Misfits. Series 3 Episode 6

I’m torn on this one. On one hand, this was a riotously funny and probably the funniest episode so far. However, on the other hand, it was another fucking stocking filler that went essentially nowhere and coasted through on the charm of the leads. This is a quandary for me, and it certainly isn’t getting a rating higher than passable, because it doesn’t deserve it, but there was enough here to like for it to duck a low rating. Misfits Series 3 is patchier than a quilt, and has worse quality control than your average Hollywood studio.

Spoilers lurk below….

My complaint is that this episode was basically, at heart, the quest to save Rudy’s penis. Due to an ill-advised grubby one night stand, Rudy has been given a super powered STD. Simon has a flash forward, and sees that Rudy’s cock is actually going to fall off, and be stomped on by accident. Rudy, understandably doesn’t want this to happen, so the vast majority of the episode is him chasing around trying to find the girl he fucked and walked out on to get his cock repaired. Does he learn his lesson? Kind of. In other news, Seth (Matthew McNulty)has managed to find the power he was looking for (the ability to raise the dead), and Curtis’ masturbation habit has had a far worse side effect than god shooting a puppy: he’s up the spout.

Looking at the good, well, it was funny. The dialogue was sharp as a razor blade, and Joe Gilgun delivered Rudy’s bits of it with no little aplomb. Iwan Rheon was OK as Simon in the sidekick role, and Curtis/ Mel’s predicament (played by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett for the most part) was enough opportunity for him to be his usual whingy self. Lauren Socha was OK as Kelly, and Antonia Thomas was again surplus to retirements. Back to the dialogue though, and I have to say that this episode contained the most laugh out loud lines of the series, mostly from Rudy, which included the frankly brilliant “If you haven’t got anything constructive to say can you not just fuck off” to Curtis. If only someone had given the moping git this advice two series ago.

Furthermore, there were a lot of brilliantly staged comic sequences, again using Rudy. My personal favourite, and I laughed hard at this, was the visit to the Lesbians house to attempt to get his cock fixed. My lord this was funny, from the little girl answering the door to see him standing there with his cock out, to the argument with the girl, culminating in his arrest, it was a solid piece of comic writing and acting. Against this, though, was that the whole quest to save his cock was extraneous and added nothing to the series, so no matter how funny it was it left me with the feeling of “who cares”. To be honest? Not me.

Then there’s the finale, Rudy declaiming a massive apology in the club was amusing, but the fixing his cock scene simply wasn’t earned. This was a bit of a rehash of the Nathan conversion in the first series, in that it was genuinely funny, but it felt empty, a touch contrived and a touch unneeded. Well, aside from that he clearly did need his cock fixing before it was too late.

The problem though, if I’m honest, is that this quest to save his cock should have been in the background. The meat of the story, as far as the series arc goes, is Kelly and Seth. This played out behind the scenes, being totally overshadowed by Curtis’ pregnancy (I’ll come to why in a moment) and that almost all the run-time was devoted to Simon and Rudy. This is the important bit for the series main story, and I now understand why Curtis being up the spout was important. He’s the deus ex machina to bring the finale round, and this was the only reasonable solution to the problem created by his terrible power and the pregnancy scene.

Still, Seth’s entire existence is an enormous macguffin, so it’s a bit unmerited of me to complain about it in this episode. I don’t want to start waffling on, so I’m not going to and am going to end this review early, but in summary, this is a candyfloss episode. It’s fluffy, light, reasonably amusing at the time, but gone almost immediately. It’s not weighty, it doesn’t develop the characters (aside from Rudy, and I’m not convinced that will stick) and it feels like there’s only enough material for maybe half an episode of relevance. When you throw in last time’s pointlessness, you could quite easily have extracted all the extraneous guff from both episodes and had one tight, story developing hour, instead of two almost worthless ones.

Overall, meh. This was funny, but it was also a bit of a waste of time. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, and taken as a stand alone episode outside of the series, it was a pretty OK way to pass the time. However, and this is the point, Misfits is only a handful of episodes to each series so there frankly isn’t the space for little gag episodes like this to breathe. By truncating the run like this, you absolutely have to make sure that each mini-episode adds something to the overall story arc, and these last 3 (if I’m honest) episodes haven’t done this. Not at all. I’m going to be kind and give it two superhoodies out of 4, because it did make me laugh, but this episode is neither going to convert or dissuade you from the series.

Next up: Zombie Cheerleaders! HUZZAH!

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One response to “Misfits. Series 3 Episode 6”

  1. ThereWolf says :

    A quest to save Rudy’s penis?

    See, I’m not sure about watching Misfits now. I was with it for the Hitler kicking but now they’re onto knobs I’m worried again…

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