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A gathering place for paranoid survivalists and those who worship at the Church of Chang

August 2015: Dryer than a bone, and hotter than the surface of the sun- yup, it’s summertime in Perfection and El Blanco is on the prowl.

Disclaimer: This is the part of the Church that is the most no holds barred. None of it is intended with malice, and although it can on occasion seem a little bit fraught, it is banter rather than venom. So, be warned that this is like taking a naked swim in a piranha tank and not recommended for the faint of heart.


6,950 responses to “Burt Gummer’s Rec Room”

  1. Judge Droid says :

    Jarv, the holy ghost of Chang has hereby assigned you the task of reviewing the new Robin Hood movie, including breaking down whatever the fuck is going on with Jamie Foxx’s accent and how the babyface from Kingsmen stacks up against previous incarnations of RH.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      Ugh, throwing the gauntlet down on that one….well done. It looks….not good.

    • Jarv says :

      Oh God. Do I have to. I actually grew up near Loxley, and Sherwood Forest actually extended close up to our Garden. So this shit pains me.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Yes now you have to. You are made for this task.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Chang knows his shit. You are the resident Robin Hood expert. Get to work.

      • TomBando says :

        Oh yeah we def. need to see this. I would do a review/blurb of the Russell Crowe one(again), but-you’ve likely seen it already, and you Don’t need to relive THAT anymore than absolutely necessary. It’s STILL a stupid excuse for a Robin Hood movie–he doesn’t fucking play ROBIN HOOD. He plays Russell Crowe, Medeival Cruxader Extraordinaire, and hangs around in Nottingham. That’s more or less it. Oh and you get some Lord of the Rings ringers in there-Bernard Hill, Cate Blanchette etc. But whateverz. This new one looks like the Heath Ledger Knights by way of MTV thingie from 2001.

      • TomBando says :

        Did anyone here ever see that here and gone King Arthur from a couple years back? I think Jude Law was in it? I kept thinking of that whenever the scenes for this Robbing Hood were shown. Just something off. They Don’t need to keep making these. Who thinks it’s a good idea? I’m confused here Hollywood.

  2. M. Blitz says :

    Watching Film Worker about Leon Vitali and Kubrick. Highly recommend!!

  3. M. Blitz says :

    This was fascinating and funny

  4. M. Blitz says :

    Started watching American Vandal and Alex Trimboli is definitely a little bitch 😂

  5. TomBando says :

    Another fucking Robbing Hood movie–I own the Russell Crowe one and I wanna like it, but damned-it’s NOT Robbing Hood, it’s Crowe running around on a horse, and it just flatout misses the point.

    Lemme see, broke out the Titanic, the Patriot and now Master and Commander on the VHS–Titanic still works quite well, goes overboard in the whole Romeo and Juliet side but whatever, you all have seen it to death. The Patriot has its share of hokey silliness thruout but I do like the cast etc. Isaacs as the baddie is so over the top I donno. It def was done by the Indepence Day guys so whatever. You expect it to be kinda dumb. Master and Commander now-I don’t see anything wrong with this. A third thru it and it’s still holding up well.

    • TomBando says :

      *looks at last blurb and cringes-whatever twice? misspelling Independence Day? I suck.*

      I do plan to see Creed Too AKA Rocky 8, be interesting to see what Dolph is doing as Drago Sr in this.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      Master and Commander is great stuff. The Patriot….not so much. Not a fan of Titantic, and would never have a desire to see it beyond the ine time I did see it.

      • TomBando says :

        Yeah it’s worked better for me than I expected it would thru the years, Titanic I mean.

        Doing the usual Carol Reed/David Lean stuff now for the holiday-The Third Man-stone classic period, Odd Man Out-still holds up pretty well after a so-so start, I do like this one-and Oliver Twist. Classic characters in this one too-only minus is Kenobi as Fagin is VERY VERY much the Jewish caricature, not so great.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Another good one I caught yesterday which has been awhile….Leon/Professional.

  6. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Happy Turkey day changians! 🍗

  7. M. Blitz says :

    Eat up americans!

  8. Xiphos0311 says :

    Belated T Day wishes to everybody. I worked overnight terrorizing food service people Wednesday into Thursday so i slept most of yesterday. Its the last time I will get to do that so I took the opportunity to engage in some recreational terrorizing of cooks.

    Things I’ve watched of late:

    not a whole hell of a lot actually been busy helping with the hurricane clean up around the county since I am licensed to drive heavy machinery and large trucks

    However I have watched SN season 39. Its been pretty good actually and I am enjoying it.

    Titans which is DC Teen Titans updated and made more “gritty and adult” about OG Robin becoming Night Wing and collecting strays and weirdos into a super hero team. I was on the fence about it but when it got to the introduction of The Doom Patrol and it got really good.

    The Last Waltz concert movie . On some days I count this as the second best Scorcese flick after Good Fellas. It’s truly a great flick and just beats out Bringing Out The Dead for the second spot sometimes on The Marty list of good movies. Cue Conti’s furious anger in 3…2…1…

    I finished the second season of HBO’s The Deuce. Its a show I should like more then I actually do. Don’t get me wrong its good. The look is perfect, most of the acting is good, so its the writing, directing etc. However it just doesn’t grab me all that much and I find myself wandering when watching it, especially when James Franco is in the scene.

    There are some other things but I can’t really remember them. However I have read a great book that I highly recommend. Its called Pale Horse Rider: William Cooper, The Rise Of Conspiracy and the Fall of Trust in America.

    This requires a bit of explanation, The William Cooper in the title pretty much intersects or had a hand in creating most modern conspiracy theories since the 80’s. First he was a big UFO nut and along with Bill Lear(another dip shit) made up Majestic 12, Modern MIB and set the table for Area 51 and the alien abduction horse shit.Cooper then he turned on UFOology and went full nuts and Wrote Behold A Pale Horse. A book that is the most shop lifted book at book stores(i checked this claim out at a Barnes and Noble. I asked for the book by title and only got two letters in the second word of the title when the clerk cut me off and said its behind the counter because of theft.) The book is very popular with both prisoners(again I checked with friends inside and yep they’ve all read it) and with rappers like Wu-Tang Clan. Naz Jay-Z Tupac and a whole host of other rappers. There is also a white rapper that goes by William Cooper. Behold a Pale Horse and William Cooper are name checked in a lot of songs.

    Cooper also had a radio show and his persona was more or less ripped of by that shit bird Alex Jones(He isn’t the only one to rip off Cooper most conspiracy radio shows except for Coast to Coast AM rip him off in some way). Coopers had the gift of being able to find and ferret out the zeitgeist of the moment and ruthlessly exploit tenuous connections for his own purposes. His two biggest claims to fame was intersecting with OKC city bombers and for “predicting” 9/11, which he really didn’t do and predicating his own death. There shit tons of stuff I’m leaving out because I don’t want ruin the book for anybody.

    The author of the book was a surprise to me since he is NYC guy through and through and writes a lot “slice of life” stuff about NYC. In fact his writings are the basis for the TV show Taxi and the movie American Gangster. The biggest surprise though was that the writer wasn’t a total douche bag to people who don’t have the special advantage to live in a shit hole like NYC or the northeast. In fact he actually had the guts to like the benighted little folk in fly over country who live in rural Arizona. In other words he was fair and even handed in doing a book about a complete abusive asshole nut case alcoholic, albeit a smart demon of a researcher one, killed by the Apache County Sheriff’s office.

    I highly recommend this book and if anybody wants more specifics about it ask questions with a spoiler tag and I’ll try and answer them.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Sorry for the long ass post.

    • Continentalop says :

      I won’t rant, Xi. I love “The Last Waltz.” Used to watch that nightly when I worked at shitty Hollywood Video. I think it’s the best concer film ever, better than even “Stop Making Sense” (sorry MB, who I think loves that).

      And I get what you mean about The Deuce. I think I love the setting more that the actual show.

      BTW – I can’t wait to see Eastwood’s THE MULE.

      • Judge Droid says :

        Conti, did you see ‘A Star is Born’? I’m curious about it. I dislike Cooper, but I like Gaga. I’ve not seen a previous ASIB movie so it being a remake really means northing. The trailer and the soundtrack makes it look good.

        BTW The Mule looks really good and kinda heartbreaking. Eastwood looks every bit his age. Gaunt and weathered. I’m looking forward to it.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I figured you would light me up for saying Bringing Out the Dead was the second best Scorsese movie, which in fact, it is. Unless I think that day The Last Waltz is second best.

      • M. Blitz says :

        I actually misread your post at first Xi and you almost got the rant from me. I thought you were putting Bringing Out the Dead (shudder….ooof that lighting, ack) as #1 with Last Waltz 2nd and sometimes swap them. Which I would find jaw-dropping.

        Conti, I’m down with the Band but would still watch Stop Making Sense instead most days 🙂

        Droid, I am also intrigued by A Star is Born. My Cooper hate has mellowed a little over the years apparently, he looks bearable to me in this. Ive never seen the Streisand Kristofferson version somehow (though vividly recall staring at the cover of the soundtrack my mom had in her record collection). Would recommend the James Mason version though.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        No MB Goodfellas is #1 with a bullet. I just wrestle with the second one is it The Last Waltz or Bringing Out the Dead> I really comes down down to how I feel at that moment.

      • Jarv says :

        The correct answer is Neither. It’s King of Comedy.

      • Jarv says :

        Xi- have you ever read any Charles Farrell. He’s most famous for the essay he wrote on why he fixed fights. He’s a great boxing writer, particularly on the business side of it.

        Anyhoo, I mention it, because he was superb on the whole Wilder-Fury-Joshua match ups.

      • tombando says :

        Has to be Hugo….

      • Continentalop says :

        Droid & MB,

        Have yet to the new Star is Born. But I actually really want to. It looks like the type of movies they used to make for adults. And, like MB, not a big Bradley Cooper fan (him & Emma Stone always annoys me because I know how they come from privileged backgrounds).

        My ranking for A Star is Born is the 50s version with Judy Garland & James Mason #1, 30s by William Wellman starring Janet Granor & Frederick March at #2, and the 70s w/Kris Pisstofferson (that supposedly was his nickname on the movie) & Babs at #3.

      • Continentalop says :

        Got no problem with your ranking, Xi. Everyone has their own (good to see GoodFellas as #1 though)

        Mine is a 3 way tie – GoodFellas, Taxi Driver & Raging Bull (with Mean Streets coming in right behind).

      • M. Blitz says :

        Emma Stone annoys the fuck out of me too.

      • Continentalop says :

        She’s got a serious “everything handed to her on a silver platter” vibe.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Conti my third choice in the pantheon of Scorcese flicks is a three way tie between King of Comedy, Casino and Raging Bull.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I am also looking forward to Eastwood Mule. It looks to me like a throw back movie to the days when Hollywood made ‘medium” sized films.

        I’m also intrigued by A Star Is Born. Cooper is a non entity to me by i think Gaga is one talented woman.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Emma Stone’s father is a veeeeeeery successful contractor in Scottsdale. She didn’t have to struggle very hard.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Both King of Comedy and After Hours are waaaaaay underrated.

      • Continentalop says :

        Her parents also got her private acting lessons from a coach who used to be at William Morris.

        She’s a rag to riches story.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Jarv you’re like the second or third person to bring up his name to me recently so I’ll be lazy and use the same response. I know the name, I know I should read his stuff, everybody says its well written but I’ve never got around to reading anything he wrote. I need to change that.

  9. TomBando says :

    Lemme see–watching the Rocketeer. Still a fun movie. Joe Johnstone’s a really good director. I wish they’d made a couple more of these.

    Watched Deep Impact the other day, had forgotten it had young Frodo in there, it works fairly well, I usually put that on with Armageddon. Same story just one is so Much over the top vs. the other. And the better for it, I think. Robert Duvall adds a lot to DI however. Young Frodo racing a tidal wave on a dirtbike. Hrm.

    What else did I sees..Oh the only new thing was a few eps of Bones, I’d never really caught that before. Not-bad. It has the usual CSI routine going on, I might check out a few more.

  10. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Saw Fantastic Beasts 2….thought it was pretty good, better than I expected and better than any of the Potter movies. That may not be saying much, but just a better story, characters, acting, magic, action.

  11. Continentalop says :

    In honor of the season:

  12. Xiphos0311 says :

    Conti it looks likes like The Mouse House will be making a Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu movie. and it will be with a genuine Asian in the starring role and everything. Walt must be spinning in his head grave.


  13. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Watched Inception again, for me, a very rewatchable one. I don’t even mind what’s her face in this, and I just love the story and how it flows, even the ambiguity of the ending. Though I have seen stuff on the internets saying it was definitely reality at the end because if a couple points. Caine has of course piped up on different occasions sharing his view on it.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Who dont you mind and why do you usually mind her? I have this on dvd but I’ve only watched it the once. Perhaps time for another spin…get my $3 worth lol. Do you have Big Lots where you live? Their discount dvd section kicks ass.

      • Just Pillow Talk says :

        Ellen Page and I do have a Big Lots near me, though I have never actually gone into it. I may have to take a walk in there though, if th ed y have a good selection.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Best spot for dvds, socks, christmas lights, mexican pink soap and school supplies. Otherwise, it is a pretty pointless store.

        Ahhh Ellen Page. I go back and forth on my opinion of her. Sometimes i find her dull, other times adorable. I forgot she was even in Inception.

  14. M. Blitz says :

    Ive been watching a bunch of stuff the last few days, mostly thing I’ve seen before, but some new stuff. Not a bad one in the bunch!

    The Muppet Movie (my true love)

    Badlands (twice actually….watched it at night, woke up and watched it again). I will take a young Martin Sheen done up like James Dean over James Dean himself anyday.

    King of Comedy….cuz i was sad it was getting no play above 😦

    Happy as Lazzaro: i thought this was excellent

    First Reformed: also excellent. The key to this was in the camera work. Possibly the best I’ve ever seen Ethan Hawke. It’s kinda like….Paul Schrader does transcendental cinema.

    Cabaret: this movie devastates me every goddamn time. The deafening fucking silence at the very end. I cry at the end. And my body involuntarily convulses sob-like a couple times at the whispered “she wouldn’t look jewish at all” during that particular number. Ugh. Put me in the mood, naturally, to watch….

    All That Jazz: i love this so much. Soooo psychotic. Been dancing around doing my best fosse-style moves all day. Watched this twice too actually, once with commentary by Heim. It put me in the mood, naturally, to watch….

    The Singing Detective: the tv one, not the movie (which i stilllllll havent seen). So harsh, so brilliant. Cant find a reasonably priced region 1 dvd and am quite annoyed about it, so have to settle for youtube.

    The Third Man: when the kitty runs up to Welles…..i die. Young Welles is so goddamn beautiful/charismatic, if i could go back in time, and be in his presence, i think i might faint.

    Touch of Evil: seen this a few times in my life and i always forget just how dark it is. Deitrich is everything though.

  15. M. Blitz says :

    Knew I was forgetting something! Also watched, You Were Never Really Here, which I Iiked. A lot. It felt like it was about a half an hour long. Joaquin did a very good job in this.

    Oh yeah, and, hah, most of season 1 of The Norm Show. Yeah. Yup.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Oh yeah, and In Bruges, again. Colin Farrell is not that cute to me and yet oh so attractive in a way.

      Speaking of Colin, watched the Killing of a Sacred Deer last week….it was alright. Def preferred The Lobster, I must say.

  16. TomBando says :

    Never can get enough of either Third Man or In Bruges. Midgets and Trevor Howard. “Calla WAY I’m not Irish–!”

    I also like the Departed and the Aviator of Marty’s though its obvious Goodfellahs is his best. I think. I need to re-watch Mean Streets as it’s been a while.

    Watching Sante Fe Trail from ’40 with Errol Flynn as Jeb Stuart(!), chasing after John Brown (Raymond Massey who also played Lincoln), with Alan Hale Sr, Olivia De Havilland and Reagan along for the ride. They’re doing the Bleeding Kansas bit, as usual black people are shown as either Mammies, wide eyed overgrown children who are helpless without their Masters-couple cringe inducing scenes just now) or just shoved to the side. I donno how else to put it, you just have to see the movie yourself.

    As far’s the movie itself, Flynn had a run of these with the same guys in it-Olivia, the Skipper Sr, etc-it’s well done if somewhat of a Gone w the Wind wannabe in places.

    They’re not sure how to go about with the portrayal of Brown-noble flawed hero? Homicidal False Prophet? They turned it into a Western halfways thru and you wanna throw something at the screen. C’mon guys. Harpers Ferry. Harpers Ferry.

    Sorry. Anyways.

    Reagan plays George Custer!! Yes. I kinda thought it was a bit…off..

    • TomBando says :

      One face that stands out in Santa Fe Trail–Van Heflin as a colleague of Flynn’s, he’s kinda weaselly, I wasn’t sure if it was him or Arthur Kennedy. I like him in stuff. Shane etc. Really good actor. Here they FINALLY get to Harper’s Ferry by the way, its obviously shot in California but they do it up big. But its shot more like the OK Corral than anything else. Ahhh Hollywood. Massey as Brown is really fine.

  17. TomBando says :

    Oh the other one I have been seeing run alot is Cheyenne Autumn, with Richard Widmark, Gilbert Roland, James Stewart, etc. John Ford’s attempt to make nicer with the Indians etc. It works for the most part, about these 300 Cheyenne indians who try to go back to Wyoming from Oklahoma, Widmark is the cavalry dude who is responsible for running them down ala the Nez Perce/Chief Joseph thing. Pretty much a tragic story all round, done in the usual Ford method save without the slapsticky stuff. Stewart and Arthur Kennedy’s segment has that, but it’s almost like they took a part from another totally different screenplay and jammed it in. You know it when you see it.

    I like Widmark in most everything and here too.

  18. Just Pillow Talk says :

    I hadn’t seen Patriot games in a while, I liked Ford’s Ryan. Wish he made more than he did.

  19. M. Blitz says :

    I watched Super Dark Times today and it has put me in a very weird and depressive mood. Bah. Been trying for hours now to figure out what to watch next.

  20. M. Blitz says :

    Watched Sorry to Bother you. It was prettty fucking awesome. Very funny, very audacious, completely insane and true to life. Highly recommend.

  21. TomBando says :

    Oh and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Too for the second time, it was still fun, the whole Stallone/orig. GotG cameos pointless, Kurt Russell’s grand plot is more baddies spreading evil glowing blobs all over the place, but whatever. Michael Rooker comes off best in this I think. I’ve no idea how the 3rd will be with a new director.

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