Just Pillow Talk v Marvel Comics Number 9: Iron Man

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I had all intentions of reviewing Wolverine next, but Netflix had other ideas and sent me a cracked disc. So I went to my fall back plan (not Howard the Duck) and threw in Iron Man. This movie really falls under a ‘comfort’ movie for me. I consider it a reliable Marvel movie, one that is quite solid for the first ¾ of the movie, but then loses a bit of momentum for the finale. The problem isn’t the special effects in the finale, but rather the scope of it. The battle between Stark and Stane is okay if that were the first fight. But for the final battle, it’s lacking.

Iron-Man-FIlm-StarkThe strength of the movie of course lies with Robert Downey Jr., who single handily carries the movie which is a simple straight-forward one. He brings humor and personality to the role which elevates the character to more than what he is based upon the script. I also think that Paltrow does a good job as Pepper Potts and I totally buy into the relationship between Pepper and Tony Stark. She is someone who is smart and actually helps out Stark a couple of times (replacing his battery, as it were, and saving his ass in the end with Stane, downloading the Stane files). Everyone else is okay in their roles. Terence Howard does nothing special with Rhodey, but then again, he really doesn’t have much to do. Jeff Bridges is okay as Stane, but really not a great villain. His story would have to be over a 2-3 movie arc I think, more behind the scenes in the first one or two, and then come front and center in the last. It would be more of a betrayal to Stark and have more impact I think.

Iron-Man-FIlm-FlyingMy favorite scenes of the movie are the cave sequences as he builds his first suit of armor and back at his workshop as he seeks to perfect the suit. I think they are handled perfectly and I totally buy into Tony being able to do what he did. It was easy to suspend belief. What was weak was certain dialogue in the cave, specifically when Yinsen is dying and has to explain certain things like he’s going to visit his family now. Because he’s dying…and his family is already dead. So he’s going to visit them…because they are dead…and he’s dying. Do we really need to have everything said? Just like he also says something like “do something more with your life, you’re better than this” or some other such thing. Couldn’t we have just had Tony see the man who helped him escape die and just see the transformation in his face and eyes as they harden and he realizes he has to do something about his company’s weapons, his weapons, falling into the wrong hands?

Iron ManThe special effects overall are pretty good, from the testing sequences in his shop, to flying, to the fight with Stane. I liked his escape from the Afghani cave too.

For me, this is one of the few Marvel movies that has a high level of rewatchability and enjoyment. I give this 3 iron supplements out of 4.


Pillow out

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7 responses to “Just Pillow Talk v Marvel Comics Number 9: Iron Man”

  1. Droid says :

    This really had zero rewatchability for me. I liked it the first time at the cinema but was bored at home. It’s been a few years now. Might watch it again some time to see if it’s not so boring. The best bits are the cave scenes and the building and testing the suit scenes.

    • Continentalop says :

      The best bits are the cave scenes and the building and testing the suit scenes.

      You know as much as we all are tired of origin stories, those still seem to have the most interesting parts in most superhero stories: Tony Stark building and testing his armor, Bruce Wayne trying to build a Batman costume, Peter Parker first learning about his powers, Steve Rogers going through basic training and then going on the USO tours, etc. No wonder they want to reboot series most of the time, it seems to be were you can do the most interesting stuff most of the time.

  2. tombando says :

    For me this is still one of the best Marvel/DC films period. Save for the semi goofy big fight at the end, they got this one right far more than they got wrong. The second IM shows you just how hard it is to do that.

  3. Xiphos0311 says :

    This movie is arguably the “best” Marvel movie that I have seen which isn’t saying much since most of them aren’t all that good. Paradoxically its also the one with the least rewatchability.

  4. Continentalop says :

    Yeah Iron Man is good the first time, but after the thrill of Downing as Tony Stark and building the armor, the film really has no plot and a lame villain (as much as I like Bridges).

    To me it is funny that Tony Stark became Iron Man because of terrorist, but he never fights them as the main villains, yet Batman, a street vigilante, only fights terrorist nowadays (Ra’s al Ghul, Bane and even Joker).

  5. ThereWolf says :

    I got into it – didn’t like the final fight though. The evolution of the character is good. Yeh, far more interested in the early scenes and the suit building than anything else. A very watchable performance from Downey – but no matter what he does now I just see Downey, not the character.

  6. Jarv says :

    With the robot on this one. Almost completely lacking in rewatchability.

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