Kloipy Presents:Ya Know, Like, Poems and Shit

Aside from my short stories, I also, believe it or not write some poems. So this section will be for that. Poems…and shit.

Memoirs of a Cynic; Upon Dying

In the first quiet moments of lucidity
I find myself overwhelmed
By the impenetrable sadness it brings
Prostrate with the possibility of what life could have been
As tears stream down my face
I feel like I’m having an extramarital affair
With myself
I cheat myself into feeling for the first time
In years
The cool descent of saline down my face
Only heightens the fact
That this is a just a by-product
Of a life unrealized

As I watch the sky donning it’s evening shade
For the last time
I think back to all the sunsets I shared with no one
All the times I stared into a pool of water
And saw nothing reflected but myself
I am my own companion
My own best friend
My lover
My heartbreak
My hero
My villain

What was once the bright inquisitive nature
Of youth
Is now the apathetic and disillusioned
Visage of old age
I will die in an old bathrobe
Which is tattered and frayed
The perfect ensemble to befit a man
Of my stature and grace
Ha ha

Some say in the final moments
That they see the blinding light and the enormous tunnel
They hear the choir of heavenly hosts
I see the blue, prescient, glow of the television
My requiem is sung by insidious laughter
Of a sitcom based on the real life
Of no one

My final thoughts as a sentient being
Somehow stray to a moment observed
In my mid life
Watching a crow pick through the rubble
Of a burned out farmhouse
It’s body almost hidden
By the blackened marks left on what used to be a foundation
It never turned its gaze to me
But with calculating coldness surveyed
A life destroyed

And with that thought
I feel nothing once again

Glimpse of the Intruder

Your eyes say a thousand words
Your lips could never say
To stare too intently
Into those vast, unyielding oceans
You find yourself reflected backwards
Trapped inside an iris

Breaking the glance you are able to take a breath
But the solace of your own eyelids
Is tainted
With the unbearable knowing
Of a gaze which befalls you
Even when you shut off the world

Your body is your temple
Your thoughts; your sanctuary
But these eyes are an atheist
Worshipping at your altar
You try to snuff out the lights
And distract the intruder from your locked doors

But the intruder has a skeleton key
And the ability to unlock doors
That even you shy away from opening
The familiar choir begins to sing the hymns
You thought you had torn out and burned
Their voices fill these corridors

This once peaceful place
Is now haunted by ghosts; each wearing your face
And moaning of the darkness you keep
Yet the intruder is not afraid
And as sudden as the discord came upon you
Now only silence remains

You throw open the doors of your temple
And those eyes which had you
Have now moved their power onto something else
You slip back inside to relock everything ajar
But it won’t be easy to forget
The glimpse of the intruder

Wake, Eat, Sleep

Wake up

wake up again

brush your goddamn teeth you greedy bastard

walking to corner with a tweed coat spilling

out onto the street like some kind of bile

from a clothing catalouge

Girl in the bright red hat says hello

tie your shoe tie your shoe shoestiedtwice

push them all into traffic

bran muffin and daytime talk tv

tie your goddamn SHOES

stare at the sun until the stars come out

fingers go numb

wonderful wonderful

sleep eat wake

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About kloipy

a poor deluded sap hoping to find his place in this mixed up crazy world

12 responses to “Kloipy Presents:Ya Know, Like, Poems and Shit”

  1. Xiphos0311 says :

    Not much into poetry but Kloipy I have to say these are good.

  2. Continentalop says :

    I actually like poetry. Just don’t read it that often or see any new ones I like. And never write it anymore.

    I liked “Glimpse of an Intruder” a lot.

    • kloipy says :

      Thank you Conti! Yeah I like poetry but there’s a lot of shit to wade through. I know you don’t like Garrison Keillor that much but you should hear his readings of poetry. delightful.
      check out ‘the writer’s almanac’ online it has tons of samples and some great poems in there as well

  3. Continentalop says :

    Glimpse of THE Intruder. I knew I wrote it wrong as soon as I hit “publish.”

  4. LB says :

    Hey, thanks for posting klopiy-I’ve written exactly one poem-it won awards, but then I ditched that owing to my perpetual ADD.


  5. Frank Marmoset says :

    Nice one, Kloipy.

    Can’t say I know too much about poetry – and I’m certainly not interesting enough to write it – but I liked reading these.

    This made a nice change from reading people moaning about films and so on.

  6. redfishybluefishy says :

    brave soul! wowsa, you know you feel you’re amongst friends when you post this. 🙂

    some very nice imagery. well done.

    i do have a soft spot for words. i know poetry is still out there in force, but lyrics seem to have become the bulk of popular poetic output. and, as always, some is great and much is meh. but it’s all worth it for those few gems.

  7. MORBIUS says :

    Well done Kloipy.

    Can’t help but think, soon you’ll be contacted
    by a big Hollywood Studio wanting to acquire

    Wake, Eat, Sleep

    as a sequel to Eat Pray Love!

  8. kloipy says :

    sorry I’m just responding now, but it’s been crazy with the holidays. But I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind comments.
    This is only part of my new thing, I’ll also be posting some essays and such (and shit) in the future

  9. ThereWolf says :

    These a really good, Kloipy. As mentioned above, I too particularly like ‘Glimpse Of The Intruder’.

    I’ve tried to write poetry – always end up sounding like a limerick!

    Or, like Rick in ‘The Young Ones’ and his Cliff Richard poem – “Cliff, Cliff, I wonder if you really are a Cliff…” Wait a minute…


    Like that!

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