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A gathering place for paranoid survivalists and those who worship at the Church of Chang

August 2015: Dryer than a bone, and hotter than the surface of the sun- yup, it’s summertime in Perfection and El Blanco is on the prowl.

Disclaimer: This is the part of the Church that is the most no holds barred. None of it is intended with malice, and although it can on occasion seem a little bit fraught, it is banter rather than venom. So, be warned that this is like taking a naked swim in a piranha tank and not recommended for the faint of heart.

3,092 responses to “Burt Gummer’s Rec Room”

  1. tombando says :

    Bride Came C.O.D-It’s a lotta fun. Bette Davis and Cagney work awfully well together, its a screwball comedy about rich playgirl Davis getting married to an Artie Shaw type after 4 days and winding up being stuck on a plane with Cagney who gets her father(Eugene Pallette) to pay him to shanghai her to Amarillo instead. They wind up in the desert, the whole cast winds up there in fact, it has a lot of the usual faces from this genre-Pallette, William Frawley, Henry Davenport, George Tobias, etc. Cagney rocks in this. He’s very funny. Davis does too–I donno if they did anything else togther-but they should. This is nicely written and doesn’t wear out it’s welcome. Funny business involving a Yucca Plant made me howl. So yes, by all means, if you get a chance to see this, do so.

  2. tombando says :

    Torrid Zone-Well, I got about 50 minutes in, and was enjoying it plenty, then it hit a scratch and locked up. BOOO on that. 60 percent of the movie-Ann Sheridan is a hottie here, with gobs of attitude, Pat O’Brien is an abrasive fast talking Banana plantation boss in Belize or whatever, Cagney his never do well employee who makes everything go, guys like Andy Devine, George Tobias and George Reeves(!) all play Central Americans about like you see in ‘Badges-we don’t need no stinking badges-‘!)-you know, either black wigs or dye jobs with a bit of brown face. It’s not embarrassing or whatever so much as like watching Victor Mature play Crazy Horse or Spock a Comanche. You know it’s just wrong but you go with it. Movie is worth my catching all of it sometime.

  3. tombando says :

    Fighting 69th–WW1 with an Oirish cast of Alan Hale Sr, George Brent, Cagney, Dick Foran, Pat O’Brien, etc. etc. Cagney comes in as a tough talking malcontent, turns out to be a coward, redeems self by pulling a Sgt York against the Huns. It’s not bad, you’ve seen it all before, agreeable if nothing else. Cliched some. Cast does a good job.

    West Point Story-Cagney, Virginia Mayo, Doris Day, McCrae from Oklahoma, etc. Another Yankee Doodle Dandy Reworking, not nearly as good, but fine in it’s own right. Cagney’s ‘Brooklyn’ number is fun, and I liked watching Mayo in a likeable, non-Gun moll role for a change. She was a beauty. Storyline is the old let’s put on a show, and get a Cadet to leave West Point in the process etc, but don’t bother–it’s the routines you go to see. Doris Day is pretty good too. Cagney has this one scene as a prima donna stage boss where he kicks a piano that you gotta see. It’s worth watching at least once.

  4. tombando says :

    https://youtu.be/qVS7YP1w4G0 the opening credits mostly. Can’t go wrong here.

  5. tombando says :

    13 Rue Madelaine-I Think this is the one Conti Pops kept recommending to me. It’s on You tube(TM)! Just saw it. Very good, no nonsense OSS type behind the lines in Vichy France drama. Cagney is great as the head of his unit, who trains a group that includes a German plant. Sam Jaffe shows as a mayor/Free French head honcho. Annabella is the ‘girl’ agent, does well. Richard Conte is the mole. Melville Cooper is also around. It’s finale is well known and gets you right there. Plot is about hunting down a V2 designer. By all means give this a watch if you are You Tubing. Nice job all around.

  6. tombando says :

    Sorry for it becoming the All Cagney All the time channel here. I got one or two more and that’s it.

  7. tombando says :

    Okay–last Cagney posting here.

    *Each Dawn I DIe-This from 1938 I think. Cagney, George Raft, Luis Jean Heydt, George Bancroft, etc. Cagney is an ace reporter, winds up framed for a triple drunk driver homicide, does hard time in prison, bigwig mobster Raft befriends same, gets out, Cagney gets put in solitary, Raft gets back in and during a Riot gets the real baddie to come clean on the triple killing. It’s pretty okay, typical presentation of convict life of the time, Raft has a Bogartish voice but is kind of a stiff. He does fine here though. Cagney’s great, and his guy is not a Cody Jarret, he cracks under the strain a few times in stir. I liked this overrall, it’s a good TCM viewing.

    Public Enemy-1931-The one that put him on the map. Has Jean Harlow, Joan Blondell and a few guys I never saw save there. Creaky at times but still effective Wiseguys type flick. Prohibition and mob stuff. The grapefruit in the face, the real punch that knocked out Cagney’s tooth, etc , Wellman’s penchant for using real bullets etc–are all there. See it at least once. It’s on a Little Ceasar level-the central performance is so good, you can forgive it being an early talkie.

    Oh and I liked that Orson Welles interview they show on You Tube from 74 where he says, point blank that Cagney was the best ever or damned close. Worthy.

  8. Xiphos0311 says :

    It’s time once again for the most important day of the year, the annual anniversary, of young miss Barfy one again turning twenty nine. Happy birthday Barfy the day is a special one for me.

  9. M. Blitz says :

    RIP Joanie……sad for that lady, man.

  10. kloipy says :

    I finally remembered my password. How are all you fine ass bitches doing?

  11. tombando says :

    We are fine and dandy Kloipster of the Appalachian Trail.

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