Misfits Series 2.4

Well, that was much better. Still, I’m not convinced that it’s back on form, but at least they tried hard to tie up a lot of the loose ends/ eradicate a lot of the cock-ups from the last two episodes.

This is episode 4,  so we’re in the run down to the end of the series, and the Asbo 5 are having no end of problems. Not to mention that they’ve been lumbered with a “new” person on their work detail. He’s a granola eating hippy douchebag and really, really doesn’t fit in. Luckily, there’s a demented psycho on the loose (with the power of Grand Theft Auto), so no sooner than you can say “save the fucking whales” the cunt’s been blown away. What I really feel is relief that Misfits has managed to stagger back on course.


There were a number of good things here. Firstly,  and most importantly, the transition of Nikki from minor character to major was well handled. The rationale for her power was clever, and although the power effect itself blew, it was a good idea and a well handled one. Secondly, there was far less of Nathan in this episode. He was around to supply a few moments of dickheadishness, but really he was on the back burner. This is a cracking idea, because as good as Robert Sheehan is, the series was in severe danger of becoming to Nathan Centric and the character works best in small doses. I’m really struggling to work out who’s episode it was this week- I can honestly say that I think it’s the first real “collective” episode since the finale at the end of the last series, and much more effective as a result. The writing was fairly sharp, and I personally loved the heist sequence and Nathan’s realisation (voiced with “5 young offenders and we haven’t thought to steal anything yet”) that perhaps a life of crime is the way forward. Simon’s “I thought we’d help people” sounded really pathetic in comparison.

The acting was up to par again, Antonia Thomas managed to bring a bit of pathos to Alisha, and her break up with Nathan Stewart-Jarrett’s Curtis was an episode highlight. Furthermore, Iwan Rheon is much much better as pathetic loser Simon than he is as Superhoodie (I’ll come on to this with a huge spoiler in a second). Furthermore, Ruth Negga looks like a good cast addition as Nikki. Finally, though, Lauren Socha supplied some solid laughs this episode (the wine scene was superbly handled) and also managed to do a brilliant “badass” moment after getting smashed in the face with a set of brass knuckles.

However, this episode was a real step up for the following key reasons: Firstly, and most importantly (although this will also be a quibble), they’ve resolved the Superhoodie= Future Simon fiasco. Gunned down saving Alisha. Thank fuck. Now, writer dudes, please let this bullshit go by the by and never mention it again.

Secondly- Grand Theft Misfit was a fantastic idea. Periodically it cut into some crappy looking VG footage lifted straight from GTA, but superbly they understood what people play GTA to do. So, the awesomely stone-cold villain is on his rampage across the city and takes the time to run over an old lady for kicks. Fantastic- well done Misfits.

This wasn’t a vintage episode by any stretch of the imagination. There’s one fundamental flaw, and this is usual when you dick with causality. Future Simon sacrificed himself taking a bullet intended for Alisha. However, he clearly knew it was coming, and so, perhaps, he could have taken it in a bullet proof vest? Fucking hell, there’s no way I would come back in time to take a bullet for that sticky tart- future be damned. Mind you, I’d have been stealing things a long time before they decided to.

Overall, this is a step back towards the right path. There’s also a real feeling that the writers have realised that they ARE making a superhero series (despite what they want), so it does feel more and more like they are willing to go down this route properly. I actually enjoyed it and so I give it a deeply condescending 2.5 Superhoodies out of 4.

Still, only a few left- and please finish on a high.



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3 responses to “Misfits Series 2.4”

  1. redfishybluefishy says :

    can’t watch til tonight, but your opening sentence gives me hope.

  2. redfishybluefishy says :

    finally watched! much better. i like when they stumble and blunder their way about since they were fuck-ups to start and no one changes overnight.

    Some great moments. The comment about ‘never thought to steal anything’ was priceless. and thank jeebus that superhoodie is gone. not sure if i like the resolution of it, but it’s better this way than dragging it out further.

    let’s hope the finale is just as good.

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