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A gathering place for paranoid survivalists and those who worship at the Church of Chang 

November, darker and wetter than the Mariana Trench. That prick Melvin is trying to sell my goddamned compound. It ain’t happening, and I’ll hold him off with a combination of small arms fire and hand to hand combat techniques.

Disclaimer: This is the part of the Church that is the most no holds barred. None of it is intended with malice, and although it can on occasion seem a little bit fraught, it is banter rather than venom. So, be warned that this is like taking a naked swim in a piranha tank and not recommended for the faint of heart.

1,290 responses to “Burt Gummer’s Rec Room November and December 2012 Archive”

  1. Jarv says :

    Fugly has been accused of ball tampering. Having watched the footage, it does look like he’s picked the seam a bit.

    However, against that, it could quite easily have been picking a bit of shit off the ball, and it’s noticeable that the ball didn’t do anything particularly untoward afterwards.

    Nevertheless, he could well get a ban.

    I wouldn’t because the Lankans didn’t complain, which makes me think it is a storm in a teacup.

    Silly boy, anyway. You can’t do that sort of thing and expect to get away with it now.

  2. Jarv says :

    Fair enough. Nothing in it- I think people are far too precious about accusations of ball tampering. When the Saffas accused Broad of it when he trod on the ball being an example (nothing at all to do with them losing to england at that point).

    I wouldn’t have banned him, but with the pervasiveness of cameras I wouldn’t have been surprised. I watched the footage, and it’s not like he did an Imran Khan and took a bottle top to it.

  3. Droid says :

    What’s the go for Friday?

    • Jarv says :

      Where do you fancy?

      I’m off at 4pm and it’s the end of the world and whatnot.

      • Droid says :

        I’m going to try to knock off around then too. But at the latest I’ll leave at 5 on the dot.

        Don’t mind really. Maybe just meet at the usual pub and we can always go from there. Unless you’ve got somewhere in mind.

  4. Jarv says :

    Cool. Had nothing in particular in mind.

  5. Jarv says :

    Last night watched the first half of The Raid. The shit Dredd got for “ripping it off” is asinine. Aside from the basic premise of “cops go into tower block”, there’s nothing remotely similar.

    However, it is really really good. Stunning, actually. It’s made my favourites of 2012 list.

  6. Jarv says :

    Christ, he really is a fat fucking moron:

    Batman quitting because a bad guy killed his girlfriend…. PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF

    Did he even watch the film?

  7. D.Vader says :

    Hey JARV,

    AsimovLives is back at AICN after a long hiatus. He admits he was using a different name in the meantime, but he also finally admits he was Memories of Murder. Isn’t that the troll you always accused him of being and he always tried to deny?


    by asimovlives
    Yeah, that was me, for sure. Why even pretend i was not scirocco? You guys are way too smart not to catch on me easily. And for the record, i am also BladeRunnerUnit, ArkadyRenko and Memories-Of-Murder. And i don’t think i missed out on any other alias. Not that you wouldn’t know, of course. But if you don’t mind, i’d like to be called AsimovLives, it’s my favorite of all my nicks. I’d appreciate it, thanks.”

    Thought you’d appreciate that small victory.

  8. Droid says :

    Might actually escape here early. I’m all efficient and whatnot.

    Jarv, what time you getting to the pub?

  9. D.Vader says :

    Hey JARV,

    AsimovLives popped back up at AICN, and he finally admitted to being Memories of Murder. I’m pretty sure he’s been denying that against your accusations for years. Thought you might appreciate that small victory.*

    *I posted this yesterday and it looked like it worked, but now its disappeared? Shenanigans!

  10. D.Vader says :

    Oh now it shows up? This shit is confoosing me.

    • Jarv says :

      Saw it. Being fucked by work so couldn’t reply.

      Has he admitted to fucking livestock yet?

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        Hola Jarv et al,

        just popping in to post an Christmas Greeting to all ye merry changians!
        The fam and I are hitting the road to visit (mooch Xmas dinner) off of my oldest sister. I will not be back until next year.
        So Merry Christmas to all!

        pee ess – as rufus would say

        I sawr The Hobbit. I liked it. It was a tad bit long and def could have used some editing but i liked it. I only saw one brief moment when the action seemed sped up very early when old Ian was on screen. Afterwards it seemed fine. Very crisp and clear – almost too clear though because it no longer resembles film. It looks like a teevee show mini series.
        I could not help but think of Anne of Green Gables at one point!

      • Droid says :

        Merry Xmas to you and yours and Rufus.

      • ThereWolf says :

        Merry Christmas to you too, TKD!

        Have a good ‘un.

      • tombando says :

        Blade Rimmer Eunuch was obviously goatboy.

      • MORBIUS says :

        Hey TKD,

        Best of the Holidays to you and your clan … and Rufus as well.


      • D.Vader says :

        I’m sure that revelation is close at hand.

  11. tombando says :

    Any sightings of Ringy over there?

  12. MORBIUS says :

    Grist for the mill …

  13. tombando says :

    Yeah saw Hobbit, it was pretty good. Overkill action punctuated by plenty of Wile Coyote cliff plunging in the second half. But its a good movie. I agree the added yakyak does make it a slog at times. Rabbit husky teams for the win!

    • koutchboom says :

      Yeah it’s the first fantasy movie that makes you realize why most fantasy movies are so oddly edited that it feels like whole segments were cut to save time to stop the audience from killing each other.

  14. Droid says :

    “Of course it’s true. It’s on wikipedia.”

    Man Jennifers Body is a terrible movie. Flicking channels and caught a few minutes of it. Glib, smug, annoying shite.

    A bah humbug moment.

    Happy Festivus!

    • koutchboom says :

      Saw Muppets last night, almost turned that shit off after the C Coops rap, how embarrassing. The movie is just a pile up until the Man Or Muppet song, then it picks up a bit. Glad we didn’t turn it off because the last half hour was good. But it felt more like a long Funny Or Die skit than a Muppet movie.

      Overall they should’ve just made a black comedy about a Muppet becoming a man and nixt the whole Muppets then at least it would’ve been interesting.

      Great Cars 2 ad placement though.

      Also don’t get the complaint about the voices sounding off, in fact the guy that did Kermit probably has been doing Kermits voice longer than Jim.

  15. Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

    Happy summit or other to all you lovely Changians out there. Hope you have a great day, and here’s to a cracking 2013.

  16. Spud McSpud says :

    Merry Christmas people!! Making a reluctantly infrequent visit to wish you all the very best for a great Christmas and a very, very Happy New Year!!

    I’ll be back… 😉

  17. tombando says :

    So I checked out Django–un expectedly as I don’t like Cokey much. It was pretty good, had tons of familiar faces like Mike Bronson, Luke Duke, Matt Houston, Robt Carrradine etc in bit parts. Its alright, your basic Spaghetti Western/Blaxploitation knockoff. I liked it better than I shoulda.

    Enjoyed watching both Guadalcanal Diary(Bendix, Anthony Quinn, Max from Heart to Heart, Preston Foster etc) and Sorceror’s Apprentice w/ Nick Cage. Not bad.

    Apparently our friend from Almada thought Jack Klugman was a shitty actor?! did I miss something??

  18. tombando says :

    Oh and Return of the Pink Panther, from ’75 w. Christopher Plummer etc. Good fun too.

  19. tombando says :

    Jack Klugman was a wonderful actor. You see anything he was in-the Odd Couple, Twelve Angry Men, Quincy, selected Twilight Zone eps-esp the one w Jonathan Winters as Death in Pool hall—he was committed, talented, likable, instantly recognizable. I am astonished anyone would slight him as ‘just a hack TV guy’ or whatever–he was on Broadway for decades and was very very good up there. So he wasn’t a ‘Nerd friendly’ face ala Shatner or Tom Baker–to pretend that what he did wasn’t up to par w/ the best of acting or Hollywood post-war is to miss the point, and to slight what was a rather significant career. I was not a fan of his early on, I never liked Odd Couple as a kid back when–but he grew on me. And as an adult I learned to really really appreciate what a solid performer he was. Watch him in 12 Angry Men or the Odd Couple. Klugman made an impact on audiences onscreen and was in demand for 40 years. I don’t think much more needs be said here. Putting him down as just some hack TV guy is wrong headed and misses the mark by miles.

  20. MORBIUS says :

    WhingeWorld™ changed their TalkBacks over to DISQUS.

  21. koutchboom says :

    Finally saw Miracle, easily a better version of Argo.

  22. koutchboom says :

    Well I hope everyone had as good of a new years as I did.

  23. Anonymous says :

    Happy New Year little peeps! I trust y’ all have been behaving yourselves the last, uh, year? 2 years??

  24. M. Blitz says :

    once more….

  25. M. Blitz says :

    hahaha, I don’t know how to work these fancy computers no more 🙂

    Yes, that Happy New year was from me. Anonymously.

    • tombando says :

      Hey blitz how goes?

    • Barfy says :

      Glad to see you’re still around on the interwebs Ms Blitzen. I was passing by and saw the comment waiting to get approved and I thought it was you but I was just about to get into a girly bath with candles, music, bubbles and the whole nine yards so got it ok’d but thought I could catch up with you later. So now I am. New year wishes are like wedding gifts. You get a year to send them. Happy 2013 Blitz!

  26. Droid says :

    Happy New Year changians.

    A booze effected recap of what I watched over the holiday period…

    This is 40… Some funny bits here and there, mainly courtesy of Rudd, but overall it’s not great. Not exactly sure why I watched it to be honest. 1.5

    Phantasm – It took 3 attempts, but I made it through. I have no idea what the hell was going on and I don’t have any idea why this was successful enough to get sequels. .5

    Snow White and the Huntsman – Pretty much the same opinion as my review. Some great stuff, but it’s got a main character too many, and Boyface is totally miscast. 2.5

    The A-Team – Astonishingly stupid, but mostly fun. 2.5

    Leon – First time in about a decade I’d watched it. Damn good movie. 3.5

    That’s My Boy – Some occasional chuckles, but mostly pretty bad. 1

    Idiocracy – Again, reaffirmed my initial opinion. Amusing, but it could have been hilarious. 2

    The House at the End of the Street – Totally obvious, but fairly well made and not obnoxious or anything. And has one good jump scare that you see coming but works nonetheless. 2

    Dredd – Really good, except… It’s about 5% too gory. The bodies hitting the pavement at the beginning for example. Once is enough. You don’t need to see all three mushed to pulp. And the slomo bullet through the cheek, which happens twice. Just a bit too much for me. So for that and the Judges plot development, it just gets a 2.5. Or a 3. Haven’t decided.

    John Dies at the End – This movie is a mess. It’s got one huge laugh, a good opening which doesn’t really have any connection to the rest of the movie, but otherwise it’s kind of a disaster. Has the tall man from Phantasm in it. .5

    Any Given Sunday – I quite like this movie. 2.5

    A Muppet Christmas Carol – Love it. 3.5

    • Droid says :

      Still haven’t seen Reacher. Or bothered with The Hobbit.

      • koutchboom says :

        Reacher is a must see on the big screen. Ehhh Hobbit….only if your curious, its fun though.

        I wonder what Kenneth Brannah thinks about the Hobbit.

      • Droid says :

        Yeah, I’ll probably see Reacher this week. Not a lot of interest in The Hobbit. Mainly because it’s so bloody long. But seeing as though very little else is out, and nothing coming out for a couple of weeks, I may end up seeing it.

    • koutchboom says :

      I watched The Jungle Book, SS version. Solid.

      And The Devil And Daniel Jonhston, interesting documentary about the lust of fame. Because there’s no real reason for anyone to try to make this guy famous yet they did over and over again and clearly he’s not mentally capable of handling it.

    • MORBIUS says :

      Booze effected … or affected?

      40 … disappointing save for Manns nip slippage.

      Dredd … fun flick … if you thought it was too gory, see

      Django … blood by the bucketful!

      MCC … a perrennial favorite.

      • MORBIUS says :

        Also, having not read the book (One Shot) Reacher is supposedly

        6’4″ or so (and the Cruiser isn’t), was quite enjoyable fare.

  27. Droid says :

    Jarv, tickets for the Ashes are £50-90.

    £90 – Grand Stand
    £90 – Mound Stand
    £90 – Compton Stand Upper Tier
    £70 – Edrich Stand Lower Tier (1-10)
    £50 – Compton Stand Lower Tier (9-15)

    I really have no particular preference. I’m comfortable with stumping up the cash for a £90 ticket, seeing as it’s a special occasion. But if you want to just go for the cheapest then I’ll just do that. I would presume, being a ballot, the cheaper ones would be riskier to go for, but who knows?

    • Jarv says :

      Don’t mind. Special occasion and whatnot.

    • chips says :

      you know what, I have followed cricket for some time now. I remember when australia was indominable and england was second rate. and when we were amazaing and against the odds they won. and then we wiped the floor with them as revenge, like nelson on bart. then they won two in a row shaming us. now lets face it, we are both second teir (australia slightly better). but you know what? it is still the oldest, most harshly fought international comp in the world. Only two things matter: state of origin, and the ashes. everything else is a sideshow, no matter what the state of the combatants.

      • Jarv says :

        lets face it, we are both second teir


        (australia slightly better).

        Nope. Both have serious problems, but England are probably slightly (marginally) better- in that Australia have slightly more serious problems.

        but you know what? it is still the oldest, most harshly fought international comp in the world.

        Yup. And best. Not least because it’s always a proper series.

      • chips says :

        we will see my friend. we went within a bee’s dick of being the world number one. which makes us world number two

      • Jarv says :

        Aside from the fact that you’re currently the World’s number three, behind, er, England. And you needed to whitewash the Boks to do it, which you were never going to do.

        Interestingly, both England and Australia have played a shitload more tests than SA. Which makes me wonder how far ahead SA would be if they played more often,

  28. Droid says :

    Watched the seminal 90’s classic Man’s Best Friend last night. The dog climbing the tree to swallow the cat whole remains one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

    • Droid says :

      Saw Reacher. Pretty good. Solid action thriller. Enjoyed the car chase. McQuarrie is good at those. Only once was it noticeable that the character should be a huge cunt. And that was just a line of dialogue. Otherwise it doesn’t really matter.

      • Toadkillerdog says :

        Hola dudes,
        I survived the holidays did not have time to watch any flicks though.
        I wanted to pass this along to any of the beer nuts out there and i do mean ‘nuts’


      • koutchboom says :


      • Droid says :

        Excited about the bull ball beer I take it.

      • Jarv says :


        Happy new year and whatnot.

        Christmas viewing:

        Candy Stripers- review coming soon.
        Easy A
        Quite a lot on Lovefilm. Most of it garbage
        Prometheus- Utter wank. Terrible honk actually. Fell asleep in it.
        Bourne 1
        Easy A
        Starship Troopers
        American Werewolf in London.

        Most of these were in one night. Had contact lens related disaster and almost blinded myself in my left eye. On shit load of drops etc now.

        Most importantlty, though, rewatching Dark Skies from the 90’s. Man what a good series. Crying shame it only got one season.

        And played a lot of Sleeping Dogs, which is ace. Review coming soon.

      • Droid says :

        Easy A twice?

        Started playing Sleeping Dogs a while back. Was okay. Didn’t grab me. Never installed it again after I reformatted my computer.

        What’s Dark Skies?

        And I refer you to my query of a day or two ago RE Ashes tix.

      • Jarv says :

        Dark Skies was a 1960’s set Fringe/ X-files idea. It’s really quite good. JT Walsh in particular.

        The original concept was to run it over 5 series and set each one in a different decade culminating in the war for the Earth. Dropped the axe on it, sadly.

      • Droid says :

        Sounds good. I liked JT. Could play a prick in his sleep.

      • Jarv says :

        It’s a bit hung up on the Kennedy Assassination at the moment, but as I remember it gets over it. Sort of.

        JT is a massive prick in it.

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