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  1. kloipy says :

    and then this

    also Murphy
    by Kloipy Jun 5th, 2010
    10:40:43 AM
    Jarv has tried to be civil to you throughout this whole business and you have done nothing but whine like a little girl and spew your nastiness.
    Jarv = Professional Don Murphy = Taco fart caught in a stiff breeze

    • Droid says :

      Nice one, Kloipy. Good to hear it’s bombing. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind it being successful because that would at least inspire further confidence in genre fare and I like Natali, but since Murphys such a massive (literally) douchebag I’m hoping for it to fail.

      • kloipy says :

        what pisses me off Droid, is that i was actually excited for this one for awhile, i was even considering a rental after the reviews, just to see it. But after Muphy pulled his little stunts I have no intention of watching this ever

      • koutchboom says :

        Yeah its a double edge sword about the box office. Plus GDT is involved. But it was a stupid release date, I always knew it would bomb.

  2. kloipy says :

    and here’s Murphy calling Jarv out on that TB

    JARV, the living puke
    by CharlesThomasMathewsMom Jun 5th, 2010
    01:17:55 AM
    you are surrounded ,come out with your small cock out

  3. Tom_Bando says :

    Hey Kloipy–liked your comments there. I tossed in my 4 cents worth, too. Festering pile of Poo, that Don Murphy.

    • Droid says :

      He responded in true Uwe Boll fashion. Pretty funny.

      • Tom_Bando says :

        My response to His response. (Jarv is right, of course-he IS a cunt-)

        Triple Chins AKA Bavarian Fart-beast
        by Sal_Bando Jun 5th, 2010
        04:59:23 PM
        Haw right. Some overpaid Hollyood Numbassed fat fuck weasel like you knows very good and well the second you actually do anything even remotely resembling assault on someone, you would get your Hummer riding ass-end sued ’til you were back to your old days of manning the glory hole in Everett.

        C’mon Fatty–you need to be able to rise outta your high chair w/out the use of a crane and/or Anal Intruder(TM) to even begin to make good on your, hmmmm, ‘threat’.

        I can however direct you to one MinorJeff who used to write gratis for Harold here–he’d be more than happy to to a round or two of fisticuffs for you, and he’ll even puke on your shoes for free if you just ask him nicely.

        Pick up you diapers at the door.

        I thought that got the point across.

  4. M. Blitz says :

    Geez, this Murphy fellow……what a sad little nut. How do people manage to work with this guy?? Does he just pour the sum of his personality disorders into the internet? I wonder if he realizes what a fucking bore he is. “Living puke,” “small cock,” whoa…gooooood one. Murphy’s creative powers at their peak. Pretty goddamn pathetic, really.

  5. M. Blitz says :

    I wanted to see Splice just for the Brody/Dren coupling–sounded hilarious–but after reading full spoilers for the end of the movie, I’ve just got to say: What. The. FUCK?!

    I feel like I’d have been pitching my drink at the screen. What a lot of bullshit.

    • lordbronco says :

      Yeah blitz i read them too, and to escalate into the realm of being foul-mouthed to women is a step i’m not comfortable with.

      The toolbox has no such compunctions, but I’m playing video games right now ;-p

      Maybe *it* will weigh in…

      • lordbronco says :

        K Blitz, I let the box out of it’s pen, here’s the quote:

        “And once again spoilers

        Numbnuts fucks a cocunut beastie in act 2.

        Mommy feeds the genetic freak some semen, and then it turns into a man! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

        Now she has an Xtro/rape gene mutant baby.

        The End.

        Possible sequels include X-men second class produced by Fox pictures.

        No need to thank me, I just saved you 40 bucks!!!

        No offense to actors or directors or producers named anything other than Murphy. ”

        Yes, for your sake and my own, I did redact part of what I posted at gingertown.

        Note also that I did not besmirch any of Jarv’s reviews here or elsewhere, as a sign of respect for this most glorious and only decent movie forums on the internets.

        Forgive me, if you may be so kind.

        Gingertown can take a flying leap for posting dopey reviews however.

  6. lordbronco says :

    ha ha-i read the spoilers of the ending, and it’s actually exactly as ludicrous as I imagined! however, the damned movie was trending on Twitter last night, and now I feel like i’m giving Murphy the jackass free press.

    hmm perhaps spoilers will get me kicked off of Gingertown.

    I don’t hate the director or one of the producers peter Jackson, but…

    • koutchboom says :

      Hey LB whats your twitter? Do you have one? mines Koutchboom.

      • lordbronco says :

        well-its actually lordbronco-ha ha-keepin’ it simple 🙂

        I *hardly* use the damned thing-and danny has driven me nuts forwarding Kevin Smith Twitters in the past…

        That said, I was watching the boarding of the Rachel Corrie realtime ahead of the entire Western media last night, so twitter has it’s place, I have to admit…

        Ill follow you if you follow me-that’s so gay…

        it might be LordBronco, or some variant…whatever.

      • koutchboom says :

        Sure I’ll follow you. I need all the followers I can get.

  7. Jarv says :

    Fuck murphy. Cunt

    • lordbronco says :

      Yep Jarv, it’s absolutely giving me indigestion.

      If Murphy wants some cash, he ought to remake Xtro in 3-D, or if he really wanted to fuck with people, re-issue Cronenberg’s Crash in motherfucking 3-D.

      How ’bout them apples, Murph?!?

      btw, Xtro-is a disgusting piece of shit as I recall-I mention it as a warning *do not watch*.

      • ThereWolf says :

        I’m reviewing it shortly, Bronco!

        While I wouldn’t go so far as to say “disgusting piece of shit”, it’s certainly not all that good.

  8. Continentalop says :

    You know I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of positive things about Murphy lately, which I have no doubt are true. But even if there is a lot of positives about him, the guy is infantile as hell and if anything does more damage to his own films by his actions. And worse yet he infects Vincenzo Natali, making him guilty by association.

    I mean, the guy (Natali) only made a bad movie, happens to the best, but now you got people ragging into it with extra fervor because of the cunt who produced it. Way to go there lard ass.

    • xiphos0311 says :

      Conti, is the positives pieces you’ve read about fat ass Murphy in the Hollywood “press”? I wouldn’t believe them myself because the Hollywood “press” are even a bigger bunch of bought and paid for, lying whores and hacks then the regular press.

      • Tom_Bando says :

        I’m sure he’s as big a douche as you’ll find there Xiphos. Well, okay he’s not QUITE Mikey Bay or Lew Wasserman level or Harry Cohn, but–see what you see here? he’s a POS.

      • Continentalop says :

        Xi, M.B, even Hitler had defenders who said he was a good guy.

        But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t doubt that Murphy can be a nice guy with some people and is an asshole with others. As MB said, he attacks little people – or should I say people who he can’t use. I can see him being nice to young filmmakers and film students because those are the people who’s coattails he is going to have to ride to make it. You can’t really ride the WotM to anywhere (but it is a hell of a ride to nowhere).

      • xiphos0311 says :

        Well Conti I’m sure the fucking losers at PETA and Wing nut Vegans probably think that.

      • xiphos0311 says :

        Tom I would say he is just as big of a douche as the others you mentioned. Murphy is a fucking coward to go after Jarv since there is all of about dozen and half people that read this place. Murphy gets to vent without having to worry about any blow back or payback by somebody that can hurt him. Let’s see wide body go after a big time reviewer or studio head or someone like that. It won’t happen.

      • Continentalop says :

        Just for the record, I am not defending Don Smurphy. My entire point was that the guy’s attitude is fucking up poor Natali’s reputation. Guilt by association. People probably would have let this bad movie pass with little venom if 15lbs of shit in a 10lb bag hadn’t thrown a hissy fit.

    • M. Blitz says :

      What…you mean he’s only a dick to the anonymous little people who pay good money to see the movies he’s got a hand in producing? The ones who actually care enough to even bother writing up their impressions?

      Well, in that case! Yeah, fuck him…

    • Continentalop says :

      And I should add my other point was here is a guy that the 12 of us could have championed and admired. I mean, if the stories about him being passionate about film and a staunch defender of young, risky filmmakers is true than he is the type of guy I think we could all say we want to see more of his work.

      But “noooo”, the fuck attacks the very people who would probably admire him the most just because they disagree with him about a movie. I mean, if he had actually came in and politely talked and debated with Jarv about his review, he probably would have won some converts and fans for life. Way to go dumbshit.

      What Xi said is so true, “Murphy is a fucking coward to go after Jarv since there is all of about dozen and half people that read this place. Murphy gets to vent without having to worry about any blow back or payback by somebody that can hurt him.” His attack here just shows him real colors.

      Xi, what was that quote by Patton? “Battle is the acid test that brings out the metal of true courage”? Well, the reaction to a bad review is the acid test that brings out true assholery.

      • xiphos0311 says :

        I think this is the quote you were refering to.

        “Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.”

        Just for the hell of it a few more:

        “Better to fight for something than live for nothing.

        “If a man has done his best, what else is there?”

        “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.”

        “Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.”

        “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”

        And of course:

        Americans love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle.

      • Continentalop says :

        I think we got to turn those into Murphisms.

        “Better to bitch about nothing than make something good.

        “If a man has done his best, than you’re not talking about me.”

        “No bastard ever made a good movie by listening to critics. He made a good movie when he insulted anyone who disagreed with and got some guys at a fat ginger’s website to give him a good review.”

        “Nobody ever needs to defend a good movie, is why I attack and attack and attack those who criticize mine.”

        “A bad movie violently defended now is better than a making a good movie that doesn’t need to be defended.”

      • Droid says :

        Don’t forget…

        “The only good bug is a dead bug!”

  9. lordbronco says :

    Alright, I’m going to go out on a limb here, and list the movies I *am* looking forward to in the future on this weekend of meagre releases.

    In no particular order:


    Tron 3-D.

    Scott summers bad girlfriends movie-whatever-the superpowered tween movie.


    The Expendables.

    As you can see, I do enjoy fun genre movies, maybe too much.

    near as i can tell, that’s it.

    • Tom_Bando says :

      I’m actually gonna go see the A-Team. It looks to me like they decided to just go along w/ the sheer cartoony stupidity of the show, and then push it Mikey Bay style right over the edge. It’s prob. gonna be TERRIBLE, but what the hell? not much else this summer ya know.

      The Expendables? why not? looks fun.

    • Continentalop says :

      You know, none of those movie interest me. I don’t know why but none of them get me excited.

      Inception and maybe True Grit and the Next Three Days.

      • Continentalop says :

        Oh wait, The Next Three Days is by Paul Haggis. Fuck that. It is off the list.

      • lordbronco says :

        Ah-good calls conti-inception is probaly the only one I’m intrigued by, and True Grit-absolutely.

      • Continentalop says :

        You know LB, I have this fear that Inception is just going to suck. It isn’t based on any logic or evidence, just this hunch that I am getting my hopes up to high for that movie (kind of like when I went and saw GONY).

  10. lordbronco says :


    Jonah hex

    Resident evil 3-D

    maybe, possiblies

    Last Airbender (unlikely)

    Sorceror’s apprentice. (cage, but it’s disney?!?)

  11. Droid says :

    There are very few films I’m actually looking forward to this year. I’ll see far too many, but the ones I want to see are…


    The Expendables

    The Town

    Wall Street 2


    Seriously, only five films with seven months left in the year.

    That’s totally fucked.

    • Droid says :

      Actually, there’s a few more…

      The Rum Diary

      Tree of Life (if it comes out this year)

      Black Swan

      The Fighter

      The Beaver

      Okay, so ten. Not that bad then.

    • lordbronco says :

      O.o Here’s one:

      “Warrior” Apparently Nick nolte in a mixed martial arts movie?!?


      And we have the Fighter next year with Lord god Bale and Marky Mark?!?

      It’s like…ummm That transmorpher’s knockoff production company amaking a knockoff of a Bale vehicle-before it even happens?!?


  12. Droid says :

    Koutch’s Number One Most Anticipated Film is…

    Walter the Farting Dog

  13. lordbronco says :

    Courtesy of cracked.com-

    R.Kelly’s “Real Talk-behind the scenes”

    God help us all :-p

    Apparently R. Kelly is a comedian when he’s not peeing on people.

  14. xiphos0311 says :

    Movies I’m looking forward to.

  15. ThereWolf says :

    Not looking forward to any movies in particular. There are a couple I want to see (Inception, Predators) but I’m not gagging to see them or anything.

    I was hoping The Last Exorcism would come through but having seen the trailer now I doubt it.

    Somebody somewhere must be able to deliver a good ‘exorcism’ movie…

    • xiphos0311 says :

      Well there is that art house one by Friedkin from back in the 70’s nobody saw…

      I thought the Exorcism of Emily rose was pretty good. It never tried to answer the question of what really happened and left it up to the viewer to decide and it had a nice bit of tension.

      • ThereWolf says :

        Apologies – I should have said NEW exorcism movie. Maybe they’re all afraid of being compared to Friedkin’s film.

        Emily Rose was okay. That freaked me out, the bit when her boyfriend wakes up in bed and she isn’t beside him. He looks around and she’s on the floor, glaring at him. The hairs stood up on the back of me neck…

        I dunno, we’re stacked to the gills with zombies – not complaining, I like zombies – but demonic possessions are few and far between.

      • xiphos0311 says :

        I think you’re probably right about possession flicks, Nobody want’s to be compared to the exorcist so all those kinds of movies wind up going DTV.

        Zombies need to be put on the shelf for a while but unlike exorcism movies on DTV I’ve seen a few decent ones there.

      • Continentalop says :

        Friedkin did an exorcism movie? What was it called?

      • ThereWolf says :

        Carry On Possessing.

      • Tom_Bando says :

        I think there’s one called ‘Triple Chin Green Spew Emulsion Syndrome’-produced and starring CGI Don Murphy. He’s possessed by a portuguese Goat-

      • Tom_Bando says :

        Oh wait-Freidkin did do another exorcism movie: the Stench Connection. I’m sure you’ve heard of it-Gene Hackman’s possessed by Linda Blair and does some really scary things w/ a cross. There’s a great car chase under a subway where they run over Jason Miller-

    • koutchboom says :

      Yeah didn’t realize that the Last Exorcism was going to be a found footage thing. Fuck that I’ve had my fill….maybe.

      Didn’t like Emily Rose, just bored the living shit out of me.

  16. Jarv says :

    Zombie’s and vampires need shelving for a good five years. We’re inundated with them and the vast majority are terrible

  17. Jarv says :

    Conti is right. Even on a good day our readership numbers maybe 200- and they’re usually not on something like splice- which probably 50 people have read.
    Judge someone by how they treat those that can’t help them.

    • Continentalop says :

      And like I wrote (badly) Jarv, the real sad thing is how easy it would have been for Smurphy to come across as the coolest producer of them all if he just sat down and (politely) debated against you why he thought you were wrong. To take the time out to discuss film with a very small but passionate film-loving group, especially ones who disagree with you about your movie and be open minded about that disagreement, would have said a lot about his character.

      But of course, he showed us his real character. He acted like a…what’s that word you always use Jarv?

      Oh, yes…cunt.

      • Tom_Bando says :

        The old adage-watch how so and so treats the wait staff/hired help, it’ll tell you an awful lot about what they’re really about.

        Triple Chin couldn’t honestly engage w/ Jarv? then he deserves allll the tags of ‘Don Murphy is a fat cunt’ that he gets.

      • Jarv says :

        I’ve responded to him again.

        After all the crying for me to email him, and I did and no fucking response.

        Rude bastard, not an ounce of the style of Don Mancini,

        Don Mancini= Professional. Don Murphy= fat tool giving Dons a bad name.

  18. Jarv says :

    testing the ps3. seems to work

    • lordbronco says :

      Oh Do Tell!!! What are you going to play first?

      I’m happy to recommend cross-platform games that I know are enjoyable…

      And that only took a month or so to get?

  19. D.Vader says :

    Holy fuck, what’s going on here guys? I saw that fat douche Don Murphy posting in Capone’s Splice review, calling out Jarv, though Jarv has been awol from AICN for a long time now…

    Then I saw Droid and Sal mounting a defense and a counter-attack and knew I had to make my way back to these here parts. So where the fuck did all that come from? Did Murphy find you guys here somehow?

  20. Tom_Bando says :

    Why yes he did Noted_Sage D.Vader! Jarv reviewed Splice, as did Droid(I think-?) and was just being honest-it’s a POS. Ole Triple Chins Murphy decided to go all Uwe Boll here and tackle Jarv and Droid Personally about it.

    If it’s a battle of wits, well-Jarv and Droid>a dead cat>Triple Chins Murphy. As you well know.

  21. D.Vader says :

    That’s too bad. I was actually looking forward to seeing the movie this week. Knowing Murphy is attached has now soured my expectations.

    Glad to see you guys are still fighting the good fight.

  22. Tom_Bando says :

    Triple Chins isn’t that fond of Xiphos or myself either, but I DO have to recommend the postings of the Late Don Simpson(TM) here-he was (attempting) to set Triple Chins straight on some things, which while next to impossible, made for some danged funny reading.

  23. D.Vader says :

    That Don Murphy. So mature.

  24. tombando says :


    Triple Chin’s next movie. This is an early review.

  25. Jarv says :

    Archiving happening now. Don’t touch this page.

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