A Double Dose of Recent DVD Releases

Lake Mungo and I Sell The Dead

Lake Mungo poster

While the 8 Films To Die For series seems to be a complete waste, mainly consisting of lame direct to video fare lacking entertainment and interesting stories. Also they are usually loud, obnoxious and full of the most obvious of horror movie cliché’s. Out of nowhere comes this quiet and subtle little horror flick straight from the outback that shows maybe this horror festival idea may not be completely useless.

Now this movie is pretty much fucked in terms of ever being relevant or known due to the success of Paranormal Activity which is shares a similar idea, but is so different that to call it a knock off/rip off whatever would be stupid. Though I would say Paranormal Activity is a more successful movie in terms of scares Lake Mungo was an interesting film.

While I was never truly scared while watching Lake Mungo, it’s a real slow burn flick that gives the story time to breathe so when the ghost starts showing up it sent a chill down my body, it was really strange. Even though the movie gets convoluted toward the end and never resorted to jump scares I ended up having 2 terrible nightmares about drowning that night.

The movie presents itself as some true story (don’t know if its based on anything, I’m done caring about that I’ll just assume its real and if I believe it then the filmmakers did a good job) about an Australian family while swimming in some damn their daughter disappears and is found drown to death later that day. It shot like a documentary more then a movie, we get interviews with the family and friends, shot of time lapses of the house, old family video tapes and news clips. They set the believability factor extremely high. Once the family realizes that their daughter’s ghost is haunting them we get the clips of the blurred ghost image and the speculations. It never jumps into BOO A GHOST! stuff like Paranormal Activity, the ghost isn’t there to kill people.

All in all if you like ghost stories you will enjoy this. If you have a hard time finding any fun and believability out of these sort of movies then skip it because you will be just as pissed at the end of this as your were with Blair Witch. But for a fan of ghost movies and these true event films I enjoyed this different approach to it. Also if you are a fan of documentaries you would enjoy this because it’s well shot and done and as some of the mysteries are revealed you’ll be surprised. This of course is a ‘the less you know the better it is’ sort of film.

I sell the dead poster

This is probably a step above direct to DVD/SyFy movie of the week stuff, but with a much better cast and interesting idea making it a lot more fun. While ultimately the movie just goes no where, it was a fun little diversion just lacking in awesomeness.

This movie could have easily gone in the Evil Dead awesome territory, it fleets with the idea but is never will to go through with it. I mean first off you got a movie set probably in the 1800’s and you have three of the best looking actors for the part. Ron Perlman, Dominic Monaghan and Larry Fessenden are all pretty ugly dudes who’s natural look fits in well with the time period instead of some pretty boy Mel Gibson type. Monaghan is the lead for once (instead of his usual fifth down the list spot) and he’s actually watchable. He is a grave robber along with Larry Fessenden who have just been sentenced to the guillotine for killing someone, Ron Perlman plays a man of the cloth who is interested to hear Dominic’s tales before he loses his head. That’s about it, Dominic tells Ron a couple of stories about grave robbing and running into the undead and then we find out Ron’s real reason for being there, end of movie.

I wish they had just made it a straight tale about grave robbing instead of this last words sort of deal. Make Ron their overbearing boss and this could have been a lot more fun. Also the over use of CGI hinders the film, small low budget horror comedies like this need to be practical effects but it just sucks because for movies like this to get made these days means a lot of cheap CGI work. Also the inclusion of some love interest over half way through was pretty useless. In the end a fun little diversion if you enjoy DTV stuff but nothing memorable.


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34 responses to “A Double Dose of Recent DVD Releases”

  1. koutchboom says :

    Jesus. I just found out they already have the remake of Lake Mungo in the works……bah.

  2. Droid says :

    Ron Perlman plays a man of the cloth


    For some reason I read this as “Ron Perlman plays a man touching cloth”

    Don’t ask me why.

    I’ve never heard of Lake Mungo until you guys talked about it. I’ll have to check it out.

    Welcome to the mini review clan, Koutch. Remember to pay credit to Xi. He gets mighty shirty when you don’t! 😉

  3. Bartleby says :

    nice job Koutch. I agree on both counts, although Im gonna go a little further in both cases.

    I think Lake Mungo was actually creepier than Paranormal. I was never scared during either, but at least LM did offer some chills, as you say. You are dead on about that, it’s the stuff that just makes you feel like ‘I don’t think I should be seeing this’ that works better than jump scares. That bit at the end, at the actual Lake Mungo, was to me, the most effective scene.

    I Sell the Dead would have been way better had Ron been their boss. As it is, I believe the Tall Man, Angus Scrimm is their boss, and he has maybe one scene. This could have been awesome but instead it’s really all over the place. In the end, while it isn’t terrible, I wasnt even very entertained by it. I’d stop short of actually recommending it and I think it’s much closer to a SYFY original than it means to be.

    The bit with the alien was horribly wrongheaded.

    • koutchboom says :

      Yeah I sell the Dead was fun but all over the place. It had a lot of the right things going for it and could’ve been awesome. But alas its not.

      As for PA vs. Lake Mungo? Like I say for PA it either worked for you or didn’t I don’t think there is an inbetween. And PA worked on me. Lake did as well. My wife hated Lake Mungo though because of the outcome. But man when they zoom into that picture and you see the girl, as they zoomed in chills ran over my body simetaniously it was crazy.

      • Bartleby says :

        yea, ditto on the zoom in… I assume you mean at the lake. that was nuts. seriously creepy. almost existentially so.

    • Droid says :

      Jonah, what did you think of Titans?

      • Bartleby says :


        I saw it in 2d and went with low expectations. Probably because it was my birthday, I was loaded down with all kinds of candy I had hauled into the theater, and was surrounded by a ton of friends in a similarly goofy mood, I actualyl enjoyed it.

        BUT what you said about it is still basically true. It has poor character development and the pacing for the action is terrible. The Kraken scene should have been majestic but was instead almost incomprehensible. You literally see no more than what they show in the trailer, just the head and tentacles.

        You get a few extra shots, but nothing further revealing. If you asked me to draw a picture of what he looks like from top to bottom, I couldn’t get it.

        The Medusa scene was a throwaway when compared to the old one, and Sam Worthington was at his most bland yet.

        Strangely I liked the scorpion scene the best, minus the scenes of Ralph Feinnes hamming it up, and the sequences where the jinn are riding them through the desert were kind o awesome in a cheesy way.

        Liked Gemma Artherton but her character was underdeveloped.

        Wanted to see a different greek movie all about the madds mikkelson character.

        All in all, I had fun with it, but it’s more akin to 80s camp like Conan the Destroyer or recent puff like Mummy Returns than it is similar to Clash of the Titans.

        Definitely a disappointment, but unlike Wolfman, I actually had more fun with this failure.

      • Droid says :

        I had more fun with Wolfman, but it was all down to Hopkins. I want to see a movie with Hopkins vs Fiennes outhamming each other!

        Thats cool that you enjoyed it. It sounds like you were like a pig in shit with all your mates and your candy, so that undoubtedly helped.

        As I mentioned in my review, Worthington needs a decent character, because he doesn’t have that automatic charisma to pull something out of nothing, so I don’t blame him that much. He played it as written.

        Now, have a think about this… Did you like Mads character, or is Mads just a cool actor? Cause to me his character was pretty much non-existent (which pretty much goes for every character). He was as effective as he was because he’s a good actor.

        The most useless character was Gemma Arterton. What was her purpose? Did she have one? Consider it from my point of view, not having seen the original, so I have no idea who that characters are. From this movie, I still have no idea.

        Fiennes was the only good thing about it. That moment where he shows up in the the palace, kills all the soldiers and sees Worthington and growls “Interesting!” had me chuckling.

        The Kraken sucked.

        Medusa sucked.

        The princess sucked.

        Lastly, those two hunter characters that came along, but turned back when they went to the underworld… Despite it taking them a week or something to get to the underworld, and Worthington flying straight back on the horse, they were there in Argos at the end!



    Clash of the Titans was fantastically fucking fun. I loved pretty much everything about it. And I’m no Worthington fan, but he is growing on me.

    Yeah, he’s dull but so was some boring fuck like Steve McQueen no matter how much people try to deny it.

    The odd thing is– people always turn on films that are just straight up fucking fun. You can see it coming a mile away. If its a fantasy film and it doesn’t feature homosexual midgets or 35 minutes of crying, it will be shit on– guaranteed.

    And to say it was more akin to 80s camp than Clash of the Titans? I dunno about you– but even when I was a kid I thought COTT was some of the campiest shit I’d ever sat through. I enjoyed it– but I recognized it was basically shit. People give the robot-owl a pass but bitch about riding the fucking scorpions in the new one? Ridiculous.
    To hear the bitching about this remake, one who had never seen the original would go in expecting a masterpiece and laugh their asses off.

    There was a ton of shit in the new film that greatly improved…such as the Calibos, who looked fucking retarded in the original, and is handled great with practical make-up here. There was a lot of good decisions to go practical, like with most of the sets….it didn’t feel nearly as green-screeny as the last LOTR. Sure there is a lack of story/character development, but with this sorta film– one I’m going to but on and pound beer to– who gives a fuck? The development and expository moments is the shit that bogs a movie like this down on repeat viewings. Give me the meat!

    • Droid says :

      But it wasn’t fun at all, except for Fiennes. Other than that it was really fucking boring and the action was badly staged.

      And I wanted to like it.


        Really, Fiennes? He was okay– but the role could have fucking been anyone. He wasn’t really a factor.

        I thought the action was all nicely done. Frenchie transitioned well from sweeping smooth camera-work to hand-held shit.

        I agree that Mads was the baddest motherfucker in the movie, and thats probably the one big gripe I had. He needed an epic fucking death. Perhaps sacrificing himself for the other guys and getting smashed in a fucking doorway like a grape ala Cyclops in Krull.

        But really– when are people gonna quit pretending Olivier was some force to be reckoned with in the original? He was on par with Rip fucking Taylor as Zeus. Fruity as hell.

  5. xiphos0311 says :

    Danny Worthington is the cure for insomnia.


    One thing I know…

    When Matt Damon drops and epic fucking bomb, and a few weeks later Sam Snorington scores another unapologetic hit…..I fucking smile.

    • Stuntcock Mike says :

      In my mind’s eye I can just see Damon in his living room going”………..but……..I’m Matt Damon…….”


    • xiphos0311 says :

      I applaud Worthington’s ability to chose projects that have the potential to be huge hits he should bottle that ability and sell it.

      Every time a project from that loud mouth midget Damon fails an angel gets it’s wings.


    Not that I think a remake is a good idea, but Worthington could seriously play Deckard in Blade Runner. He is boring enough and he looks the part. Its like the same fucking jacket he had on in Terminator.

    • Stuntcock Mike says :

      Holy shit that reminds me, I saw Harrison Ford doing some interview for that dog he did with Brenden Fraser.

      I’ve never seen a human being struggle so much to stay awake.

      Ford, fucking call it a day already bub.


        Yeah, its funny…I never really got the complaints about Harrison, but now that he is slowly dying in front of our very eyes, I look back at his older roles and realize how fucking boring he always was. I still like him….sorta, but he needs to preserve his legacy and drop dead next week.

      • xiphos0311 says :

        If Harrison Ford kicks over we lose the FINGER OF DOOM. I’m not ready for that.

      • M. Blitz says :

        I’ve never seen a human being struggle so much to stay awake

        That’s because Harrison smokes mad weed! I have it on good authority….

      • koutchboom says :

        So M. Blitz, you to have watched Ford on a late show then?


        Harrison and weed? Hhhmmmm…I dunno, he’s never struck me as someone into weed. He doesn’t look high, he just looks fucking uninspired. You can still see the motherfucker perk up when they mention planes or shit he still cares about.

        And speaking of Serena Williams’ asshole, someone needs to break a fucking tire iron off in that thing. POW!

        P.S. Hi Blitz. Lovely to see you again my darling.

  8. xiphos0311 says :

    Mike that is unfair to Harrrison Ford. he’s tired because every time that 2D stick figure he’s plowing turns sideways she disappears and he wanders around the house looking for her and the car keys. It’s tiring.

    • Stuntcock Mike says :

      I’m not Anti-Harrison by any stretch Xi.

      The finger of doom and more importantly “HOW DARE YOU SIR!” make my taint hairs stand up.

      • xiphos0311 says :

        Ford get’s a lifetime pass for Indy but let’s be honest Indy and Han and maybe his extended cameo in American Graffiti are his best stuff by far.

        I’m chiiling at home today and I am learning that daytime TV sucks ass, what the fuck.

    • Jarv says :

      Told you that the other day.

      May I suggest you take up recreational mugging. Old people have loads of money.


    ummm…I think Sam Snorington could do almost every one of Harrison’s roles saves for Han and Indy. Ehhh…even then though, Sam would’ve probably been more fun to watch than Harrison in IV.

    • Stuntcock Mike says :

      The funny shit is, he turned down Traffic because he wasn’t interested in ensemble films apparently.

      Now that’s all he does.


    Here’s Harrison’s new gem!

    “A hotshot television producer is set the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program, despite the constant feuding of its high-profile anchors.”

    Sounds like some Robert Altman bullshit that should’ve been made in the 80s and should’ve starred Robert Downey Jr, Eric Stoltz, Kevin Bacon, or all three….


  11. koutchboom says :

    Harrison was all about that Etreme Measures or whatever movie, didn’t he pretty much pay for it?

  12. Stuntcock Mike says :

    Excellent tits though


    You fucking know there’s some kinky sexual purpose for that fucking earring…

    Like he takes the shit out of his ear and it latches on to whatever he has in his dick to form a partial Prince Albert/Cock-Ring combo thing…..meanwhile Ally McBeal rains piss on his face like the blood of the non-believers.

    And somewhere…in a distant room the chilling echo of ‘Goodbye Horses’ can be heard…

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