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August 2015: Dryer than a bone, and hotter than the surface of the sun- yup, it’s summertime in Perfection and El Blanco is on the prowl.

Disclaimer: This is the part of the Church that is the most no holds barred. None of it is intended with malice, and although it can on occasion seem a little bit fraught, it is banter rather than venom. So, be warned that this is like taking a naked swim in a piranha tank and not recommended for the faint of heart.


7,123 responses to “Burt Gummer’s Rec Room”

  1. ThereWolf says :

    Out of the loop on movies. Was that Han Solo flick any good or what?

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      Solo was okayish. The actor they got didn’t seem to be Finger of Doom like, but compared to previously released NuStar Wars, it was mildly entertaining. The train heist was the best part of the movie.

      • ThereWolf says :

        Saw the trailer – didn’t hit me in any way. Nu-Star Wars 1 went in one eye and out the other. Watched Nu-Star Wars 2 couple of weeks ago, it just seemed to riff on the originals (as did 1), kept waiting for it to do something new but it never happened. I liked it better than 1 is the best I can say. Maybe I’ll give Solo a go. Enjoyed Rogue One though.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        there isn’t anything new in any of these movies. They have no real point.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      I thought it was a pretty bad movie. And I thought all the other newer SW films were better than this one. Didn’t like the actor at all, the need to explain everything about him was painful to watch.

  2. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Recent viewings…

    Equilibrium – hadn’t seen this in a long time, mildly entertaining. The gun battles from Wick make these look silly. BTW, looking forward to Wick 3. Sword fighting on horseback!

    Untouchables – love this flick.

    Deadpool 2 – I do find these movies entertaining. Fred Savage was a nice touch.

    MI Fallout – find this enjoyable. All the boxes checked off for over-the-top action and Tom running.

    The Passage – pilot episode was Meh, but I will continue to watch a bit to see if it gets better.

    Supernatural – still liking this season.

    • Continentalop says :

      I’m having mixed reactions with this season. I like it, overall, but I just finished watching seasons 1-5 again, and the show is so different now & lacking a lot of the stuff I loved in those early season, especially tone & aesthetically. The newer seasons can’t help but feel weaker in comparison.

      Having said that, love Jensen’s Michael. Up there with Lucifer & Yellow Eyes as one of there best villains.

  3. Continentalop says :

    If you have Netflix, watch FYRE, the documentary about the Fyre Festival debacle. Entertaining as hell.

  4. Just Pillow Talk says :

    Big Trouble in Little China is on!

    Hollow? Fuck it.

  5. TomBando says :

    *THEREWOLF!!! How goes it sirrah? I liked the New SW flix more than you did, but I also find I have NO interest in anything else-the CGI series, the expanded Universe books or comics or games etc. Just-blah. Lemme see the movies and I’m happy. Han Solo flick was NOT NEEDED. And am glad this means they bagged it on the Yoda/Fett/etc ones. The Kenobi one semi interests though.

    *Have you guys ever seen Blind Fury?! Was watching it right just now–and it was sorta like watching ZOO, I just sat there slack jawed as this unfolded. From ’89–Rutger Hauer, Shuo Kosogi, Meg Foster, Tex Cobb, etc etc. Rutger plays a blind Vietnam Vet-complete with prologue showing him being a POW, gets blinded by baddies, then he ‘ages’ about 4 days when they cut to the present. He runs afoul of some baddies-Tex Cobb, another guy who looks like Bill Paxton but ain’t, urm another asian baddie, and it stars Lost dude Terry O’Quinn as well. Anyways, Blind guy can do All kinda magic things here. There’s a Car chase-with the baddies in a ;72 Cutlass, chasing Blind Hauer who is AT THE WHEEL of the Van, his kid ‘guiding him’ along thru the city traffic etc. Anyways—they avoid being shot up by the baddies, the Cutlass hits a hidden ramp and does the A-Team somersault over a parked T-Bird and goes for about half a mile on its roof…..Then there’s a scene where, big show down, Sho goes for a dive into this jacuzzi, and gets electrocuted. Tex Cobb comes in, and get this, there’s a Samurai Sword duel WITH BLIND RUTGER around it. He loses his weapon, and the KID–Wonder Twins are they? I donno–tosses Rutger another Magic Samurai Blade, and he manages to finish off Tex Cobb. Oh there’s a lotta shooting, weirdness and typical late 80s Cannon Film type stuff though it was a Tri Star complete with that running Pegasus logo at the start.

    Yes. You Should see this. I haven’t even heard of it before, it was hilarious.

  6. Xiphos0311 says :

    Things I’ve watched lately:

    Corporate a half hour comedy show on IFC(I think I’m too lazy too look it up S2 3 episodes in) Think a way darker way more biting version of The office. Very funny. It plays into every vision of working in a civilian corporate office I have.

    Black Monday(New show 2 episodes in Showtime) a comedy about the 87 Stock Market crash. Not too bad, sort of funny. Stars Don Cheadle doing the Don Cheadle thing.

    The Other Two(New show 1 episode in Comedy Central) about two wanna be/never been siblings having to deal with the instant internet fame of their younger brother due to a song he made that went viral. The first episode was very funny had a lot of good actors in it.

    Project Blue Book(New show A&E 3 episodes in) Poor Mayor Carcetti/Little Finger who did you owe to have to do this garbage? PBB is the name of a the Air Force program that ran from the 50’s-70’s that studied unexplained aerial phenomenon( to quote the UFO numb nuts I’m not saying its aliens but its aliens!) Poor Little Finger has to work so I guess he took, what’s going to be, a one and done series to pay the bills. It’s fucking awful. So like a schmuck I keep watching this train wreck.

    The Orville(S2 Fox) The best Star Trek show on TV. Star Trek Discovery(S2 CBS All Access) not the best Star Trek on TV, also not a very good show.

    Crashing(HBO S2) and High Maintenance(HBO S3) I don’t know why I watch shows set in NYC they usually make me boil over with hate for the cocksuckers that live there, but here I am watching these shows, so I’m the stupe. I support building the wall but i want to build it around Manhattan and Brooklyn in order to keep these stupid arrogant dumb fucks away from decent human beings. Christ these ass clowns are such worthless navel gazing ass hats. These shit birds make the moron Los Angeles residents seem worthwhile by comparison

    The Punisher(S2 Netflix) Shane is good as Frank Castle but over all The Punisher is like Iron Fist, Power Man and DareDevil, it isn’t very good. The problem is that character doesn’t lend itself to long form storytelling. Frank’s main attribute is anger and that isn’t very interesting as a main character. As a side character he works great. Doesn’t matter though since the show is going to be canceled anyways.

    • Just Pillow Talk says :

      Been wondering about Orville. May have to check it out at some point. Just like against my better judgement I will watch Punisher.

      Hoping The Passage is decent tonight. Thought episode 2 was better than 1, not withstanding dumbass janitor.

      • Continentalop says :

        Has anyone been watching The Ted Bundy Tapes? No new info for the true crime fans here, but pretty well made. Worth watching.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Orville’s biggest problem is tone its all over the place, so in that regards its like early TNG episodes.

  7. Continentalop says :

    Dick Miller hasn’t passed away, yet Roman Polanski & Woody Allen are still alive.

    Proof there is no God.

  8. Just Pillow Talk says :


    English premier league games have more scoring.

  9. TomBando says :

    *Blooperbowl. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Was hoping the Rams would win, as they have a number of former Broncos on there, but okay fine. Magic Hoody gets another win. Gag. Makes you naseous up here. I can live with it though. *shrugs*

    *Uhhhhh latest movie thingy I watched that was worth blurbing about.

    *Bourne Legacy. Had Not seen this one-it’s the one that stars Hawkeye and Rachel Weisz, which sad to say, I did NOT recognize til the end. I thought it was someone else who Looked like her. Ahhh well. She was fine, Hawkeye a bit miscast, I liked him hopping around those uber steep mtns in Alaska at the start. You wind up having him run into Oscar Isaacs in a cabin, Oscar gets nuked by a drone, Hawkeye and Weisz are chased around by Spooks who are ‘eliminating’ the whole Bourne program, Weisz being one of the Docs who kept them cranked up on their Magic Meds(TM) and Knows Too Much(TM). This by the way is going on while Bourne 3 is, you see Matt Damon’s mug on TV screens, cameos by Joan Allen and David Straithairn and the Late, Much Lamented Albert Finney being drug thru the wringer by the Courts, the Press etc. I don’t remember the details of the individual Bourne flix that well, so–got me.

    *Anyhoose, I think it’s a good movie, they wind up in Manila, where you have the obligatory factory/warehouse shootout, bike chase from hell etc etc. I think Hawkeye’s perfectly okay here but don’t care if they never make another one with him. So far they haven’t.

    *Albert Finney-he was great, of course. He never has been a personal ‘Fave’, but he was top notch. For some reason reminds me of Bryan Cox some.

    *I liked Frank Robinson too.

  10. M. Blitz says :

    Hey yall, remember i played that show but didnt have pics? Found out today that somebody else posted a bunch online! Have a look-see….

    Warning….i am not a photogenic sort. I dont wear make up and i cut my own hair.

    Faust at Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD on July 21st, 2018
  11. M. Blitz says :

    Now that I’ve sufficiently embarrassed myself.
    Recent viewing:

    The Sopranos. I had only ever watched the first couple seasons, then random eps thereafter. This show basically tipped me into mid-life crisis territory. Do NOT remember it being so unrelentingly grim. Ade and Sil are my faves. Was really impressed by the kids this time. I think i was too young before to appreciate them.

    The People vs OJ Simpson. Thought it would suck, shocked at how good it was. The man was guilty as sin, but the verdict was, regrettably, correct. Binged it in a day.

    American Crime Story Versace edition. I think this one’s been underated. It doesnt have the flash of the OJ one, but it made me pretty nauseous. My only disappointment is that they didnt base it off Gary Indiana’s book on same, Three Month Fever.

    Spaced season 1. Very funny and adorable.

    That Guy Dick Miller for obvious reasons, may he rest in peace, swiftly followed by The ‘burbs and Terminator, couple of DM gems.

    Blue Steel, which i hadnt seen in decades. God she was a terrible cop.

    Finished up BSG. The ending is so utterly preposterous, it blows my mind.

    Flowers. Put it on cuz Julian Barratt’s in it. Ummmmm…..hmm. i have a real like-hate relationship with this one. I dunno. On the whole, a bit too heavy on the forced whimsy and not as funny as it thought it was. But Barratt was good, as usual.

    That new Sam Cooke doc on netflix. It’s Sam so I’ll take what i can get, but the doc itself was a little weak, in the sense of having a thesis that isnt borne out.

    A bunch of Curb eps. Might dive back into Seinfeld for comforting telework viewing.

    On the book front, been reading William Gibson. Finally read Mona Lisa Overdrive (3rd after Neuromancer and Count Zero. Will be re-reading both soon as it’s been decades), and about halfway through Pattern Recognition. On the comics front, Jim Woodring. HIGHLY recommend Woodring!! He is beyond amazing.

  12. TomBando says :

    Sam Cook is always worth hearing, I never saw Blue Steel-Jamie Lee right? There’s a scene there I remember Siskel and Ebert mention-she runs like half a dozen blocks, next scene-like she’d just walked in from the next room. You’d be outta breath…..the pix are fine! sounded like a cool concert.

    • M. Blitz says :

      Yah, Jamie Lee. She’s great in it, but the whole plot hinges on what is, from my perspective, just an utterly insane error to make. Borderline unthinkable.

      Trying to work up the nerve to play some more. I was catching up with an old friend earlier and he found these. Turns out his little brother was at the show also. (Very random, since the friend’s in cali and the fam was from nj (and i met him in mass)). Weird flute faces lol

  13. Anonymous says :

    What has I been watching etc of late?

    *First year of Fringe-got my GF hooked on it. So I think I’ll be seeing more of it sooner than later. Always worth watching.

    *A book about all things Filmation, by the head of the studio Lou Scheimer. It’s not a bad read, they were on a shoe string budget and had to sell, sell, sell to the big 3 always. He Man, the Archies and Fat Albert’s what they cranked out among many others. I have a certain fondness for it as I grew up watching much of that-but it’s not all that great, I do know that too. He did too. It’s called the Filmation Generation.

    *More of the Yr 3 Twilight Zone DVD. Some pretty good ones there-To Serve Man, etc. It’s got a couple bowsers too…

  14. TomBando says :

    What Have I been watchin…

    *A re-watch of yr 1 of Fringe. Got my GF hooked on it–so gonna be seeing more. I’m for that. It’s not bad.

    *The Filmation Generation-autobio/studio history by the late head of Filmation-Lou Scheimer. The guys who did the Archies, He-Man, Fat Albert, etc etc. It’s a fun read if a bit superficial, the guy hadda sell, sell, sell to the big 3 always. He was an engaging guy and I am glad to have the book. I am fond of their stuff but I know it’s not all that good. He did too. It was put out a year before he died 2012

    *On the Waterfront-with Brando. It’s great.

  15. Xiphos0311 says :

    Here are three cuckoo cuckoo banana pants shows I’ve seen. Two just premiered today one is on episode four.

    The Umbrella Academy(Netflix). utterly silly send up of superhero stories with a decidedly overwrought Gothic tone. Just google it i can’t even remotely explain this thing in a coherent manner. its just nuts and entertaining as hell.

    The Doom Patrol(DC Streaming Service) Another over the top send up of superhero teams. Stan Lee “homaged” coughcoughRIPPEDOFFcouchcough the comic book to create the X Men. The Doom Patrol funny book came out about a year before the first X Men. This show, at least the first episode, was incredibly entertaining. The writing, while funny and vulgar(and it even has some nudity which was a surprise), was also pretty deep and thoughtful at points,

    Doom Patrol has a lot of good actors in it like Matt Bomer, Alan Tudyk, Brendan Fraser and Timothy Dalton and you can see the obvious parallels with X Men. As an added bonus its also a body horror flick with a define Cronenberg influence on the show.

    Lastly there is I Am The Night(TNT) No it isn’t about Batman, IAtN is based on a book by a lady named Fauna Hodel. Who is that you might ask? well here’s a link to save me typing, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_the_Night_(TV_series).

    The Black Dahlia angle is what got me to watch, more on that in a moment,however what keeps me watching is Chris Pine’s twitchyPTSD riddled(1st MARDIV Frozen Chosin) coke/heroin sniffing junkie busted out former hot shot LA times reporter now doing sleazy tabloid jobs. Pine is incredibly watchable here playing against type, his normal ‘good looking” hero/lead persona. In IAtN he is anything but that however he is smart and tough and wants to get the the truth/get payback for what was done to him by George Hodel, once again more on him in a moment. You see the obvious influences on this show, it might as well, as one review I read called it, James Ellroy: The TV Show. You also see Raymond Chandler, Walter Mosley and Ross MacDonald. really any hard boiled noir writer that sets stories in LA qualifies for mention.

    OK on to The Black Dahlia/ George Hodel angle. As I said the show is based on Fauna Hodel’s story of believing she was a mix race girl, the daughter of a white girl from a pronominal LA family and a ‘negro” worker on their property. She wasn’t though it was a BS story they told the black woman in Nevada they sold her to to cover up the shame of having a teen unwed mother. There’s a pretty funny theme in the first few episodes of her being called out by black characters for being white but she doesn’t believe them. Hodel is also the granddaughter of a slimy scumbag named George Hodel, a rich connected doctor, that also was, maybe, sort of thought to vaguely be one of the suspects in TBD murder.

    The reason i hedged my bets about calling him a prime or even a viable suspect in TBD murder is that while he was looked at by LAPD There was no direct evidence to tie him to the murder. However there was some circumstantial ties to Elizabeth Short and that’s where Hodel’s son comes into the picture. Hodel’s son is a retired LAPD detective that firmly believes his dad murdered Elizabeth Short, he even wrote a book about his investigation which then predictably made George Hodel the prime suspect. Much in the same way the graphic novel From Hell and others, help sell wolf tickets about Prince Albert Victor being Jack the Ripper. I read the book I don’t buy his theories. Most are based on some dubious photos and half remembered conversations and hazy memories.

    The show itself is a bit uneven. Most of the parts about Fauna sort of drag a bit until Connie Nielson shows up and then it becomes a Hitchcock movie. The show really cooks when Chris Pine’s entirely made up character, for the series, is on screen then it becomes electric. It’s a nut bar show and varies wildly in tone but it is interesting so give it a shot, its only six episodes,what have you got to lose?

    • M. Blitz says :

      I will watch this for PTSD Pine for sure.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Pine is excellent on the show and to me he usually didn’t register all that much since he was well sort of bland in most things I saw him in. Here he isn’t bland, at all. Pine just became the number one Chris on the Chris list in Hollywood.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      I’m working my way through The Umbrella Academy and man is this thing getting more and more cuckoo pants as it goes. Its totally bizarre and compulsively watchable.

  16. TomBando says :

    Oh goodie I duplicated myself here. Typical. Anyways.. Brolly Academy and the one with Brendan Fraser as Mr Robot looks like it might be fun. I think they’re streaming only? at least his is?

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      I duplicated you Tom. I noticed your comment was in the pending section so i approved it not realizing that it had already posted.

      Umbrella Academy is on Netflix. Doom Patrol is on the DC streaming service, or you can “find” it online.

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