Just a quick little run down of last week’s biggest comic release. From the creative team behind Old Man Logan and Civil War comes Nemesis. A comic book where the bad guy wins.

Sensationalist comic book writer Mark Millar got the ball rolling on his latest project by calling it Batman becomes a villain. Making everyone think he was going to write about a hero becoming bad. That is not the case, this guy is nobody just a really good villain. You can tell that it’s a rip off of Batman though. While DC would never allow such blasphemy, Marvel’s ICON comics will.

The good thing I can say about this is that it’s a lot better start then Kick As. Kick Ass just felt lame and obviously being staged for a movie, where as Nemesis has some of the same pacing problems giving it a movie feel rather then comic feel, it wasn’t as generic and bland of an opening.

While I read the comic I enjoyed it, when I put it down I realized that we just JUMP into the action way too fast. If Mark really wanted to try to create a new character with his own personality for the reader to identify with and care about like he did with Wanted and tried to with Kick Ass, he shouldn’t start the comic at issue 2. Pretty much he is saying, yes this is Batman but he’s evil, not even trying to hide the character rip offs.

So what we end up with is a typical Batman story and style of getting answer’s just in the end he kills people instead of saves people. But it was fun enough I will finish the series I’ll probably forget most of it pretty fast. Unless this get’s amazingly better I don’t think Nemesis will go down in the comic book characters hall of fame. There just wasn’t enough there, also by humanizing the victim (the DC Police Chief) you are going to pretty much turn what made this comic idea interesting into just another good guy bad guy comic.

It should have started off with humanizing Nemesis, us getting to know him. How he sets up his plan’s how he gets away with it. Instead it’s just a good guy vs. a bad guy and the bad guy wins. When you got such excellent origin stories for the Black Hand out there, and interesting villains like The Hood, Nemesis just doesn’t bring much to the table. It really will just be fanboy fluff. Also putting “MAKES KICK ASS LOOK LIKE S#!T” seems really self serving and pointless. This has nothing to do with Kick Ass, it wasn’t a pull line just something lame they thought sounded cool. If they wanted it to be taken seriously then they would have put something interesting like “The Villain you’ll want to root for” or probably nothing at all.

As for the art? Its fine, Steve McNiven does a good job with the characters and main art, but his backgrounds are lacking. It’s almost if we are looking at some awesome scene happening on green screen, without the green screen filled in.

****A side note I’d like to mention about Millar’s final text page at the end of the comic where he tries to play all coy about comics. When you have to know comics to be able to mention how this comic is coming out two weeks before Kick Ass comes out in theaters. He tries to seem like some meager happy to be working comic book writer (which I’m sure he is, that’s fine), but he’s not. You don’t put something making fun of your last comic for not being hard core enough on the cover of your new comic and not think you are cocky. Maybe if Millar went all the way with the dick personality it wouldn’t bother me as much. He could just be the guy you love to hate, so full of himself. But this sort of Oh I just wanna thank the fans bullshit is kind of lame. He knows people are going to buy his stuff no matter what, why not act like it.

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10 responses to “Nemesis”

  1. M. Blitz says :

    Yay! I am really glad to see you reviewing comics again….Even if I don’t give a shit about this particular one. 🙂

    More please!

    • koutchboom says :

      Have you heard of Greek Street? Its a mish mash of Greek tales transported to modern day British slums. Its really interesting.

  2. Jarv says :

    Nice review- and you’re spot on about that strap line- it is dickish

  3. M. Blitz says :

    I started to read Greek Street before I moved back East. I thought it was pretty good. Only saw the first issue though, and I went in pretty skeptical.

    I am really starting to regret letting the ex take full custody of our mutually-acquired comics. At the time sitting down and parsing who got to keep which ones sounded like a fucking nightmare (and transporting them east sounded expensive) so I just declined and said “fuck it. you take ’em!”

    Now I’ve got all this shit to catch up on, but no incentive to buy the comics because I don’t want to own half a series and I don’t want to spend money on comics I’ve already read! I do, however, want to read the rest of Elephantmen, Air, Doktor Sleepless, The Unwritten, etc., etc. Oh! and that one that I can’t remember the fucking name of….With the Romans and the Huns in space, written by some French lady and illustrated by the Serbian guy. Fuck, what’s it called…..Scourge of the Gods! Yeah. That was pretty awesome. Oh well, that’s what trades are for, I guess.

    • koutchboom says :

      Yeah Scourge of the Gods looks awesome. I’ve been meaning to get the hard backs. The art is amazing on those.

      Didn’t care for Unwritten, gave it 2 issues. Didn’t care for the story and art was awful.

      • M. Blitz says :

        Definitely read Scourge of the Gods. I didn’t get to read the second book, but it’s really, really great.

        I liked the Unwritten. It’s pretty much just a light-weight diversion, but I found it enjoyable. I think the book nerd aspect won me over. But yeah, the art’s nothing much to look at.

        Kind of like the opposite of No Hero. The art was the main attraction with that one. Fucking amazing…

      • koutchboom says :

        Yes! No Hero was amazing. I did not want it to end. I love that artist. I got some Robocop comic he did recently its also awesome.

        As far as where great art and great story meet I’d have to say Air. I love that book I should really read it in together though I’ve got still like 4 months of back log and there is a lot going on with that story.

        Sweet Tooth is a lot of fun as well. Sort of a different take on Children of Men theory about kids.

        I’m just happy there are like 50 Deadpool comics coming out every week! And that Blackest Night is a lot of fun even though I’m not a DC guy.

      • M. Blitz says :

        I read the first issue of Sweet Tooth (fuckers with their 80’s after-school special drug dealer tactics! Here, here’s the first issue for CHEAP, get into it and then fucking pay what we tell you!!!). I liked it, somehow, despite the self-congratulatory indie comic douchiness of the guy that makes it. I remember his bit in the back of the comic being incredibly nauseating, like, did you KNOW some comics (like mine) are all indie and cooooool???

        I really wanted to read the rest of it though. YOu’ve kept up?

        As for No Hero…..of course that one had to be super-short. Of course! Have you read any of Elephantmen? The art in that one’s pretty amazing as well (in a different way from Ryp), and the story’s great. Really good atmosphere.

  4. koutchboom says :

    AHHH I knew it
    From Mark Millar’s twitter:
    #Kick-Ass still at number one is US. I check every ten minutes. Next movie announcement will be Nemesis. Director announced next month.

  5. Droid says :

    Mark Millar is a cunt.

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