Drunken Cinema: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Warning time- we’ve postponed this for ages, due to life interfering with fully becoming Tron-like electronic characters, but enough is enough. Friday 11th March sees Drunken Cinema return (even if it’s just me).

I suggest a kick off for 9Pm, and so far Frank and Myself are signed up.

The film selected is the superb Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

We like this film, it’s hilarious, and even if I’m wurbling away into cyberspace on my tod in some kind of weird faux-Neuromancer style, then that’s enough for me.

I’ll post the thread on Friday, all are welcome- even if you’re not drinking, these are always really funny.



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About Jarv

Workshy cynic, given to posting reams of nonsense on the internet and watching films that have inexplicably got a piss poor reputation.

16 responses to “Drunken Cinema: Killer Klowns from Outer Space”

  1. Jarv says :

    Easily available on Stagevu.

    For those that care.

    And if you don’t care, I don’t care either.

    *sticks tongue out*

  2. Frank Marmoset says :

    Don’t worry, I’ll be there, so there will be at least two drunk people trying to make clown jokes for an hour and a half.

    Also, the drunker I get the more likely I am to go on a tirade about this Charlie Sheen situation. That could be entertaining, too.

    • Spud McSpud says :

      He’s taking insanity to a whole new level. I’m just glad somebody got the kids out of there, because Sheen’s obviously going to go ooouuuuuuut in a blaaaaaaaaaze of gloooooooory…

      That said, insanity IS kinda funny, so…

      • Frank Marmoset says :

        This may be a wildly controversial stance to take, but I am coming out as firmly against laughing at the mentally ill. Just seems kind of dickish to me.

        Also, seeing millions of mindless sheep yucking it up and parroting the idiotic catchphrases of a man who has clearly broken his brain has put a severe dent in my faith in humanity.

        In fact, fuck it, I won’t be mentioning Charlie Sheen at all during Drunken Cinema. Too fucking depressing. I’ll stick with a torrent of clown jokes instead. That there is a kind of insanity-as-entertainment I can fully support.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        I feel you Frank, I do. I’m being facetious with the insanity thing. Sheen isn’t insane, he’s acting the asshole due to excessive drug and alcohol abuse that he’s been dealing with all his life. If he IS clean of drugs, as he supposedly is after that “test” he did, then he’s even more of an asshole for just being the prick that he is devoid of any external influences whatsoever. I mean, these ridiculous rants, the constant references to his headfull of conspiracy bullshit that’s so far out even Art Bell and Jeff Rense would say “Damn, that’s nuts” – all that’s either Sheen on Sheen or Sheen on drugs. And all that is shit he’s brought upon himself.

        I don’t think he’s mentally ill – I think he’s a massive prick. He’s hopped up on easy access to easy pussy, drugs, money, and fame – and an ego that is writing cheques his acting “talent” can’t cash. He’s not ill, he’s a twat. And as for needing help – he’s had help time and time again over the years. He’s even admitted he’s living what he calls an “alternative” lifestyle – ie he knows he’s being a twat but he’s enjoying himself so much he won’t stop. Not can’t – won’t.

        He’s a prick, and pricks are fair game to laugh at. Mental illness on the other hand – no laughing matter whatsoever. (Possibly ME, MYSELF AND IRENE is the exception to this rule).

        As for his so-called catchphrases – well, Bronco said it best: Sheen is to winning what a cannonball is to floating. I’d accuse him of being ironic, but I think he’s too fucking dumb to be ironic.

        That said, I concur with your Sheen moratorium during KILLER KLOWNS. It’s just too great a movie to be sidelined and tainted by talks about that moron. He can have his hookers and blow – I just needs me some Killer Klowns. And obviously, alcohol 😀

      • Jarv says :

        He will be ok. I ‘ve just read that he’s got an offer to direct a scud film

      • Frank Marmoset says :

        Bronco said it best: Sheen is to winning what a cannonball is to floating

        That was my line.

        Bronco, have you been plagiarising me?

      • Xiphos0311 says :

        Spud in Art Bell’s defense I don’t think he believes in any of the conspiracy BS he makes money off of. He’s totally a PT Barnum type that found a way to exploit the conspiracy douchetards and make bank. It’s not hard to rip off the conspiratards they are so stupid and so credulous that they line up to get fleeced.

        Now Noory, that dim bulb, believes anything anybody tells him as long as it’s totally stupid and outrageous. Tell him something that is easily proven to be true and correct then he becomes a skeptic. Fucking Noory ruined Coast to Coast AM.

      • Tom_Bando says :

        Yeah Art Bell was exactly that-a P.T. Barnum. I enjoyed his rants and craziness but it was clear that he was selling something, he knew he was selling something, and most of the audience Shoulda known it, too. He was IN on the joke. Weird how folks just missed this whole thing though.

      • Spud McSpud says :

        Apologies, Frank. Not sure why I thought it was Bronco. Could be my head’s scrambled through all the PC problems I’m having. If I ever get this sorted, the very next thing I’m doing is hiring a clan of ninjas to teach Bill Gates the error of his ways…

      • koutchboom says :

        Eh I’m ok laughing at Sheen, he’s made enough money in his laugh to be laughed at. Plus I don’t think he gives a shit. I just wish people were funnier about it.

  3. L Bronco says :

    3 hours from 10:00 in the morning

    Piss drunk by 2:00 in the afternoon-sounds fucking perfect-Glad I have a head cold and I have already started drinking.

    I better start downloading, or some such-StageVu, you say?

  4. L Bronco says :

    Oh, You are talking Friday–because today is Wednesday…

    From last drunken cinema, I now have DivX player on desktop.

    I opened it, and forgot how many anatomically correct “medical films” I have on this machine.

    I need to do some due diligence-post haste!

    Hoo Rah!

  5. Spud McSpud says :

    Dammit!! Am out with the drama group bods on Friday for somebody’s birthday piss-up. Will hopefully get to post an occasional drunken comment throughout the night at least. Have fun, this movie is a fucking classic from start to finish. A marvellous movie to pound some beers to!

    “Killer klowns from outer space, eh? Holy shit!”

    Nobody fucks with Officer Mooney. He taught Gene Hunt everything he knows.

  6. MORBIUS says :

    ” . . . really? I always pictured you as an . . .

    ‘on your jack’ . . . kinda guy!

  7. Tom_Bando says :

    Plus let’s face it—Royal Dano makes everything better. Even this.

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