A Double Dose of Recent DVD Releases

Bad Lieutenant: Port Call and Taxidermia

bad lieutenant port of call new orleans

What an interesting movie this was. While I don’t think its anything amazing by any means, it was just a solid movie with a great performance from The Piece. Much different then the original, but also much better in terms of enjoyment.

While the original is a more cerebral movie and harder hitting, also more shocking. It’s pretty annoying just to watch, it is just not enjoyable. It’s only really funny in how odd Harvey Keitel acts, all around it’s a much harsher movie. Port of Call – New Orleans is almost an uplifting story and it has a happier tone. The Piece’s Lieutenant has a name he isn’t just Lieutenant like Keitel. I know Herzog does not want you to even think about the first movie when seeing his, its too hard not to. Ultimately I liked Port Call much better just because it was sort of this fun cop movie.

It is hard movie to review because it is such a middle of the road movie for the most part that to talk about the stuff you liked would just give a lot of it away. I went in expecting this more dramatic movie, when it’s just a rainy day movie. Something fun and enjoyable, it mainly just comes down to Cage’s performance. He is fun to watch and obviously relishing in the role, he is not going to be as over the top as you expect but he is just great. After seeing it, I can’t say he should have won an Oscar or anything but he made the movie. Also Val Kilmer had a small role as the probably looser cannon only held together by Cage’s sensibilities that I would LOVE to see a sequel with him starring. You can make that a viler movie. It would be a lot of fun, the only time I’ve ever really wanted a sequel out of a movie that probably will never have one.

So all in all nothing spectacular, but more enjoyable and less harsh then you are thinking. A decent rental, even if you are not a Cage fan.

Taxidermia poster

This is the talked about movie that is going to shatter your stomach with its awesome, amazing, stupendous gut retching grossness!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well too bad everyone is fucking wrong, this movie blows and it is not ever gross enough to just be some zany gross out film. I really wanted to see this film. I had heard it called Gillem meets Jeunet meets gross, turns out its Jeunet meets terrible film.

Look, lets face it I like gross out for gross out sake movies most of the time, but this movie was just stupid. Visually it looks sort of like a Jeunet film and has two clever shots in the beginning of the movie and that’s about it.

The movie is a generational film about a family broken down into three segments grandfather/father/son sort of deal. The movie starts off during WW1 (maybe 2? who cares) and shows some mentally disturbed man who somehow lights his urine or jiz on fire (yes they show an erect dong with fire coming out of the tip) who lives in the barn and does the bitch work for some higher ranking officer. He spies on the girls that live there and does other weird shit, he ends up either screwing the big lady of the house on top of a pig carcass, he keeps screwing the pig carcass after she leaves and the officer comes in to find him having sex with the pig carcass and blows his brains out. It really sounds a lot grosser then it is, though there may have been a shot of actual penetration during the sex scene with the big lady. This is the only worthwhile section, I mean in terms of grossness factor and interesting film making. This section ends with a baby being born and it has a pig tail.

The next section begins with a food eating contest, like its some huge sport and a thing of pride for eastern European countries. So they eat then they show all the competitors vomiting into a giant vomitorium so they can eat some more. This is really the only truly disgusting part of the movie, not the vomiting that’s lame CGI but the next thing they have to eat is some gelatinous giant square of horse meat, you can see the horse shoes and they mention how there will be teeth in there. That was really the only repulsive aspect of the movie, when in all reality most of us eat that shit every fucking day if not worse and in cow form. So blah blah blah something happens with all this the character eats more, then cut to segment three.

Segment three is about that guy’s son who is some scrawny weirdo who does taxidermy for a living. His dad has become too fat to move and has a bunch of house cats living in a cage he is training to be eating champions like him. Ohhh yeah the son is probably from a different competitor since his mom was a eating champion floozy. So the son gets mad at the dad because the dad is always chastising him for being skinny and leaves the cage unlocked, the cats kill the dad and then the son taxidermies the dad. It’s really stupid. Then the son goes home and has set up some contraption to taxidermy himself. This is the part I think that most people are talking about, but it’s really nothing. You only get close up shots of him cutting into skin and pulling out organs, so it looks just like a generic medical video. So a costumer comes in to get something he left just in time for the device to chop off the guys arms and head. End of movie, lame pointless, but well shot.

The only good aspect of the film is that there is a great making of, like an hour long and its just that fly on the wall aspect of a making off. Where there isn’t something talking at you the whole fucking time about how great it was, but a camera of the camera filming. So those two cool shots you see how they were done. It was more interesting the whole movie.

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12 responses to “A Double Dose of Recent DVD Releases”

  1. Jarv says :

    Why bother calling it Bad Lieutenant? Seriously.

    And that second one sounds like shit.

  2. koutchboom says :

    Actually looking up William M. Finkelstein you will see he got his start with Cop Rock.

    Are you really attached to the whole Bad Lt first movie?

    I think it may be some Herzog idea, or the concept that this guy is a LT who does bad things. I kind of like the idea for some reason. Like its just a riff on the same concept.

  3. Droid says :

    I really liked Port of Call, as you know.

    Seconded on that second one. Sounds like shit.

  4. jarv says :

    Not at all- just what’s the fucking point of sticking it in front. It cannot be for marketing reasons

    • koutchboom says :

      Yeah I don’t know. I think I got the rental only copy because i think it was Stuntcock who said that there is a good making of on the DVD, but the copy I had didn’t have any special features I would like to see that.

      • koutchboom says :

        Yeah I think the movie was a complete failure at the box office. It easily could’ve earned back its production cost though. If Cage can get 76,066,841 (world wide) out of NEXT, he could’ve easily gotten more then 8,870,523 (worldwide) out of the 25 million cost of Bad. LT.

  5. Stuntcock Mike says :

    Nope K, wasn’t me. I’d love to see Herzog explain this film though.

    You guys owe it to yourselves to read Herzog on Herzog if you haven’t already. I’m not a fan of a lot of his films(I’d actually rather listen to Herzog talk than watch them), but his approach and more specifically his views are unique.

  6. ThereWolf says :

    Probably have a go at Port Of Call eventually.

    Taxidermia – probably never.

  7. kleidung says :

    Eva Mendes should be happy, that she gets a job. I can’t really understand her problem. This is just stupid.

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