bad ass. I’ve only played the demo, but its pretty much God of War but with Green Lantern shit, the graphics were very nice as well.

  2. koutchboom says :

    Is Tourchwood any good? They made it better for Americans I may check it out.

    • Jarv says :

      No. It’s shit.

      It’s actually depressingly juvenile gay agenda nonsense. It’s almost completely and utterly unwatchable. Don’t touch it.

      • koutchboom says :

        Yeah it doesn’t look fun, and looking at the poster of a giant world shaped to look like a cartoon style bomb makes it that much sillier and stupid. But it does have My Favorite President Bill Pullman in it…in what seems to be another president role? Probably not but I only saw like a five second trailer and he was giving some speech.

      • Jarv says :

        Don’t touch it. RTD is writing it, apparently.

        It’ll be the most depressingly juvenile gay shite ever. I don’t care about homos on screen, what I do care about is that they have the sensibilities of a 13 year old guy. There’s one UK episode where they have to, and I’m not joking, track down a fuckmonster running amok and ingesting orgasmic energy in Cardiff. It’s shagging people (and women come over all Lesbian around it, because everyone’s a little bit gay) before Captain Jack kills it by allowing it to snog him and poisoning it with his massive sexual energy.

        If that sounds remotely good (and I haven’t actually exaggerated it. If anything I’ve cut out some of the hideously unfunny risqué jokes) then watch it. There’s another one where Captain Jack snogs Spike from Buffy the Vampire slayer when they’re fighting. It’s pathetic shit.

      • koutchboom says :

        I’m really not sure how that doesn’t sound completely awesome?

      • Jarv says :

        You would think so, but it isn’t. It’s boring, juvenile and embarrassing. I’ll let Spud do this one, as his hatred of RTD knows almost no bounds.

      • koutchboom says :

        Heheh yeah it looks boring I thought it was some political thing, but then you come in describing SEX MONSTERS and flocking lesbians then ask me not to watch? How dare you!

      • Jarv says :


        It’s not a fuckmonster per se- it’s a spirit Alien that possesses a pretty minging welsh chick. She’s then the fuckmonster but you don’t see any goodies.

        The whole series is one big loaf about sexual tolerance and shit like that. It’s just really, really boring.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Who’s RTD, what’s Torchwood and does Spike play a Vampire?

        Spike and Giles were about the only consistently good characters in BtVS which I finally watched recently.

      • koutchboom says :

        RTD = Robert Towny Dunior?

      • Jarv says :

        RTD= Russel T. Davies.

        Torchwood= Dr. Who Spinoff with the gayness turned up to 11 (and considering how gay he made Dr. Who, Torchwood is pretty fucking queer). Spike played a something or other that used to shag Captain Jack Harkness. A time traveller of some description. They fought a bit,. made out a lot, and it was dull.

      • koutchboom says :

        So is Torchwood a direct spin off of Dr. Who like in the way that The Finder is a spin off of Bones. Or more in the sense that Star Trek The Next Generation is a Spin off Of Star Trek?

      • Jarv says :

        Torchwood is a direct spin off (the name is an anagram of Doctor Who). The idea was introduced in one of the tennant episodes, and it’s fronted by annoyingly gay Captain Jack Harkness played by ludicrously extroverted gay John Barrowman who was introduced by RTD into series one of New Dr. Who.

      • koutchboom says :

        Hrmmm now I can’t tell if its new Torchwood or old? Because it shows President Pullman is already part of the British cast.

      • koutchboom says :

        Its gotta be something new because its got This is No Mekhi Phifer in it as well and show airing 9-11-11? I think IMDB just has there shit all fucked.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        hasn’t Dr. Who always been pretty fruity?

      • Jarv says :


        Theatrical and camp, but it was basically about an immortal dude that always outwitted insurmountable armed angry aliens. It was great when I was a kid. Unfortunately RTD bought it back- and he did Queer as Folk. The first series was alright, and it wasn’t too soap-boxy, the second series was where he started to fall in love with Tennant. The Third and Fourth series were staggeringly boring and preachy crap with the odd epic episode in there (usually written by Stephen Moffat). Then came Catherine “bloody” Tate’s series which was shit and annoying (because of how badly she overacts usually) and that thing on her face is hideous. I stopped watching with the new bloke, because it’s dull now.

        Just bloody everything had to make a preachy point about gayness- even when it had to be utterly shoe-horned in. Otherwise good episodes were ruined by this tendency.

      • Xiphos0311 says :


        Theatrical and camp

        So yes then?

      • Jarv says :

        Doesn’t necessarily equal gay. Not all of them were camp either.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Cheers, Jarv **cracks knuckles**

        So. RTD. Where to begin? He got lauded for bringing back DR WHO in 2005, by apparently informing the Beeb of something Whovians have been saying for decades, “Dr Who will only compete with every other SF show out there if we give it some serious cash and production values / SFX. It needs to be able to stand next to STAR TREK, BUFFY and so on.” By stating the bleeding obvious, he got the job, and did a great job initially (ROSE is a fantastic opening episode to ANY series, let alone one that last aired 16 years previous). Chris Eccleston was great on the whole (barring some shockingly bad acting in episodes like DALEK), Billie Piper was a revelation as a pretty great actress, and the stories were respectful, the SFX sufficiently WOW for a Beeb production (put up against stuff like FIREFLY or BATTLESTAR GALACTICA it’s not, but hey, we can’t afford Zoivc to do the SFX). Everything was rosy.

        Then came the Tennant.

        David Tennant leapt into the role with vim and vigour, made a staid, dour old professor type character into a dashing intergalactic smart-arse who wanted fun, fun, FUN and a bit of Bille’s Rose Tyler. It was a bold change to the character, but it worked, and then went disastrously wrong in series 3 and 4, when it became very obvious RTD was writing Who as the fan-slash fiction he’d always seen it to be.

        A word of explanation. With QUEER AS FOLK, RTD practically dragged gay drama into the mainstream, and did it very well – there’d be no BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN or Willow and Tara in BUFFY shown in the UK were it not for what RTD has done. Problem is, QAF was well written, and acutely well observed – it benefited from being written about a scene that the writer was a part of. In WHO, RTD seemingly just randomly threw in characters that would literally have one line that usually was a variation on “Hello, I’m gay, get on with it,” and the show would continue. An entertaining Saturday night SF show became a tiresome political polemic with RTD battering you over the head with what came to be called the “gay agenda”, which is basically the act of writing a character into WHO by stating their homosexuality and nothing else about them. Fandom went mad – not because there were gay characters in WHO (hell, Captain Jack could be a great character when not written by RTD) but becuase said characters didn’t behave like real people, instead just blurting out RTD’s political stance and then disappearing. Getting pissed off with seeing a British SF icon since 1963 turned into the mouthpiece for some loudmouthed Leftie bully, many of we Who fans took to Gingertown’s Who TBs with the appropriate aggressiveness, and the Who Wars were born.

        This is where Spud met Jarv, and a prickly friendship was formed.

        Eventually, RTD’s propensity for solving every finale in WHO with either a magic wand, overt worship of The Doctor as if he were the Messiah (which he’s not, he’s just a naughty little boy) or the patent RTD Big Magic Reset Button actually became more annoying than the gay agenda, and Whovians turned against him en masse when they realised that everything Steven Moffat and Paul Cornell wrote was better than what RTD wrote. People like myself, who had no problem with RTD being gay or with the idea of well-written, three-dimensional gay characters being written into WHO, but who DID have a problem with characters being 2-D cyphers just appearing for the purpose of ticking the “gay” box on the Beeb/RTD’s list Of Required PC Characters, got slandered as being bigots and homophobes, and yours truly gained TB nemeses by the metric fuckload.

        This is what REALLY pisses me off: RTD isn’t entirely shit at writing. His ideas are grandiose, his grasp of drama is exemplary, and he writes characters like nobody else in British SF. His handling of the companion and their families (well, mainly Rose’s) was the biggest strength of new Who, and his crowning achievement in its resurrection – making us CARE for rose and her family as much as we do the Doctor. This has, of course, all gone to shit under Moffat, who seems to think Dr Who is actually a Grimm’s Fairy Tale and writes it accordingly, with a Companion so 2-dimensional I sometimes think fondly of RTD’s Capt Jack episodes having Shakespearean depths in comparison with the maddeningly inane Amy “Blow Up Pout Doll” Pond. Matt Smith is possibly the best Doctor we’ve ever had, and he’s being served by some horrendous writing. Gaiman’s THE DOCTOR’S WIFE has been a highpoint, as was Moffat’s opening episode THE ELEVENTH HOUR, but it’s been downhill from there.

        It’s also worth remembering that when RTD is great, it’s because he’s ripping someone else off. TORCHWOOD: CHILDREN OF EARTH, the only series of TORCHWOOD worth a damn (I’ll give special mention to the episode ADRIFT in season 2, because it was fucking awesome when it focussed on the kid who disappeared and was found after going insane in the Rift), was entirely ripped off from Nigel Kneale’s THE QUATERMASS CONCLUSION, right to the use of a grandchild to facilitate the conclusion. Which is why it was great – because it was written by Nigel Kneale, back in 1978.

        Why is TORCHWOOD so bad?? Imagine an episode of THE X-FILES where Mulder and Scully were in a situation where if they didn’t act within the next few hours, the world would perish. Everything hinged on them. All the bad guys are after them. And when push comes to shove, with minutes left to act, Scully walks in the door to find Mulder shagging the arse off Skinner.

        It’s not the shagging that’s weird. It’s WHERE, WHEN and WHY it’s going on that makes TORCHWOOD seem like wank-fodder fan-fic written by a horny gay 14-year old boy. Torchwood is meant to be the most secret organisation in the UK. It routinely saves the world. It’s so dangerous, only the very best get to join up (oh, and an admin guy Jack fancies called Ianto, and a policewoman, and… oh, forget it). And in the midst of something horrific happening, with hours to spare to save the world, the best of the bestm our last defence against the darkness, are too balls deep in each other to bother actually doing something about the threat.

        It’s this level of sniggering schoolboy wish-fulfilment and lack of consideration about what they’re actually MEANT to be writing that makes TORCHWOOD so thuddingly shit. It’s crass, badly conceived, so poorly plotted it’s barely coherent, Godawful dialogue, pathetic characters (seriously, I have shelving more emotionally expressive than Gareth Lloyd-Evans’ Ianto, a man so boring you forget he’s there when you’re looking directly at him) and characters so badly written they make RTD’s WHO look like Citizen Kane.

        So. RTD is, on his day, an exceptional SF writer. When he gets his soapbox out, he’s the most ploddingly dull writer in Britain. Unfortunately, the latter made up 70% of his tenure on WHO, and 99.99% of his time on TORCHWOOD. Your life isfar too short to waste precious hours on this shite, unless you have a serious yearning for gay wank-fodder unworthy of a horny gay 14-year old boy. And no, the lesbian scenes (such as they are) do NOT make up for it. TORCHWOOD is the nadir of SF TV. FUCK RTD.

      • Jarv says :

        I agree with some of that, and disagree with other bits of it. What was truly awful for me (and don’t get me started on the season finales or Martha’s entire season because 24 episodes of whatshernae mooning after Tennant was truly, truly wretched) was that the whole “pointless PC interlude” thing became catching. There’s one episode in particular, that I fucking despised and the midlands potato quite liked: The Agatha Christie episode.

        For reasons not worth getting into (Tate singlehandedly sank it, she was so awful that even were it any good her turn as a “flapper” would have had me scrambling for the off switch) the Doctor and melanoma-face get caught in an unfolding Agatha Christie mystery. This, actually, isn’t a bad idea. However, for reasons best known to the writers they had to make one of the characters gay to provide his motive. Spud said at the time that it was fitting, and with all due respect, he was wrong.

        The attempt to recreate the atmosphere of Agatha Christie myseries was well conceived. As such a shot of a character holding hands with a man stuck out like a sore thumb. It was so transparent and obvious that it instantly sank the episode. Given the material, it would have been equally fitting for him to be shagging a chambermaid- and that would have fit far better with Christie.

        Awful. Not to mention that for no good reason at all he snogged Tate. Which I consider to be hugely unlikely.

        In fact, fuck it, I am going to talk about RTD’s dreadful season finales. The Worst by a long chalk was the one with the Master in it. This was particularly painful because it came at the end of the hideous martha season. Furthermore, the set up to the actual finale was quite good- and John Sims was good as the Master.

        Then the finale opened with a hideous song and dance number, Dr. Who had morphed into Dobby the House elf for some reason, Martha wondered around being the equivalent of mogodon on screen, and the whole thing was saved by the human race talking to each other, which apparently allowed the Doctor to power up and turn into Jesus before “forgiving” the villain. As deux ex machina go, this was a fucking howler, and it ranks as one of the worst episodes of any series that I’ve ever seen.

        Of the RTD finales- the first one with the Daleks wasn’t too bad. The second one, however, again featured the Daleks. And Again had a magic reset button. Series Three came along, and well, fuck me sideways if it wasn’t that hideous one I’ve just described, then there was the excrutiatingly bad Davros episode. Of the one’s that I’ve just listed almost all of them feature a ludicrous magic reset button of some description- whether it’s Donna being infected by the Doctor’s magic energy, or Rose ingesting the Tardis’ energy (don’t ask), they were all just agonisingly bad.


        Nevertheless, Blink and the Family episodes were well done. However, I don’t feel any need whatsoever to watch Dr. Who with a love interest. No fucking thanks.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Don’t tell that to the gays they have cornered the market on theatricality and camp and are proud of it.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Spud isn’t it a bit of a stretch to say GaF is responsible for the Willow/Tara storyline since according to IMDB they were airing about the same time? Don’t most TV shows plot the next season while the current one is airing?

      • Spud McSpud says :

        I’ve nothing against a bit of campery, gay or not. (The CARRY ON movies are awesome in that regard.) But to take an institution, the longest running SF show in history, and try to turn it into a mouthpiece for the Lefties and for RTD to just harangue everybody, rather than tell the story they’ve been hired to tell… I couldn’t give a fuck if RTD invents a new SF show where the lead character – or ALL the lead characters – are gay, bi, whatever. It’s SF. I’ll give it a go. Didn’t hurt SPARTACUS – BLOOD AND SAND to have a few cocks flapping about here and there. But be HONEST about it. Don’t turn an existing show into seomething it isn’t and was never intended to be – do something NEW. THAT’S what really pissed me off about RTD’s WHO – it became his wank fantasy, when it was meant to be following in a great 42-year tradition of a history-based SF series for kids.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Xi – re the Willow / Tara thing, yes they were airing around the same time but QUEER AS FOLK got a huge amount of attention here in the UK, and paved the way for gay drama to be much more mainstream than it used to be. BUFFY kind of had an easier ride of it because of what QUEER AS FOLK achieved – though this is entirely subjective on my part, and therefore open to discussion…

      • Spud McSpud says :

        You know what’s REALLY depressing? TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY actually has a great premise – the idea that, one day, NOBODY dies all around the Earth, then it happens the next day, and the next… Brilliant. There’s inbuilt tension already (how long can Earth support all the extra population? Around four months, apparently) and the idea is solid. Just wait until it gets fucked up by RTD having Captain Jack save the day by fucking the alien force responsible for this to death…

  3. Continentalop says :

    Just watched the GL trailer. Looks like they just combined a bunch of stuff, like changing Hector Hammond from a guy who evolves to a guy who gets mutated from the power/essence of Parallax. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

    • koutchboom says :

      Yeah thats what I gathered. It looks like it could be really good. Though as much as I like Ryan Reynolds I’m still not 100% sold on him. I think he could be fine IDK. I’m a huge Martain Campbell fan so I’m hoping for the best. He’s an odd ass director.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Martin Campbell, on his day, is fucking awesome. I’m a bit “meh” about his CASINO ROYALE, but GOLDENEYE is my favourite Bond movie EVER. And the first ZORRO was good too. He also did the under-rated NO ESCAPE, the much-derided and much-beloved Moonwolvian classic VERTICAL LIMIT (FTW!!), and early in his career made some classic British TV – REILLY ACE OF SPIES, THE PROFESSIONALS (never was a TV series more aptly named), and the original EDGE OF DARKNESS as well as its slightly less weird Hollywood remake.

        Yep, GOLDENEYE is ten tons of fun. Xenia Onatopp. How fucking great was SHE??

      • Droid says :

        I reckon Martin Campbell and Roger Donaldson are one and the same person.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Ha!! You’re not wrong. Though Donaldson’s best were undoubtedly vapid grog-porn-fest COCKTAIL and the unashamedly for-the-Saturday-night-perverts SPECIES…

      • Droid says :

        Cocktail? Christ almighty. Species is awesome. But he made White Sands, No Way Out, and Thirteen Days. All of which are terrific films.

        That said, he also made Dante’s Peak and The Getaway, both of which are awful.

      • koutchboom says :

        Yeah I’d rank Campbell over Donaldson, because I like pretty much all of Martin’s stuff.

        But Donaldson has The Bounty and The Worlds Fastest Indian, but amazing Hopkins films. The Bounty blew me away with how good it was. I’ve kept meaning to watch the Brando version to compare. Campbell is one of my favorite directors, he’s got an odd career. He also started off in soft core movies.

  4. Xiphos0311 says :

    Over the last few days during the rain attacks going on I watched Black Adder goes Fourth. I never realized before that Mr. Bean actually has some talent. House was solid as was everybody else but over all it was just okay but the ending was quite well done, it’s what lifted the story from the usual drudgery of English TV productions.

    • Jarv says :

      Glad you sort of enjoyed it/ didn’t hate it. There’s an episode where Blackadder is arguing with Melchett about the plan “which will involve us walking up into the gunfire just like we’ve done the last 17 times” and Melchett responding with “yes, it will take them by surprise”. Blackadder’s reply is “because they can’t believe anyone could be so stupid as to repeat something that had failed 17 times again?”

      It’s just some superb writing in that series. That last episode is fucking brilliant- when Darling realises he’s being sent to the front is heartbreaking, and Melchett thinks he’s doing him a favour. Despite Darling being a turd all series, I really did feel for him, and the bit going over the top is magnificent.

      It is showing its age a wee bit now- don’t forget when it was from.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        They did a good job indicting the stupidity of The French and English(and to a lesser extent the Germans) Generals. Adder was quite clever and honest in his desire to not die and I respect that.

        Rowan Atkinson was a surprise quite a good one, all I knew him from was Mr. Bean I hated that shit.

      • Jarv says :

        Blackadder is easily the best thing he’s ever done. If fucking despise Mr. Bean.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I’m writing something right now about WW1 and it going to blister the stupidity of the European Generals and their sycophantic staffs.

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        Xi, check out all the Blackadders. I think its agreed that the peak was Season 2, set in Elizabethan times. Miranda Richardson has never been better Good Queen Bess. And it will be a take like no other you’ve seen too.

        Season 1 Is Ok, but they are still finding there feet. Brian Blessed is shouty awesome (as usual) in it.

        Season 3 is pretty excellent, with House now front and centre as the pompous and incredibly dumb Prince Regent. The Dictionary and Scarlett Pimpernel episodes are standout.

        And 4 was getting a bit tired, apart from the incredible final episode.

        But go check Season 2. Atkinson and the show were never better here!

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Seconded, Col. Series 2 of BLACKADDER is easily my favourite. “Off with his head!” Miranda Richardson is so petulant in it, she’s fantastic.

      • Droid says :

        Baldrick describing tonights menu in S4 is fucking hilarious.

        PB: “What’s on the menu?”
        Baldrick: “Rat: sautee or fricasee.”
        Blackadder: “Oh, the agony of choice. Sauteed involves…?”
        Baldrick: “Well, first you take a freshly shaven rat and marinate it in a puddle for a while.”
        Blackadder: “Mmm, for how long?”
        Baldrick: “Til it’s drowned.”

        Stupid? Sure. But it makes me laugh.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I’ve seen season 3 of Blackadder like I don’t know 15 years or so ago I guess.

    • TomBodet says :

      WWI generals and their general stupidity…

      Whoever the British General was who devised that whole battle of the Somme monstrosity in 1916. Dig up his bones and piss on them.

      Russian geniuses (Samsonov etc) at Tannenberg. Way to get a few 100,000 guys killed w/ your own idiocies. Kill yourselves first.

      French guy who’s wonderful generalship lead to the big 1917 revolt. Neville? Evillle. Puke.

      And a cheroot for Sir Winston and his lovely Gallipoli scheming. You sirrah sucked.

      Double beatings for Enver Pasha up in the Caucasus vs. the Russki’s. He got oodles of his own people killed there too in the frozen heights. He makes the South’s deadly duo of John Bell Hood and Braxton Bragg look like Alexander the Great and Belisarius by comparison.

      Xiphos will have many many sources for a write up here I think. No end to it.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        It’s a very specific fight I am covering Tom and it’s about how a Regiment of US Marines with their rifles and bayonets won WW1 at Belleau Wood.

  5. Continentalop says :

    I’ve seen a couple of the new Dr. Who episodes. While I found them ok, and even found Tennant and the new guy (Smith?) entertaining, I just had trouble seeing them as these ancient, wise Time Lords. They don’t project any confidence like my fav, Tom Baker. You’d think after 900 years you’d be pretty sure of yourself.

    • koutchboom says :

      I’m only interested in the GI Joe guy’s take on Dr. Who, but he wasn’t Dr. Who for that long.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        You mean Chris Eccleston. He’s fucking hilarious in GONE IN 60 SECONDS. “Wood’s warm. Clean. Provided by nature. Making a piece of furniture, it’s like watching a child grow.” How the fuck did he keep a straight face??

        But yeah, he was great portraying a more wounded, prickly Doctor, a man who survived the Time War having destroyed (so he thinks) his own entire race and his darkest enemy’s entire race in a bid to end the War. Shame we won’t get to see Paul McGann playing the Doctor who DID fight in the Time War, and how he gets mortally wounded enough to become the 9th Doctor…

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        There’s a TV film called The Second Coming, written by Russell T Davis. Its about the second coming of Christ, if Christ grew up in Manchester in 2000 and was Christopher Eccleston.

        And it really is Christ too, miracles, apostles, devils and the whole shibang! Its quite blistering stuff, with Davis having a go at religon, yet I think God comes off quite well in the end. I was surprised like I was when Oliver Stone didnt crucify either Nixon or George Dubya like I thought he was going to.

        The speech he delivers to the massed crowds, his equivilant of the Sermon on the Mount, is an amazing peice of writing, and acting. Likewise his two miracles, and really clever and well thought out, yet throughly in keeping with the stories from the New Testament.

        It really is an amazing and interesting piece of work. I love how the demons and the possessed are shown. Chubby actor Mark Benton has never been better than in this.

        Most people seem to have missed it, but I think its fan-fucking-tastic, and I own it on DVD

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        There’s a TV film called The Second Coming, written by Russell T Davis. Its about the second coming of Christ, if Christ grew up in Manchester in 2000 and was Christopher Eccleston.

        And it really is Christ too, miracles, apostles, devils and the whole shibang! Its quite blistering stuff, with Davis having a go at religon, yet I think God comes off quite well in the end. I was surprised like I was when Oliver Stone didnt crucify either Nixon or George Dubya like I thought he was going to.

        The speech he delivers to the massed crowds, his equivilant of the Sermon on the Mount, is an amazing peice of writing, and acting. Likewise his two miracles, and really clever and well thought out, yet throughly in keeping with the stories from the New Testament.

        It really is an amazing and interesting piece of work. I love how the demons and the possessed are shown. Chubby actor Mark Benton has never been better than in this.

        Most people seem to have missed it, but I think its fan-fucking-tastic, and I own it on DVD

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Good call Col, this is the best example of RTD doing what he does best when writing SF TV – and it’s one of Chris Eccleston’s best performances.

        It does, however, have a couple of the RTD soapbox moments in – the bit where a skinhead walks into the pub, straight up to Eccleston, then rips open his coat to reveal a t-shirt that says GAY on it and shouts “Wotcha think of that, then, eh?” and Eccleston says “Fine by me, mate”. Sticks out like a sore thumbs, especially since Eccleston’s best mate in the drama is a Muslim, and that side of things isn’t touched on in any way. Cop-out, lack of understanding & research, or just not high up enough on RTD’s agenda to merit being discussed?

        And the ending, which dramatically and thematically is incredibly powerful, extremely moving and a dramatic punch straight to the gut – but theologically, could not be more stupid if it tried. I applaud what he tried to do, but that ending just made no sense to me. I see what he was going for, but… just stupid.

        THE SECOND COMING is the best example of RTD at his SF-writing best out there. If you’ve not seen it, give it a go. And Mark Benton is fucking terrifying in it – a masterpiece of underplayed, understated menace…

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        Great to see you’ve seen it and appriciate it too, Spud!

        It’s actually classic RTD, really. Which includes an unsubtle gay rights soapbox thing somewhere. But I believe this was quite a personal one for him. He had a religeous upbringing, and I can only guess that his homosexuality probably caused him some grief at some point growing up in a working class, devout family. That scene is him shouting back over the years.

        I really like the ending. I guess by the end I had bought his concept completely. Its a really shocking denouemont, which I didnt see coming (but I never do!).

        I’m glad you got Mark Bentons performance too. That showdown with him and Lesley Sharpe is just top class TV. “Oh look who it is? Its the loneliest one of all!”

        I’d forgotten how much I liked this. Time for a rewatch! lol

      • Spud McSpud says :



        Oh yeah, dramatically it’s a powerhouse of an ending, total punch to the guts. Had me feeling bad for days. It helps that Lesley Sharp has rarely been better, and it shows in how you totally believe that all through him becoming the Messiah, her character is still in love with who he WAS (Steve, I think?).

        Stop to think about it for more than five minutes, though, and it makes no sense. How would he even begin to do what she asks? Makes no sense. It’s like asking a lightbulb to switch itself off. How does the Creator and sustainer of the universe kill Himself?? Dodgy theology aside, though, it’s the perfect ending. Though I’d have gone further, and made it REALLY bleak – have some churches start up believing that the now-dead God is actually going to resurrect soon, and they’re ready for him. It’d ram home the reailty that I think RTD avoided – that if that ending DID happen, and we ALL felt it, there’s still some sheeple out there who would carry on believing in something that is absolutely, definitely proven to no longer be there. THAT, my friend, is a bleak ending, and in his desire to see humanism triumph over religion, RTD ran away from it. For all his lack of belief in God, he has far too much belief in humanity…

    • Spud McSpud says :

      I know what you mean. I had hope for the Time Lord concept when they got into the last two eps of Tennant’s reign, and we get to see proper Time Lords with proper gravitas (Timothy Dalton, no less!). And then it just ends with a whimper.

      Yeah, what new WHO really needs is gravitas…

  6. Droid says :

    Is anyone else weirded out by this trailer? Kinda creepy if you ask me.

    • Spud McSpud says :

      Well, the first movie fucking destroyed me. I’m sat there, tears streaming down my face, as the lead penguin stares at the wall in the zoo, imagining he’s out on the ice with his family, free…

      HAPPY FEET is the Australian rejoinder to WATERSHIP DOWN. And George Miller can no longer be trusted with my inner child. I’ve been hurt too much by BABE and HAPPY FEET…

    • Continentalop says :

      It’s like Glee with penguins.

      I hate Glee.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        I wish it had been GLEE with pwenguins. In the end, it took me two goes to get through it. That bit where the lead penguin’s imprisoned in the zoo is fucking heart-breaking. Why is George Miller’s stuff for kids so disturbing? First the BABE movies, now this?? Heartless swine…

      • Continentalop says :

        I love BABE. BABE 2 I thought blew.

        And most children’s stuff is pretty disturbing if you think about it. Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Bambi, Dumbo, and I won’t even get into the Alice in Wonderland shit.

    • koutchboom says :

      Looks better than both Alvin films. Also Mr Poppers Penguins is showing less and less promise.

      Whats with these movies having cool animals, but then having owners that just fucking hate them? Thats how Smurfs looks, thats how both Alvins were, I don’t remember Garfields. Its an odd message. I mean usually there is some kid in these movies in love with these pet animals, in this recent string of amazing animals/talking animals movies its just some 20-30 (40 for Jim Carry) something dude who just fucking HATES these awesome animals his somehow gotten.

      There is a lack of bonding with the animal in them so the whole time you want the guy to just give up the animal to a loving home instead. I hope Mr. Poppers Penguins is different but its tough to tell from those weak TV spots. Its from the brother of the writer of Heathers who also directed Spiderwick/Ghost of Girlfriends Past/Some movie about angles with Witherspoon and Napolean Dyamite….and Mean Girls. SOOO when give good material he’s a solid director. When given shitty material he’s still a solid director just the story blows (Ghost of Girlfriends Past). He’s sort of all over the map.

      Is Mad Max directing Happy Feet 2 as well?

      • koutchboom says :

        Yeah Mad Max is doing Happy Feet 2….hey at least its not that fucking Arthur and the Invisibles shit series.

  7. Droid says :

    The Hangover Muppets!!!

    • koutchboom says :

      Man how did Tim Hill go from the under rated Muppets in Space and working on Rocko’s Modern Life to….fucking Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties/Alvin and the Chipmunks 1/Hop?

      James Bobin is directing this and he’s done only TV (Ali G/Flight of the Concords) stuff sooooo a little odd, wonder why they couldn’t fucking get Frank Oz to do it? Surely he can’t be busy? Maybe he hates seeing the Disney logo over the muppets and makes him vomit?

      • Jarv says :

        Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

        Never, ever watch this. It’s a stone-cold Orangutan of Doom, a 4murph monstrosity, an Angry Ape and A Boll all at the same time.

  8. Jarv says :

    Just watched Colin. A few observations:

    That was never made for £45.

    My fucking Christ it’s boring. With the odd great scene.

    • Spud McSpud says :

      Love the bit where he falls backward out of a window, though. The look on his face when he gets up is priceless…

  9. L Bronco says :

    For Xi-

    Ahh, I just got to page 200 in Pressfields “Tides Of War” and now it’s really picking up-Pressfields like that–he does slow starts-I just wan’t aware of how long the build up on this one would be…I don’t think it’s to spoilerly to say that Alcibiades makes Darth Vader look like a little schoolgirl.

    What’s really neat is that I’ve been to the islands that War takes place in and around–that part of the world is just insane with history, so now I’m digging it in a big way.

  10. Continentalop says :

    OK. This is s fucked up story:


    As the SWAT team forced its way into his home, [Jose] Guerena, a former Marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq, armed himself with his AR-15 rifle and told his wife and son to hide in a closet. As the officers entered, Guerena confronted them from the far end of a long, dark hallway. The police opened fire, releasing more than 70 rounds in about 7 seconds, at least 60 of which struck Guerena. He was pronounced dead a little over an hour later.

    The Pima County Sheriff’s Department initially claimed (PDF) Guerena fired his weapon at the SWAT team. They now acknowledge that not only did he not fire, the safety on his gun was still activated when he was killed. Guerena had no prior criminal record, and the police found nothing illegal in his home.

    Of course, if anyone is wondering why he was armed with AR-15, two of his wife’s relatives were murdered and their children shot within the last year.

    • L Bronco says :

      Yup, every Marine will never separate from fire arms-particularly after a combat tour.

      Ar-15s are semi-autos legally purchasable in the States-depending on which state.

      He went down swinging, and those fucking dipshit pigs aren’t even nearly the rank of real marines.

      Fuck them, and i am always sorry to hear the loss of USMC.

      The fucking dipshit pigs are good at attacking families w/ a solo Marine as protection.


      The family is alive.

      Semper Fidelus.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Bronco when you breach a door at night then you can preach, until then clam the fuck down.

      • L Bronco says :

        Sorry Xi. I am a dipshit.

        ’nuff said.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Actually conti that whole fucking Huffpost story was fucking horseshit on every level. i just saw a video of the “assault” there were sirens and knock and announce.

        What pray tell should AZ cops do? let me tell you a little bit about Pima county it’s prime movement for human smuggeling, Drugs(unlike the horseshit of Breaking Bad ALL Meth in the SW comes from Mexico there aren’t any large scale cookers anywhere from San Diego to south TX and the boarder cities) There are heavily armed bands of coyotes fighting each other, Boarder Patrol and local LE. The area were this happened is roughly 75% illegal aliens they have phone trees and text message alerts on the look out for La Migra so I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t some forwarning on hand. So I ask you what should they do act like Andy Griffith and just walk up to house especially since they knew the person they were facing has some good training?

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      I have found that AR/M-16 work much better with the safety off. It’s a design flaw.

      • L Bronco says :

        Also go fuck yourself you dumbshit-sorry I actually gave a damn.

      • Continentalop says :

        For me Xi is the question of why were they busting into his place? I can understand them being “trigger happy” because, like you said, breaching a door at night is I imagine incredibly dangerous and stressful. But this isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan, this is Arizona, in the USA, and this was a fellow American citizen.

        I don’t mind cops. I think they do a hell of a job most of the time, but I do think we’ve had a dangerous trend of militarizing them and looking at them to use military tactics to enforce the law. Sorry, but not everyone is an enemy combatant. That is just a quick fix solution and an easy way to score political points. And when politicians and police commanders decide to get “tough” on crime and push the use of military style tactics, this is invariably the outcome.

        (Not saying you’re taking anyone’s side or that you agree or disagree with me, just pointing out my view of the issue.)

  11. Continentalop says :

    As for the safety on, well, I can’t really speak with expertise, but I could imagine that it is because he has kids. Kids change everyone’s mentality. He could either be worried about firing with his kids nearby, or that maybe it is kids breaking in to his place.

    Kids make you slow. That’s one of the reason’s I am still a bachelor damn it.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      If he thought bad guys were coming in, which the video clearly shows wasn’t he case, why would the safety be on? the weapon tends to not work with the safety engaged since you know that’s the safeties job.

      • Continentalop says :

        Hey do you have a link to the video. Curious to see it.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        It hasn’t posted yet on Arizona NBC channel 12 website. I was watching the show off of my slingbox via computer.

      • Barfy says :

        Conti, here’s the news clip that shows the video from the cops cam.


      • Continentalop says :

        Thanks Barfy, but that video doesn’t really tell me anything one way or the other (and I’m hardly qualified to judge it).

      • Barfy says :

        Conti, the cop’s video shows them with sirens blaring and the cops knocking at the door. It’s fast but it’s there.

      • Continentalop says :

        No, I see that Barfy, But I don’t see what the context of the situation is. And both sides have gapping holes in their story which makes it even more confusing:

        1) The wife says she told her husband that there is someone there at the door with a gun, but the cops show up with sirens blaring which makes it more likely that he knew they were cops (of course, maybe he only suspected they were cops which is why he had the safety on, but I am just speculating).

        2) On the other side, the cops say he said “I have something for you” and then pointed the weapon at them. But they also originally claimed he fired first, which was false, making the second statement also possibly wrong (and maybe they aren’t lying but just misheard and mis-saw things).

        So all-in-all, I still have no fucking clue what went on in there.

      • Jarv says :

        Blah. I’m inherently sceptical of anything that appears in an Internet news source first. The internet isn’t the most reliable vehicle out there- and notoriously slanted outlets such as Huffpo, Guido (here), or countless others are about as reliable as a 1970’s Lada.

        HOWEVER, I’m also inherently sceptical of paramilitary type cop units in general. In the UK, we had that fuck-up with the Brazilian guy executed for being brown and there’s the ongoing whitewash over that poor bastard at the G20 protest (who wasn’t even a protester- the cop needs the book throwing at him for that one).

        Basically, we don’t know enough to make a judgement and both sides stories have serious holes in them. So I’m on the fence totally on this one.

  12. Xiphos0311 says :

    Bronco get back on your meds.

  13. Continentalop says :

    Xi, first off I’m going off of what the story says. If you say it is BS, I’ll have to take your word for it because you’re from that area and would know more than me. But from that story, there is a lot of questions about the legitimacy of the raid and if they really had any evidence to bust in there.

    And I am not a fan of how America fights the drug wars, especially with using police SWAT teams and raids. I think these raids are counter productive, and many times done for dubious reasons. Yes, that is prime drug smuggling territory, and I agree with that. But these raids are done not because they are the most effective measure but because they give politicians and the police the appearance they are doing something productive while “costing” little. It’s posturing.

    And I would never say use an Andy Griffith method. I would suggest following the tactics and strategy that former Boston, NY and LA Police Chief William Bratton used. And, yes, Bratton did still use SWAT and CRASH units, but his main strategy was using the broken window theory and using intelligence/statistics to better enforce the law.

    I compare it to the Wire vs. the Shield: The Wire did detective/intelligence work, while on the Shield they just busted heads without really trying to solve anything (and yes, I am using two fictitious shows as examples, so I understand how dumb that really is).

  14. Xiphos0311 says :

    First off it’s on Huffpost its 90% BS to begin with which puts them in line with every other “media” out let.

    Let me explain some more about this and explain how Pima County actually operates. This wasn’t a drug case it was about a home invasion ring operation in the area and one of the people they took down was a family relation to the guy the took off the count. Not saying he’s guilty but it does make you wonder.

    now go back and carefully reread that Huffpo cover piece. It was actually giving cover to Dupnik the Sheriff since Pima county is hugely hugely Liberal and owned lock stock and smoking barrel by the Democrat machine and Dupnik is a useful idiot. He insures that no Mexican is even questioned about their status let alone enforce and state or fed regs. He turned a blind eye last november to some pretty rotten polling place shenanigans that allowed Raul Grajavla and Gabby Giffords to steal their reelctions. If an incident like this occurred in Maricopa, Pinal, Apache, Yuma or Yavapi counties they would be screaming MURDER at the top of their lungs. Since its Pima County they are just “questioning” the evolving story. I do have to note they sure as shit didn’t question Barry and his evolving story of the Bin Laden assassination. In short ALL the media are lying posturing political scumbags and I hate them all.

    So you want cooked stats, run and rips and BS posturing verging on being like the self flagellation session in China in the 70? That’s what get with things like comstat. I’m not saying the other way is any better they both have huge problems inherent in them and the right now Arizona is bearing the brunt of all the problems and what do we get from Barry and the Feds whose constitutional responsibility is safeguarding it boarder and citizens? Sued that’s what. fucking worthless politicians.

  15. Continentalop says :

    I didn’t know Jeff Conaway was brain dead (no jokes please). Guess they are taking him off life support.

    • Spud McSpud says :

      Kinda sad to hear he died recently. His character on GREASE was the most realistic and certainly the one you felt for the most. Condolences to his family.

  16. Xiphos0311 says :

    Lastly and the last I am going to say about this, I’ve gone through a lot of doors in my life and made many split second shoot don’t shoot choices. Mostly they have been right but I have been called out on a few of them. It’s very easy after the fact in a office, in daylight after a good meal, with coffee at hand to question a choice made under pressure, at night, in the rain or snow or mooless night while facing a trained opponent. Until I see more info, NOT from some shit pile like Huffpo, before I will overly question the men that went through the door and dropped the hammer. I will however question the unprofessional manner in which by the suits of the PCSO gave out info. They should have kept their pie holes shut until they had a better picture of events.

    I’m also NOT saying the officers are absolved of any blame. If more info comes out from reputable sources(not Huffpo) or I can shake some info from friends I trust down in Tucson working for LE, if they did wrong I would be the first person to jump down on these guys.

    • Continentalop says :

      Xi, I think you are missing my point or perhaps more likely I am explaining it that well.

      I cannot and will not judge the guys who actually busted in the doors. I am in no position to judge them (or at least yet) and leave it to people who are much more knowledgible to discern if they followed protocol and were competent or not. They might be assholes or they might be good cops – how they hell would I know.

      I will, however, criticize the politicians and police chiefs who so brazenly use such tactics and send guys out into situations like that where invariably innocent people will die. Maybe this incident is a legitimate tragedy or maybe the guy was guilty and the cops were completely justified, but the use of SWAT and other paramilitary like cops has grown in these country, and I think for the worst. I have read too many stories about cops shooting innocent people, or dogs (if anyone remembers that story), and even if the people do turn out guilty it is usually over just a small amount of weed. It is overkill in my opinion, and I blame politics where people are looking for cheap theatrics to score points and look tough. It’s easier to say you’re fighting crime when you send a bunch of men to bash in a door than having a bunch of guys investigate and do actual police and leg work over several months to build up a case.

      • Continentalop says :

        I’ll also add the number of cops killed in the last couple years has grown as well, so I understand that isn’t like the job is that easy and they don’t have a reason to be a little nervous.

  17. Continentalop says :

    Ok, this AZ story is pointless to continue going over because not all the facts have come in yet.

    So, this is how I have been feeling of late:

  18. Continentalop says :

    And here is another song that has been on my mind of late:

  19. Continentalop says :

    One more before I go to bed:

  20. Jarv says :

    Because I’m bored, I went back to gingertown.

    I learned the following things:

    1) Lucash has written FIFTY hours of star wars TV
    2) AsidorkLives has never seen a naked woman
    3) Star Trek is lame
    4) Even lamer than I thought.
    5) I don’t give a fuck about over 80% of films being made/ talked about.
    6) I don’t like geeks any more in general.
    7) People on that site aren’t as funny as they think they are
    8 ) That site blows.
    9) Starship Troopers is still awesome.
    10) It’s not even that good at helping me skive work.

    • Droid says :

      1) Lucas is a cunt who’s run SW into the ground.
      2) But he’s heard about them and the thought terrifies him
      3) Don’t really care about ST
      4) At all
      5) Tintin and The Muppets. Everything else I can take or leave.
      6) I never liked geeks in general
      7) They’re not funny. Period.
      8 ) That it does.
      9) “Never pass up a good thing.” Wise advice.
      10) I’ve got today off.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      I’ve come to the point where I automatically reject anything “geek” approved(not that I listened to those tards much anyway). As a general rule those motherfuckers have zero taste and an overpowering herd instinct .

      • Jarv says :

        overpowering herd instinct

        Unless they’re being contrary and arguing over something utterly irrelevant.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        True pointless stands about irrelevant crap is another problem.

        Good god I wish this rain would stop.

      • Jarv says :

        We’ve had lovely weather for about 2 weeks and then Skippy the immigrant kangaroo takes time off work and it pisses it down.

        Therefore, this can’t possibly be coincidence. It must be all his fault.

      • just pillow talk says :

        Wa-hoo..four nice days in a row!

  21. Jarv says :

    Cricket’s a bit of a bollox. Again.

    Whoever decided to schedule the first test in Wales needs a spanking. For a start, it’s in Wales, for a second, it always rains, and most importantly, it’s always a pudding of a pitch.

  22. just pillow talk says :

    Watched 127 hours last night, which was good. Franco was good, just such a fucked up story. I just can’t believe the dude was actually able to walk out of there and find other people without passing out during then or actually removing part of his arm.

    • Jarv says :


      Doesn’t interest me that, for some reason.

      • Jarv says :

        Right. Off to the pub for 20 mins.

        See you later.

      • just pillow talk says :

        Gee, I wonder why?

        That’s why I put off seeing it but I figured I’d give it a go.
        I’ve got Winter’s Bone next.

        Wouldn’t it just be easier to move you laptop to the pub and work from there? Save on commuting time.

      • Jarv says :

        Not really considering that the pub is really close to the office anyway, and I only went to watch the cricket for a bit.

  23. just pillow talk says :

    Office closes early today, so I’m outta here at 2.


  24. just pillow talk says :

    Shit, this is going to be one long fucking day.

    • Jarv says :

      Shit, this is going to be half a long fucking day.

      Fixed it for you.

      Don’t worry, I’m writing up 10 good remakes.

      • just pillow talk says :

        Feels like a whole day though. Already.

        There’s 10 good ones?

      • Jarv says :

        I think so:

        Down and out in Beverley Hills, Scarface, the Magnificent Seven, The Fly, The Thing, No Way Out, The Manchurian Candidate, Fistful of Dollars, True Lies and A.N.Other that I’m deciding on at the moment.

      • just pillow talk says :

        While I think The Machurian Candidate with Denzel is decent, I would say that Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Sutherland one) would be a better choice.

      • Jarv says :

        I really like The Manchurian Candidate. I also really like the Bodysnatchers.

        There are other candidates as well- 12 Monkeys is one.

      • just pillow talk says :

        Yeah, I forgot 12 monkeys is considered a remake.

        I should watch that again sometime, I really dug that movie.

      • koutchboom says :


      • Jarv says :


        No thanks. Anyway, it’s up.

      • koutchboom says :

        Whats wrong with Always? The original was on last night, I skimed it.

      • Jarv says :

        Just don’t like it. Overly sentimental crap.

      • koutchboom says :

        Awww you big pussy, Always is a solid fucking movie. Pretty much anything with John Goodman = Solid.

  25. koutchboom says :

    YES I found it!

    This video would make for an awesome viral campaign for some horror movie about Tornados. You need to watch it with the sound turned up, the noises are scary as shit.

  26. koutchboom says :

    Well thank you Spud for the Who and gayness of British TV recaps…I shall be renting the Second Coming.

    • Spud McSpud says :

      Very welcome, Koutch. Don;t drop the soap. Especially in TORCHWOOD ;D

    • Spud McSpud says :

      AAAAAND back in Gingertown – RTD continues to task me – HE TASKS ME! HE TASKS MEEEE!!! – with yet more puerile nonsense in the guise of “adult” SF piece of shit TORCHWOOD. Behold the real selling points of the upcoming TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY:


      They have a cast-iron solid concept for this series, but they’re selling it on the idea of full-on SPARTACUS-style gay sex. Glad to know Rusty has his priorities right again…

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        Hey Spud, I tried watching torchwood, but it really does seem a platform for expressing one man’s declaration of his gay pride.

        Gays need heroes too, but does it really need to be so in your face?

        Maybe i am just old

  27. Continentalop says :

    This is why the Nazis are the greatest villains ever:

    According to the book, [Nazi] scientists envisioned a day when dogs would serve alongside German troops, and perhaps free up SS officers by guarding concentration camps. So to unlock all that canine potential, Hitler set up a Tier-Sprechschule (Animal Talking School) near Hanover and recruited “educated dogs” from throughout the country. Teachers claimed a number of incredible findings.

    After AVWOTM, we have to make a talking Nazi dog movie.

    • Jarv says :

      Wow. Awsome.

      Exploding dogs of the SS?

      • Continentalop says :

        Of course the SS Dogs are all pure breed German Shepherds and refuse to breed with other dogs. Fucking racist canines.

      • Jarv says :

        They seem to particularly dislike Rottweilers for being dangerously black as well. Still, they’re more than happy to use Daschunds to deliver pipe bombs.

        This could really run

      • Continentalop says :

        Two ways you play it:

        A group of backpacking nubile American teens vacationing in South America stumble on an evil, old Nazi scientist who has perfected his breed of talking Nazi dogs, or:

        A group of American Special Forces are sent on a raid, only to uncover an army of talking Nazi dogs, and only one of them and their own war dog (like the one that helped track down Osama) are left to stop there fiendish canine Nazi plot.

        Actually, there is infinite ways to play this.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Whoever wins… WE WIN!!

        Double that shit up with IRON SKY, and my arse is in a seat so fast it would literally scorch the upholstery.

        IRON SKY, followed by EXPLODING DOGS OF THE SS. Jesus, that is schlock perfection.

      • L Bronco says :

        Well of course you have to have the robotic dog harness camera-so we could have a shaky cam found footage movie narrated by a special forces dog.

        Call it…i dunno.. Seal Team K-9

        Fuck you disney!

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      Belgian Malinois make the best overall police dog.

  28. L Bronco says :

    Geek approved shit-yeah it’s pretty goddamned hit or miss.

    On Sunday TV watching showdown with Indie filmmaker guy He started with-oh some decent reality show marathon-I contered with game of Thrones/The Thing counter move.

    He countered with Scott Pilgrim. Which was unwatchable shit-It was as bad as watching Chasing Amy. I fucking just kept going outside because they kept talking, there wasn’t enough fighting, and the fighting was a hackneyed cliche of computer graphics.

    And sure, the girl was cute or whatever, but bitches who constantly dye their hair different colours are automatically insecure.

    Because Scott Pilgrim sucked so much-I made his punk ass watch Flash Gordon.

    Also another remake that maybe could have made Jarv’s remake list.

    and in epic metacriticism-we were both tweeting at the same time-so i had to call his ass on twitter.

    Some smart ass said I won the battle of movie tastes.

    Thank you kind sir from Twitterverse.

  29. koutchboom says :

    Droid you get your Horrid Henry tickets yet?

  30. L Bronco says :


    Insane trained K-9s-that talk!

  31. Toadkillerdog says :

    Been catching up.
    A few things

    Xi, launching into LB like that was uncalled for. People on this site give you a helluva lot of respect, LB not the least of which. This is not aicn. LB does not know about that type of situation and was only trying to show the Marine some support.

    Conti and LB -I am sorry but you are wrong on this matter. Regardless if he fired or not, he had a semi-automatic in his hand when heavily armed and announced police came into his house.

    You do not wait to see if someone fires at you in that type of situation. If he is armed, then you automatically assume he is intending to use the weapon.

    Conti, you may have a legit point about police operations, but when sirens go off, and announcements of police presence are made, if you are holding a weapon, you have no one but yourself to blame.

    SWAT is far from a new concept, and the police have always been a para-military outfit.

    You can debate two points. One: Should SWAT have been used, or should the police have just knocked on his door.

    About number 1. I lost a good friend not too long ago to a shooting. He was a twenty year man. Went up to a house with his partner on a domestic disturbance call, and was shot and killed then moment door opened.

    I do not know the terrain in AZ, but usage of SWAT generally does not take place in non-threatening environments.

    The second thing that can be debated is: If he was holding the weapon because he did not hear the police sirens and or announcement. If coming from dead sleep, it is possible he was too muzzy to understand. If I was family attorney I would argue that. Safety on or off makes no difference. The police could not see that, they could only see the weapon.

    I am not so lean, and not so mean, but I am still a Marine.

    That means I have a weapon or two in my house. I would grab it in a heartbeat if i felt the need, but I damn sure would not touch them if I heard an announced police presence and sirens. I assume they would be there because of something rufus did to the neighbors shih tzu.

    All in all, I think this is a controversy without substance. The police were justified.

    Even if the marine did not know they were police, they were still justified. An automatic weapon in the hands of trained individual is not something to be taken lightly.

    last thing.

    Jarv, I am truly sorry about the recent tragedy. I have suffered some myself. You are far more open than I am about it, and that is probably a very good thing.

    You have my deepest condolences.

    • Continentalop says :

      Toad, I am not arguing that the shooting was unjustified. It most likely follows all the parameters of what AZ police use to justify using lethal force.

      I am debating if this is good protocol. Is the use of SWAT teams for situations like this the smartest and best thing? It seems to me that they are more likely to create a dangerous scenario by busting in at night with weapons drawn then confronting these suspects during the day with warrant in hand (still can have a force of numbers show up, not saying go there with only a couple of guys). Maybe the guy did hear them or did not, maybe he knew they were cops and maybe not, but coming in as if looking for confrontation is going to lead violent suspects to returns with force, and may cause innocent suspects to overreact or make a bad mistake. It seems to me you are more likely to have bad things happen if you show up with heavily armed cops busting in houses (and since they suspected this guy of home invasion and that he supposedly pretended to be a cop when he did it, who is to say he thought maybe these were phony cops?).

      This case might have been completely justified in the use of a special tactics team, but I have read too many cases of late where tragedies have happened because of the over zealous use of SWAT teams (of course, the issue might be it is safer for cops in such scenarios, and then that creates an entirely new debate about whose safety is more paramount, the police or citizens).

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Aren’t cops citizens?

      • Continentalop says :

        Yes cops are citizens. I should have used the term “the public.”

        And I hope I’m not sounding cavalier with their safety. Their safety should be very much be considered, but once again is the use of SWAT teams in these situations the best way to ensure their safety and the publics?

        And just for the record I could be wrong but I’m just stating my current opinion. I’m not trying to pretend that I’m an expert or the final say on the subject.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      I didn’t launch into to Bronco I told him to calm down which I have done before. Bronco tends to be excitable.

  32. L Bronco says :

    Thanks TDK-and as far as I am concerned, it’s water under the bridge.

    I myself was a law enforcement officer-now thankfully retired.

    My big beef is that I have SWAT stories in Podunk Oregon that are ridiculous-and I wasn’t on the SWAT team.

    Listen, it’s a fucking horrible story-and both the guy shot and the officers that did it will regret it, and shit like that happens serving felony warrants.

    I’m just peeved because they didn’t do due dilligence, when they have the resources to do so. I.E. check the fucking address and see who the house owner is.

    Serving a warrant on a pot dealer.

    However, you point out a salient fact, which is that the police announced their presence and the fucking guy went for his gun.

    I’d have blown him away myself, given the circumstances.

    So it’s a lose lose situation-and a sucky situation.

    And that’s all I got to say about that.

    Also, Thank you for supporting Jarv-I haven’t heard of a year that bad since mine a couple years back.

    Jarv, I think everything that could go fucked has-so the law of probablities is that something good has to happen for you and Mrs. Jarv.

    Just make sure she’s still on her contraception, you randy git. 🙂

  33. L Bronco says :

    Alright, my predictions for summer Box office:

    Harry Potter fucking wins by a landslide.

    cap America and green lantern tussle-but Green lantern wins because it has Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog.

    Hangover 2 loses to Bridesmaids and most of the other “comedies” they are spouting.

    Overall, hollywood, is going to have a decent summer, but it will be down by 4 percent relative to last year owing to fucked up economy.

    I have spoken.

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      Yes, I think HP will rule. I think Cap and GL will battle it out for second. I must say, i found the online GL trailer to be terrible, but when I saw it on my HDTV, it was beautiful.

      I am actually excited about the Xmen movie as well.
      I think GL will rise or fall based on Ryan Reynolds, not kilowog.
      Ryan Reynolds tends to grate.

      Cap looks awesome on trailers, but we shall see

      • Continentalop says :

        I think Ryan Reynolds would have been a better Flash. As much as I don’t like him, I think Bradley Cooper would have played a better Hal Jordan, cocky test pilot (Cooper can play cocky and confident better, but can any of them play fearless?).

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        Good call on Bradley Cooper. Reynolds may be a revelation, but I tend to doubt it.

        I am pulling for the Cap movie

      • Continentalop says :

        Cap is one of my favorite super heroes, but I just think he is going to be very hard to adapt into movies for people to buy.

        But I do hope it is successful just so in the sequels they can pull out Arnim Zola and M.O.D.O.K!

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        Zola and Modok! Ha! I could not remember which was which – big head or middle head. That would be freaky as all get out on the big screen

      • Continentalop says :

        Zola is the guy with his face on his chest; M.O.D.O.K is the guy who is basically a giant head with arms and legs on a flying chair.

        Throw in Batroc ze Leaper and I’m already at the sequel.

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        Wasn’t there a teenage mutant turtles villain with a middle head?

        Batroc had one of the ugliest costumes. Not as bad as the shocker, but still.

        Was zola with AIM or was that Modok?

      • koutchboom says :

        Well there was Brain.

      • Continentalop says :

        MODOK was with AIM. Both were acronyms.

        MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) and AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics).

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      Krang! Just googled it.

  34. Toadkillerdog says :

    Conti, I tend to agree with you regarding the mis-usage of SWAT. It should be restricted to the most threatening of situations. Still, police work can always present a threat and knowing just when to use overwhelming force can be tricky.

    • Continentalop says :

      No sweat, Toad. I don’t think this is a B&W issue. Someone could show me facts and stats to show me that using SWAT teams in this situation is the best strategy and change my opinion, but right now I think the use of SWAT teams and police raids like this are over done.

  35. Continentalop says :

    D. Vader posted this somewhere else. This actually looks good except for one thing – IT’S IN F’ING 3-D!!!

    • koutchboom says :

      HAHAHA FUCK where’d you find that? I was looking for that yesterday when the Shark Hunter 3D trailer dropped, its from fucking RUSSELL FUCKING MULCAHY!!! I wonder if thats an official trailer, if it is its a little weak and why are they fucking using Mind Heist? That doesn’t fit at all. Hrmm then after Mind Heist there is another popular trailer song. This pretty much is the idea/concept of Deep Blue Sea 2. Except Deep Blue Sea was going to be a hotel.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Meh, sort of a let down. I thought it was going to be about Dingos eating babies.

    • D.Vader says :

      Goddamnit this still pisses me off. I wanted to get there first!

  36. koutchboom says :

    Since its trailer week here a WoM



  37. L Bronco says :

    [audio src="http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-81947/TS-493688.mp3" /]

    Ridicolous Brits and americans hating Robin Williams newest Canon. Fucking preposterous.

  38. L Bronco says :

    I told them to watch Patch Adams, and they shot me down.

    See, there’s always Bicentennial Man. and that’s not a good movie.

    The robot humps a chickie-it’s fucking awful.

    Please kill me.

  39. L Bronco says :

    I fucking love Popeye, but Jesus Christ.

    Fuck these guys with the Robin Williams Marathon.

  40. Xiphos0311 says :

    If you are going to put up Merle Haggard songs then by LAW you have to post this one:

  41. koutchboom says :

    Well Hangover 2 was ok. More of the same, it was fine. It got to the point though that you feel more bad for these guys then funny. But Todd Phillips may be right, it may be the best comedy sequel of all time. I mean thats a short fucking list, outside of Ghostbuster 2, Airplane 2, Naked Gun 2 and Scary Movie 3 I’m drawing blanks and I’m not sure if parodies really count. What other purely comedy sequels can you think of that are worth a damn? Fierce Creatures?

    • Jarv says :

      Fierce Creatures isn’t a sequel. And it’s gash.

      This is a good point/ outside of police academy and fokkers I cannot really think of sequels.

      • koutchboom says :

        I’d say my favorite is probably Ace Ventura 2. I know some people hate that film though. Thats still the only comedy sequel I’ve been able to come up with.

  42. L Bronco says :

    Grave. “You’ll never see…”

    Death metal whackiness.

    Close your eyes. You will never see…

  43. Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

    So is anyone watching Game of Thrones?

    I fucking love it! The golden crown last week, and I’ve just seen next weeks.

    Its really taking off! Great drama, and production values. defo worth a watch, if you like that historical*, blood letting, and politics.

    Its like Elizabeth meets JFK divided by LOTR. Strange beast indeed, but compelling TV.

    *Yes, I know its a made up world. But still……….

    • Jarv says :

      No, but I keep meaning to at some point.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Whoa, whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa Col… I thought GoT was some sort of goofy sword and sandals thing starring the new ersatz Conan? Now your saying it’s about loves struck midget gangsters strolling around New Zealand trying to return a fabulous civil commitment ring to the jeweler?

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        hehe, I think you picked different bits from LOTR than I did. The Rohan & Gondor set-up is very remeniscent of Thrones in my opinion.

        Its been very interesting for the past few weeks as its been setting its self up. But this past two weeks have been the pay off.

        And what a pay off its been! I’m proper hooked now.

        And they even managed to get two gay, but not camp characters in it too in a totally non RTD way 😉 In the last episode a main character bared his Machavellion soul while he made two butt naked whores finger-fuck in front of him.

        That, and last weeks death-by-molten-gold-over-the-head means this is unmissable tv for me now 😉 HBO aint messing around with this one…..and I’m very glad about that! lol

      • Spud McSpud says :

        “Now your saying it’s about loves struck midget gangsters strolling around New Zealand trying to return a fabulous civil commitment ring to the jeweler?”

        In fairness, Xi just described EXACTLY how a Russell T Davies version of LOTR would be… ;D

  44. L Bronco says :

    Glad you are liking it, CT!

    I harp about it incessantly on twitter-I actually sent George the links for the trailers while he was at worldcon in Australia.

    He’s a nice guy, but his writing is just brutal.

    Google “GRRM” and click”Not a Blog”-that his private wordpress account.

    Col. Tigh-you have no idea how fucked up the series gets-it’s quite ridiculous-I mean that in a page turning must read more kind of way.

    • Toadkillerdog says :

      I am a huge fan of the books except the last one which was a big disappointment. The tv series is outstanding

    • L Bronco says :

      Yeah TDK book four kind of lurches over into secondary characters, and haphazardly adds a bunch of new people.

      However, I still like it for just a couple of scenes.

      The skinny is is that GRRM just finished book 5 and is halfway into book 6.

      Book 5 is 1600 pages long and took 4 or 5 years to write.

      My honest advice to anybody is read books 1 through 3, and stop until the goddamned thing is finnished.

      GRRM even jokes about it…he’s a pretty spry 65 year old guy, but it’s killing everybody, himself included.

    • Jarv says :

      Can’t argue with any of them.

      • D.Vader says :

        Let Woody Allen keep making movies. He doesn’t belong on the list. Every once in awhile now he makes something lots of people like. He’s definitely not a hack like 3 of the others on the list. He’s pretty harmless.

  45. L Bronco says :

    Ha! Evil Bong 3-D by Charles Band:


  46. koutchboom says :

    Wellll thank you for ruining that song Karen O and Lame Oscar Winner. Good thing I just heard the original about an hour before they killed it.

  47. D.Vader says :

    In Blackbeard news from North Carolina… We just found one of his anchors!


  48. Continentalop says :

    Although no sculptured marble should rise to their memory, nor engraved stone bear record of their deeds, yet will their remembrance be as lasting as the land they honored.
    ~Daniel Webster

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