Misfits- Series 2.1

(All photos courtesy of E4, even if they don’t know about it)

I loved the first series of this, and reviewed it as an Underrated here based entirely on the fact that it felt like I was the only person in the country that saw it. However, it did end on a bit of a cliffhanger, although it was fairly obvious how it would be resolved- no prizes for guessing. Anyway, Channel 4 finally released the first episode of the second series, and it’s already up to speed in terms of quality.


Anyway, series 2 continued straight on from where series one finished off. Super Hoodie (seen briefly at the end of the last series) is doing his parkour thing to get to a position where he can pin Lauren Socha’s Kelly in the head with a paper aeroplane and instructions on rescuing Robert Sheehan’s Nathan. The new Probation Worker(Shaun), foul-mouthed layabout, is introduced and there’s trouble afoot with lunatic Lucy (who seems to have a crush on Simon).

Firstly, I’m ecstatic to say that Misfits is still as foul-mouthed and generally obscene as it can be. Nathan is discovered to be furiously masturbating out of sheer boredom in his coffin. There’s the usual gag involving Alisha’s hopeless power and Kelly seems even more adept at violence this time around. Happily, Nathan is still a complete tool (the look on his face when Shaun tells him that he could have got off community service is priceless), Simon’s still a borderline stalker and Curtis is still struggling to do the right thing.

First up, the writing is still as spiky as ever. Nathan for a change has to share the best lines with Shaun, but there’s a touching moment for Simon at the end which really rips open his pathetic life. He really is a sad case. Curtis is a bit neglected in this episode (I was ecstatic when they avoided killing another probation worker, as that really would be trouping down retread territory) but he’ll no doubt be more important as the series progresses. Thankfully though, it’s still laugh out loud funny (the password is hilarious), and I’m grateful for that.

Secondly, the effects seem to have improved slightly from the first series. The morphing effect was used well here, although I do wish that something else had been done for Simon’s invisibility. It’s also more violent- Nathan is impaled on a pipe, Kelly bludgeons Shaun to death with a fire extinguisher, and then tries to asphyxiate Curtis (kind of).

So far this series, though, has thrown up a few questions. The only genuinely superheroic character is Super Hoodie, who on the evidence so far seems to be obscenely overpowered, whereas our main characters are still struggling with their various failings and they all have, to be honest, pretty hopeless powers (Simon’s invisibility and Curtis’ time turning excepted, and even Time Turning struggles because of it’s supremely limited). Alisha’s power of, erm, overattraction is good for a laugh, but not particularly useful, telepathy is patchy as far as powers go,  and immortality may be a great power on paper, but unless you’ve got the goods to support it (which Nathan does not have) it basically means that you have the power to die lots then come back. Not useful. It’s particularly harsh in comparison to the powers the villains have had so far- Whatshername’s brainwashing ability and, this time, Lucy’s shapeshifting completely destroy the misfits rag bag of talents.

Overall, this is a good start to the series. Lewd, crude and outrageous, with plenty of violence to keep the kiddies amused. I’m sure we’ll find out who Super Hoodie is, and I’m sure the series will continue with the cops trying to find out who killed the probation workers, but at the moment I’m happy to enjoy the ride. I give episode 1 three superhoodies out of a poosible 4.

 A good start to the series, not up there with episode 2 of last series, yet, but it makes me hopeful. Unfortunately, the trailer for next week cruelly dashes that hope.

I’ll attempt to do these every Friday,

So until then,


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8 responses to “Misfits- Series 2.1”

  1. Jarv says :

    Top series.

    Good job E4- fully deserved the Bafta, and I hope it stays as good as this.

  2. ThereWolf says :

    If it’s on Lovefilm I’ll probably have a go at Misfits one day.

  3. redfishybluefishy says :

    watched! full-tilt out of the gates. an excellent starting pace that they can’t possibly maintain, but hopefully if they keep 75% of that momentum it will be great.

    i think nathan is hilarious and brilliant, with kelly a close 2nd. new probation officer is promising. very glad they didn’t kill him.

    enjoyed it a lot, but visually i do tire of the vaseline lens effect. just a few too many music video tricks for me. At least they don’t rely on it just ‘looking cool’ they actually have a strong and entertaining script to build from and a cast that is priceless.

    it really is the most bizarre combo of people and i love it. i think it’s what really makes it work.

    can’t wait for ep 2

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