Biehn Season, Vol. 2: 1. The Art Of War (2000)

Director: Christian Duguay

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer, Michael Biehn

Well, I’m on probation after Khan so I’m sailing into less choppy waters this time… The Biehn! Volume 2. My fearful return to the ‘Biehn Box’ this time drew out The Art Of War. Cack-knackers. I’ve no interest in this movie so apologies if the following ‘review’ is apathy personified…

The plot… haven’t got a clue. A bunch of naughty Chinese blokes position themselves politically in order to… I dunno, do something awfully nefarious. I’ve just watched it again and I’m still none the wiser. I’m sure it’s quite simple but I didn’t pay any attention. Take over the world? Anyway, there’s much furrowing of brow in the US intelligence fraternity and a special UN jiggery-pokery team, comprising of agents Shaw, Bly and Kovak, are required to bug a big banquet in order to determine what’s going down. Some people get shot, Shaw gets implicated and he then sets off to clear his name…

Is that really a look of concern from The Biehn?

Right, well, The Art Of War starts off reasonably excitingly with UN agent Shaw creating a reet old hoo-haw at a New Year bash with a demonstration of high kicking chop socky before parachuting off a skyscraper to safety. Fine, a little bit Bondian, passable, I’m not yawning yet. Once that’s done with, we get into the film proper as the various players come to the fore. Hooks (Anne Archer) and Thomas (Donald Sutherland), a couple of UN bigwigs swan around talking important bollocks I can’t be arsed listening to; you’ve got Wu (James Hong) and the slightly untrustworthy David Chan (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) positioning themselves for a lucrative Chinese trade agreement; two cops, Cappella (Maury Chaykin) and Ray (Paul Hopkins) get called to the scene of a grisly discovery, a skip full of dead Vietnamese refugees. Last but not least is Julia (Marie Matiko), she’s a translator… and I’m just treading water with this write-up really. Somebody wants a trade agreement, somebody else doesn’t, slave trafficking, Triads, deceit… I’m yawning now. ‘Do you know who your enemy is?’ goes the tagline. Yes. His name is Christian Duguay.

Snipes - on the trail of motherfuckers trying to ice-skate uphill

Actually, I’ll give director Duguay his due because the action is well staged for the most part and in Snipes he cast an actor who’s able to deliver an entertaining can of whup-assery. It’s just that in between the action is a festering sack of fuck all. I’m really wound up about having to watch this again. Soon as those fakey fucking fireworks start going off behind Shaw near the beginning it was very nearly CAT meet Plasma. Perhaps I’m overreacting. I mean there’s a quite excellent face-meet-forklift sequence whereupon the unfortunate Triad at the wheel of a speeding car is spectacularly decapitated. More of that, less of the chat and we might’ve had a winner. Having escaped Triad clutches (who are out to frame him for Wee-Wu’s murder), Shaw turns up at Kovak’s (Liliana Komorowska) gaff to find the Triads have got to his colleague first. It’s been a bad couple of days, considering he lost his other mate, Bly (The Biehn), gunned down – notably off-camera. Then Shaw does this whole ‘psychic’ thing; he knows exactly what happened to Kovak, how she got thrown around and how she reluctantly gave up a crucial data disc to her tormentor. The weird thing is, initially he was on his way out of the apartment at pace and it is only now he decides to arm himself from a secret weapons stash behind a mirror. Of course, I can’t tell whether or not he knew the stash was there already or he could just tell it was there because of his telepathic flash. Either way, where did the paranormal talent come from? Something to do with the movie’s title?

On his jack, hunted by both the bad guys and the cops, Shaw now turns to Julia for help. Erm, perhaps not turn to exactly, more like abduct. They don’t like or trust each other at first, but after awhile… oh, you know the ropes. He needs her to translate an important clue, an audio file hidden by Kovak, then he’ll let her go. Oddly, Julia only chooses to cash her freedom chips when she’s completely naked and obviously unable to present herself in public. Funny as fuck, this bit – just Snipes shouting, “Take your clothes off. Take your clothes off now!” I thought, shit, he is psychic! How many films would improve if the hero suddenly turned to the heroine at an inappropriate moment and started yelling “Get ‘em off! Get yer clothes off! Now!” All right, there is a reason; apparently, Julia has attracted an electronic surveillance device. The Triads are tracking them so Julia must be bugged so that means she must GET HER CLOTHES OFF! Shaw isn’t going to be bugged is he, no, that simply couldn’t possibly happen ever…

The plucky and rather fetching sidekick

Any-fucking-way, there’s some running around in the rain, some gratuitous boobage in a dismal club and a high-ranking, two-timing reveal. This brings us to the climactic showdown. Nicely lit, I’ll give it that, lots of rather lovely water reflections. The Biehn finally has some fun chewing a few OTT lines while punching Julia in the face – “But first we’re gonna have a short class on the Pacific Rim’s social economics, specifically the effect of negative Chinese population density and how it relates to the African-American world view… In other words, you’re gonna watch me put a bullet in Little Miss Shanghai here!” Unfortunately, the face-off turns ludicrous when they start dodging bullets at close range as if they’re in the fucking Matrix or something. Presumably, this’ll be something to do with Sun Tzu’s book, The Art Of War. Crashing through glass partitions and shattering a symbol of the UN – quite pointedly, I’d say – in glorious slo-mo is much more in keeping with the events of the movie, not supernatural whizzy bullet effects.

Blue Biehn

I think this film was the moment when reality sunk in and I knew it was never going to happen for The Biehn. To be fair, he’s actually recovered somewhat since this ginormous, vein-straining turd, but never destined to break through into the upper echelons of A-list paradise. What annoys me about his performance here is its staggering lack of guile. I should blame the director for not coaxing a little more effort but no, the buck stops with Mike. From the moment he turns up on the basketball court to look in on Shaw, Bly is sizing him up, predatory. Never once do you feel there’s a ‘best mate’ in him. All you need to do here is play the good guy, concerned, funny, at ease. Then, and this isn’t Biehn’s fault, Bly gets ‘killed’ off-screen. But we don’t get that moment, Shaw down on his knees beside his dead buddy, the camera swooping up and overhead as he lifts his head and screams into the falling rain: “Nooo-ooooo!” Of course, he can’t do that. And once that ain’t on screen the itch gets scratchier; is Bly dead? None of this is helped by an unconvincing radio V.O. – “Help me. I’m hit…” – the Latin for which is Deckardius Voice-Overi in Fordium. Duguay tries to balance this by having Shaw witness Kovak’s demise to feed the motivation for vengeance. But straight after, he’s given a poignant moment to himself, remembering Kovak in flashback, then Bly – and again it’s dreadful as Bly is seen saying to Shaw, “It’s good to see you too…” He says it without a shred of emotion, unsmiling. I mean, doesn’t Shaw have a happier memory of Bly?

What The Biehn should’ve done is study Anne Archer’s performance. She looks bored out of her mind but she’s savvy enough to put her seat in recline and let Donald Sutherland draw audience suspicion. Poor Donald, he’s got absolutely bugger all to do. Marie Matiko is quite good but the pairing with Snipes doesn’t work, the chemistry just isn’t there. Maybe with a better script…

Maury Chaykin (1949 - 2010), best thing in this cack...

Anyway, fuck this movie. I shall finish on a positive note; Maury Chaykin is ace. He has to deal with shitty plot bollocks like… oooh, Cappella has to give Julia his card in case she needs to reach him, so there’s an arbitrary scene of him showing up outside the hospital where Julia is arriving to visit her friend. Could the script not cope with having Cappella pass his card to her previously at the cop shop then? I like that the scene concludes with Cappella muttering “Fuck” under his breath. In fact, he sums the movie up thusly: “This is just like wrestling. It’s reality mixed with illusion mixed with bullshit mixed with big scary guys from parts unknown in dire need of psychiatric care.” And while I’m at it, this cracks me up as well, as he lays down a plan of action to rookie Ray: “Stake out all the locations, wait for our guy to show up. Bob’s your uncle.” Ray likes that plan but he’s a little confused by something. “Who’s Bob?” Cappella, patiently, “He’s your uncle.” Nice one, Maury.

My favourite Maury Moment though, is in Dances With Wolves: “I’ve just pissed in my pants. And nobody can do anything about it.” Plus, the way he salutes Dunbar as well, brilliant…

Art Of War trailer:


Cheers, folk

ThereWolf, June 2011

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37 responses to “Biehn Season, Vol. 2: 1. The Art Of War (2000)”

  1. Jarv says :



    This film is a Scanner Force reunion. Crap though.

  2. Droid says :

    I watched this a year or so ago as a double bill with the STV sequel. Not recommended.

    Biehn is, quite frankly, terrible in this movie. I picked him as the bad guy from his first appearance. It tries to be a Goldeneye style surprise, but fails miserably.

    Has Tagawa ever been a good guy? I know he looks evil, but he might just be misunderstood.

    Nice one, Wolf.

    • ThereWolf says :

      Fucking hell, a double bill of this… that is brutal. I’d have chucked meself out the window if I’d tried to sit through two of these.

      Tagawa was even an evil gorilla in Burton’s ‘Apes’.

      Thanks, Droid.

      • Droid says :

        It was such a depressing experience that I sat there wishing Wes’ character was called Arthur, so I could at least chuckle at the play on words.

  3. Xiphos0311 says :

    UN bigwigs swan around talking important bollocks I can’t be arsed listening to

    That might be the best description of the useless cocksuckers at the UN I’ve ever read.

    Maury Chaykin was an entirely underrated actor dude owned in every role he had and could play anything. Schmucky normal dude, psyco, bad guy anything.

    This movie sucks bad but it was a funny review Wolf.

    • ThereWolf says :

      Not a fan of the UN then, Xi…

      I haven’t much of Chaykin at the movies but I’m presuming he did a lot of television as well. Whenever I do see him in something he’s usually top.

      Cheers, mate.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        No Wolf I am not a fan of skeevy, raping, thieving, lying scumbags. It’s a personality quirk on my part I admit.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Chaykin had done a lot of work across all media. TV, movies and he was a well regarded theater actor from what I have read about him. One of the best and funniest things I ever saw him in was on Entourage, he played a hilarious version of Harvey Weinstien for a few episodes.

      • ThereWolf says :

        I don’t know what they do. My only experience of the UN is seeing it on the national news, usually a large bunch of people on a stage grinning at the flashbulbs, shaking hands having agreed to agree about coming to an agreement of some kind.

        I wouldn’t trust any of ’em to sell me a bag of sweets.

        Skeevy – that’s a good word, I’m using that. Never heard the UN accused of raping before though.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Pakistan is particularly well know for engaging in rape, torture and thievery when deployed as “Peace Keepers” under the UN banner. The Belgians also engage in a fair amount of rape usually in Africa but also in Kosovo.

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        What would you have instead of it, Xi? I know Americans and Europeans have very different views of it.

        For small countries, it can be (or should be) a shining beacon of hope sort of thing. But for big countries who share most of the cost and manpower, then its a different story.

        Personally, I think the idea of the UN is very important, but not sure about the reality of it. As a Star Trek fan I suppose I have dream for a United Earth sort of thing, and having a UN is a start of that.

        Without it we would just be overtly playing whos biggest kid in the playground. At least the UN forces that behind the scenes. Even if it is probably still the reality.

        Until the UN is powerful enough that no country could ignore it, then its subject to political shenanigans from the countries who actually fund it.

        Who the fuck knows? I knackered and I’m drunk!

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        What would I have instead of the evil UN Col? Yes I said evil since it is a disgusting lying organization that causes more harm then anything it ever accidentally did that turned out to be good.

        There are several NGOs that I have seen that do more in a week, even with the UN actively working against them, then the scumbags at the UN have done in all of its inglorious 64 year history. There are the public out reach arms of GASP multinational corporation(Oh No he didn’t) that have done more then the UN. That is of course when the local UN potentate, who styles himself as some sort of Raj from 1850’s India, who in reality is usually some worthless authoritarian Dutch, Swiss or Austrian bureaucrat let’s the Coprs and NGO operate after extorting la mordida from them in order to operate. How the evil bureaucrats get the pay off is by withholding trucks, supplies or non UK or American Troops. UK and American fighters have a long and proud tradition of telling the UN to go fuck itself while in the field. I’ve done it and I’ve also drawn down on Paki scumbags twice, once in Africa and once in Bosnia and Belgium Paratroopers once Africa. I know of Royal Marines and SAS that have done the same.

        You need to get this Star Trek, we are the world, BS out of your head in regards to the UN, it isn’t a shining beacon its an organization that is there to prevent nations from being viable and to steal as much as they can. I can’t stress this enough the UN is EVIL personified.

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        Very interesting

        I do rember General Romeo Dallaire, who was in charge of the UN in Rwanda ignored a direct order from the Sec General NOT to intervene, and saved thousands of Tutsi’s. He also said the Bangladeshi troups were ineffective, and followed their own chain of command, and not his (UN’s).

        Britain were told not to airdrop Kosovo but we did.

        But stupid ST analogy aside, I do think the world needs an “independant” organisation to stand up to the biggest countries too, including yours should it ever need to. If the US doesnt like something China or Russia does, and the two countries square off, then war is on the cards. Hopefully if the UN says it doesnt approve, its supposed to show that the whole world is against a countries actions.

        But as it seems to be run by self serving politicians, then the reality is something different.

        It must be galling for high trained soldiers like yourself to have to serve with something like the Pakistani forces, or others who are not sol well trained, or even moral it seems. What on earth were those Pakistani soldiers about to do that forced you to draw on them?

        The life you lead is so different in many ways to the ones everyone else leads. I guess this is an eye opener to the real way the UN works on the ground.

        Keep fighting the good fight, mate!

  4. just pillow talk says :

    Yeah, I seem to remember Biehn being reeeeeeally bad in this. Quite the stinker of a movie.

  5. Frank Marmoset says :

    Good review, ThereWolf, and I totally agree. Very much a by-the-numbers DTV film, and the twist is horribly obvious.

    Not one of Biehn’s better films, or Wesley Snipes.

  6. Tom_Bando says :

    Speaking of Mikey Biehn here–you know I re-watched Tombstone the other day, and kept on being suprised by just how many familiar faces are in it–Michael Biehn here, Michael Rooker(!), Stephen Lang(!), Harry Carey Jr, etc. I have seen it before, of course a couple times-but still–that thing really holds up. Fine fine supporting cast. And it has Bill Paxton, too! Plenty of James Cameron vets here. You gotta like it.

    This? sounds about as good as Noted_Sage There_Wolf has made it out to be. Good write up, Wolf.

    • ThereWolf says :

      Cheers, Tom.

      I usually encourage folk to watch a film at least once. Don’t bother with this. Just find the YouTube vid with the decapitation – that’s all you need to see.

      ‘Tombstone’ isn’t in the hat for this series. I thought it had been well documented already. But, it’s ace. The cast is phenomenal, Sam Elliott, Powers Boothe…

  7. Xiphos0311 says :

    This is one of those things where Europeans and Americans differ greatly and for that matter the rest of the world and western Europe and The UK. No countries outside of Western Europe and the UK would willingly vote out their own sovereignty the way the UK and Western Europe did with the EU. Oh sure I would imagine the ChiComs and Ruskies would pay lip service to some sort of international “independent” organization, the same way they do the UN, but go about their business without giving a flying fuck about The UN or whatever this extra special organization would be called. Factor in most South American countries probably wouldn’t join nor would Pakistan, India and I doubt the former eastern bloc countries would either they have become fiercely devoted to liberty. With Canada who knows? the Canadians are hard to figure sometimes same with the Australians. Those countries have strange cross ways breezes that run through them about things. Who could figure what Africans countries would do? I have no clue.

    I really don’t think any sort of organization like you are proposing would work since they would be made up of politicians and all politicians are lying pieces of shit without a soul or a shred of honor and they would be out for themselves and then their own countries. Throughout history(the ones listed below are just recent history) these sorts of super national organizations don’t work. NATO and SEATO are useless as is the OAS. The UN is a joke and its predecessor, The League of Nations, had a significant role in making WW2 happen. So what I’m saying is its better if nations go their own way in my opinion.

    As far the Pakistan militarily they have fairly well trained soldiers since they have been fighting the Indians for 60+ years. The problem comes in with the different outlook on moral issues between east and west. That and the dominant tribe of Pakistan, the Pashtuns, are scummy boy fuckers. And not as in way two adult homosexuals making a consensual choice to have sex but as in raping 10-15 year old boys its cultural you see. Yes I know I’m supposed to accept all nations cultural differences as valuable threads in the tapestry of humanity or some such nonsense but fuck that noise I am all for cultural imperialism if it stops the rape of children.

    As for why we drew down on the Paki troops the first time was due to a squad of soldiers terrorizing and stealing from some dirt poor African villagers. The second time was in Kosovo when half a platoon were just about to have a lighthearted round of gang rape on some women that had already been gang raped and we thought that was a bit excessive.

    • Xiphos0311 says :

      That’s weird, I wonder why this posted down here?

    • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

      All cultures are not equal. Nor all idiologies. I agree with you there.

      Many years ago, when I worked for the Department for Social Security (British walfare state), we took a load of Kosovan refuguees on a special immigration visa we created for them. They were moved all around the country.

      We got about 120 up in Ripon, which we housed them in an old childrens home. A team from the local DSS (including me) went out on a Sunday with a load of paperwork, and did benefit applications, National Insurance number applications, and all the other paperwork required to give someone the right to be here and claim benefits.

      They were mostly all given sick notes for War Trama (a first for me), and with an Albanian transolator, I interviewed them. The tales of rape, and murder, and other evil things I heard have never left me. Its quite something to be sat opposite a girl who;s the same age as you (I was about 21), who had been gang raped. Or a mother who’s child had died, so started a secret school in her basement by candlelight – when I had dropped out of school the first chance I got. Some campaigns are just. No matter who is running them.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        When there was a huge refugee population fleeing the former lands of Czechoslovakia a lot of them ended up in the United States and most of those, for what ever reason, landed in my home state of Arizona, which shares exactly zero in common with Eastern Europe. Most of the refugees settled in the Phoenix metro area, which tuned out good for me since there are now a ton of Bosnian restaurants in the area. When I was living there during rehab I could get a cevapi sandwich with avjar and Bosnian coffee a couple of times a week. If you you have never had a cevapi sandwich I highly recommend them. Make sure to get the avjar which is a relish made from roasted red bell peppers and Eggplant with chili powder and garlic. Damn now I want one but I’ll have to settle for kebab.

    • ThereWolf says :

      It pains me to be a part of the EU. Pains me. I’ll never be ‘European’. Seems to me that some leaders inside the EU want to make an enemy of the U.S. I can’t work these people out.

      “politicians are lying pieces of shit…” Yeh, they are. Why do people listen to them?

      Fuck cultural differences, there’s just common decency. That’s horrific, Xi. I wouldn’t know about this shit if you didn’t post it – this isn’t on the news. I stand corrected if it has been and I missed it. But I live in a country where the newspaper bloke who okayed the publishing of fake photos depicting British soldiers ‘mistreating’ Iraqi prisoners now has his own prime TV show. In fact he had one in the U.S. as well.

      I never thought ‘The Art Of War’ would be a platform to deliver some shocking and informative dialogue.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        I never quite understood how the UK ended up in the EU it seems out of sort with my perceived notions of your national character. I’ve always thought you guys went your own way compared to the goofballs on mainland Europe. For the record I don’t think of the UK as “European”, I think of you guys as England(and not so much as the UK). Being on that island I always thought made you hold different views on things then say Switzerland or Holland. Post WW2 mainland Europe always struck me as having a rather consensus/group think and viewpoints on issues. The UK usually had its own quite distinctive take on things compared to the hive mind of Europe. I was rather shocked when The UK threw in with the EU. From a trade standpoint I guess I understand since on paper it seemed like a good thing for the UK, although a good argument could be made that the uber-regulatory nature of the EU hamstrung the UK and everybody else.

        Why do people listen to politicians? I think there are two reasons. The first is of course money. Lot’s of people will make a ton of money if the guy they backed gets in. Government contracts, consulting gigs, high paid government jobs etc. then there are the buy offs to the unions and the slugs that think they will be getting “free” things from big daddy government.

        The other group that want to believe in any politician that will pander to them are what I call government “utopians”. These are hundreds of different one issue voters and or groups. This class of lame-o includes such diverse nutters as the insane warmist that think nature is going to kill us so Big Daddy government has to take the reins and make the cost of energy sky rocket and lower everyone’s quality of life. To the other end of the spectrum, the intelligent Design wackos that don’t even have the balls to call themselves creationists and want to overturn the religious establishment clause of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Basically this wide ranging group of assholes are people who demand government make others agree with their point of view and will slavishly follow any politicians that will tell them what they want to hear. Ass bags politicians are more then willing to tread on others liberty to get reelected so they throw bones to the retards that voted for them. I hate these motherfuckers with a burning passion.

        You can reliably count on the media to not inform you. The amount of lies, distortions, cover up, laziness and omissions those media cocksuckers routinely engage in are legion. I have read written and TV accounts of things I was directly involved in that weren’t just wrong but they took the story, made up brand spanking new “facts” and then wrote that. Hell where are all the smarmy self serving editorials about “no blood for oil” In Libya? I guess blood for oil is acceptable when Europe gets 80% of it’s light sweet crude from Libya. And since the UN is viewed wrongly as useful organization for world wide “social justice”(meaning anti United States pro evil) news disinformation organs conspire to keep the UN in a good light.

        Is the guy you are referring to Piers Morgan?

      • Jarv says :

        I can explain but it’s liable to put me in a spiral of rage.

        We were fucking sold out by our cuntish political class who know damned well that if we ever get the chance to vote on it we’ll give the EU the finger.

      • Col. Tigh-Fighter says :

        I guess as a trading block, the EU makes sense for us. But they couldn’t make us take their currency (and didnt that turn out out fortuitous for us). In fact, it was the one subject I would have probably gone rioting for. Leave my bloody Pound Sterling alone!

        But I resent that the UK Law Lords are theoretically not the highest law in the land anymore. The European Convention on Human Rights, is a dangerous piece of legislation, no matter how noble its intentions are.

        Will someone just please invent or make mainstream a new fuel source that stops our dependance on oil!

      • Jarv says :

        That isn’t true. Thankfully.

        If push comes to shove there has already been obiter dictum where judges have suggested that they will enforce primacy of UK Law over both Parliament and the EU.

        This isn’t widely known. The real problem is our political class who are sacrificing our money, history and sovereignty to some absurd vanity project that the people don’t fucking want. It’s all about greedy politicos wanting to keep their snout in the trough at all costs.

      • ThereWolf says :

        That’s him, Xi. I can’t even bring myself to type his name, feel like I’d be contaminating my keyboard. It’s to be hoped I’m never in punching distance of the scumbag coz I’ll end up in a cell. As far as I’m concerned he’s a traitor.

        How did we end up in the EU? I keep asking myself that question. I do recall we were to be given a vote but opinion polls (as with the Euro) suggested a landslide against it. Next thing you know its like ‘well, we’re just going to enter into a little trade agreement with our European cousins and… Oh! We’re in the EU! Suckers!’

        I hope I’m not an insane warmist. Climate change is real but as is typical of politicians they look at it and go, ‘This is bad. How can we turn it into our benefit?’ The rest is as you say. Over here it’s fucking wind turbines. The government need to physically show they’re doing something for the environment; enter wind turbines. The power reclamation is negligible but they don’t give a fuck coz they’re making a packet off them. Have a look at a book called ‘Hutton’s Arse’ by Malcolm Rider (it’s about the geology of the Scotttish Highlands) – there’s a map of proposed wind farm sites in Scotland. It’s harrowing to see what these twats will do to the landscape if given half a chance, on the back of pure folly. Meanwhile, solar panels are being made cost prohibitive. Folk are being told (by politicians) that panels require direct sunshine. This is a complete lie. There is a type of panel, off the top of my head I can’t think of the name, that collects ALL available light. Of course, the government wouldn’t make anything off solar panels so they make them ridiculously expensive in the first instance, grab a wedge off the tax. And the power companies would be fucked if we all turned to solar power. Ergo, wind turbines – THE FUTURE!

        Creationists, intelligent design. That’s over my head. I’m ashamed it’s over my head, too. Politics is over my head. It frustrates me that I can’t hold a conversation on the subject. Because I don’t listen to politicians. I don’t understand them.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        No Wolf you’re not a warmist since you’re reasonable. Warmist are the cocksuckers that use the terms denier and lie about Gorebull warming. It’s fucking freaks like the insane weather POPE and thieving former vice perpeTRAITOR Algore. Nutty as fruitcake and stupid as a pile of dried shit Prince Chuck and the scumbag high priests at East Anglia and that lying anti scientific data fudging asshole that runs NOAA and the retards that want to take my liberty and roll back my quality of life for Gaiacentric religious based horse shit. Fuck them I hate them the all and wish they all die from cancer of the prick and ass.

      • Jarv says :

        While annoying, I don’t hate the cunts. They are hugely fucking stupid though. The current wind farm thing being just one example.

        Not like those fascist health Cunts ASH. I really hate them. You know they’re attempting to push the idea of THIRD hand smoking? Second hand was scientifically dodgy enough, but this is ridiculous.

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        That second hand smoke study everybody sites wasn’t just dodgy it was badly flawed science and even the dingle berries at the WHO realized that and smashed the methodology to bits.

        What the hell is third hand smoke?

      • ThereWolf says :

        What’s gotten lost in all of this ‘global warming’ thing are the little blokes (no, not hobbits), zero-funded independent scientists who have been monitoring these effects since… Christ knows, 1950’s? They sounded a quiet alarm – it was something we should be keeping an eye on, that’s all. Now, there’s been so much bullshit your average Joe/ Jolene is sick of hearing about this stuff, doesn’t believe a word – not helped by government ‘green’ taxing. Those first scientists have been forgotten, replaced by government sanctioned science advisors who know fuck all.

      • ThereWolf says :

        As for the smoking thing…

        I don’t like cig smoke, makes me eyes sting. Don’t like cigs, full stop.

        That said, why should I care about first, second, third, even fourth-hand smoking? There’s that much shit in the air at ground level in and around big cities it barely matters about cig smoke.

        I might be wrong but apparently smoking isn’t banned in the House Of Commons, or somewhere like that. Us and them…

      • Jarv says :

        You’re not wrong. Only smoking office/ pub in the uk.


      • Jarv says :

        Also, the smoking ban represents the thin end of the wedge. They’re already trying to sell “second hand drinking” for alcohol. After alcohol then there will be “bad” food.

        Demolition Man is the eventual model- dinner at Taco Bell, anyone?

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