Misfits Series 3 Episode 8

Well, it’s time for me to draw the curtain on the third series of Misfits. This time out it’s been a funny old mix, varying in quality almost by the week, and so as such it has been almost impossible to predict what each episode will turn out like. However, if you take the patchy nature into account and the generally unpromising premise then this finale wasn’t exactly a recipe to fill me with joy.

So, this time out, we’ve got a new power in town. A charlatan (Mark Heap)can speak to dead people. However, what is worrying is that as soon as he does speak to dead people, they then manifest themselves to try to solve whatever is remaining in their lives and move on. In the case of our disparate group of chavs this is disastrous news, as they’ve got a body count numbering in the dozens and there’s a high chance that a few of these corpses will be a touch pissed off at them.

Unsurprisingly, the first 3 corpses to come back to life are the first two murdered probation workers and (Huzzah) Rachel (Jessica Brown-Findlay), the villain from the first series finale. Kelly (Lauren Socha) sees the first probation worker, and promptly runs like fury, while Simon falls into the trap laid by Sally (Alex Reid) from the first series. She’s under the impression that she wants revenge on the group, and Simon in particular for her murder, and much of the episode deals with her machinations.

This is spoiler heavy from here on in, as to look at this episode and the series as a whole, there’s no avoiding it.

Eventually, events culminate with our the two probation workers reconciling and moving on, in the meantime, Rachel, convinced that she’s wasted her life and there is no god, decides to try to catch up on all the debauchery she missed while alive. So, she gets wasted, stoned, and shags Curtis to within an inch of his life. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do the trick, and her depression reignites her mania culminating in the murder of Alisha (Antonia Thomas). Simon realises that it was always meant to be this way, so goes to buy the time travel power from Seth (finally showing some menace as a dealer) and to become Superhoodie to fulfil the role laid on him by Series 2. However, he’s told that this time-travel power is a one-shot deal: there’s no coming back from this one. The episode ends with Simon travelling back in time and purchasing immunity to powers from Seth. Thus, the circle is complete and the paradox loop the series was in is closed forever.

This was a strong episode, but not in the way I was expecting. Previous series finales have focused on the gross and comedic aspects of the story, and that was present here to some extent (repeatedly whacking the probation worker in the head being a fantastic running joke), and Heap’s line about being a medium being “all bollocks” was amusing. The acting from Rheon, Thomas, Stewart-Jarrett, Socha, and Gilgun was strong, whereas the minor characters really reminded us how well they were written and performed and how much we’ve missed them. Particularly Brown-Findlay, whose transformation from virtue crusader to slut was magnificent. However, this was about finally closing the time travel loop, and in a way, I’m sorry that this is the way they chose to do it.

Simon’s time travel and Superhoodieness becomes an exercise in pointlessness, as he essentially saves Alisha so she can survive for only a bit more time before she dies and he consigns himself to the vortex. Surely, Simon, being in possession of knowledge of the future, you may just decide to tell Alisha how she dies and on what day so she can, therefore, avoid death. But I suppose this does again reopen the can of worms which has now been very firmly sealed up. Particularly when you take into account that they’ve categorically stated that all the Time Travel powers are gone now.

So, given that the next series has been announced, I’m really not sure if this is a good thing. On one hand, I’m not going to shed a tear for the loss of Alisha, as her character has been badly underused and really given the short end of the stick this series. She may as well not have superpowers at all to be honest (ditto Simon), and if I wanted to watch Skins, then I would watch Skins. However, against this, that leaves only 2 of the original major cast, and Joe Gilgun who came in at the start of this series. So, if they want to keep the team dynamic, then that means introducing minimum of one more cast member. Which means another intro episode, and the last one was disastrously lame. I suppose Seth has been co-opted into the team, which gives them a useful “power bank” to draw on as they may need them, but still that means at least one new power and character introduction. Furthermore, they haven’t moved any closer to actually being superheros, although justifying the frequent murders was mildly amusing when they were taking stock.

The end of Misfits?

All in all, this was an OK end to a variable series. There’s been more than enough here to keep me interested next year, and as such, I’m reasonably satisfied. Furthermore, by eliminating the two obvious weak links (although I’d gladly have swapped in Curtis for Simon), the majority of the problems should be gone for next year. I give it 2.5 superhoodies out of 4, and this is a vast step up on the mostly pish season 2.

Good effort guys, and well done to E4 for renewing. Just resist the temptation to bring Sheehan back, and we’ll stay friends.

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7 responses to “Misfits Series 3 Episode 8”

  1. ThereWolf says :

    You’ll be pleased to know I’ve pushed Season 1 onto ‘high priority’ over at Lovefilm.

  2. MORBIUS says :


    If Comic Book Guy’s power (3.3) was the ability to draw things that
    would cause them to happen. Why didn’t he just draw a picture of
    himself in bed with that chick, instead of going through the pretense
    of nicking her bag in hopes of returning it for her affection!

  3. Xiphos0311 says :

    this should make your day Jarv


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