Leprechaun Returns!

In comic book form of course.

Leprechaun Comic

So I have the misfortune of only having seen the first Leprechaun movie yet being probably the soul owner of all 4 issues of the Leprechaun miniseries that came out some time last year. For some reason there was a huge gap between me getting issue 1 and then getting issues 2-4 all at once so I was a little upset, because one sets up for a good time, that issues 2-4 ultimately let down.


So there you have it the Lep has a name and an origin tale. Issue one does not give away what was going to come of this series and I thought it would end at that, but it doesn’t. Issue one is the best of the 4 because it’s the most like any sort of Leprechaun movie I’ve heard about, yet it’s the series that says ‘fuck it’ to continuity so why not make it a sort of Lord Of the Rings style medieval story.

Issue 1 begins with a rainbow bang (I guess that’s how he transports everywhere) where IUBDAN shows up in Ethan Thomas’ bed room and quickly passes out due to fatigue. After sleeping for four days and having nightmares of some medieval battle against the Leprechaun’s he wakes up and almost takes off Ethan’s head with his sword (yes he carries a sword in this). Once Ethan has calmed him down Ehtan comes to discover that some gold coin he bought on E-Buy belongs to IUBDAN. Turns out a coin dealer got a hold of his magical pot of gold coins and was auctioning them off online. IUBDAN tells Ethan the story of how he turned the coin dealer into money, and there is the one inventive and interesting death in the whole series. In his weak state IUBDAN befriends Ethan because he needs help for he is being chased by these other monsters who were fighting Leprechaun’s in his dreams.

Leprechaun comic
Issue 2 Starts off with Ethan and IUBDAN having to fight the Clurichaun (the monsters chasing IUBDAN). Most of the kills in this series happen by IUBDAN’s sword. Turns out that the Clurichaun have put a spell on IUBDAN that is causing his weakness in strength and magic (if he doesn’t collect all his coins by 4 changes of season he will die, we don’t find this out till issue 4 though). The Clurichaun’s are lifelong enemy of the Leprechaun’s and they have almost killed off their race save for this one last pesky one. After the battle IUBDAN captures and tortures one of the Clurichaun trying to get information out of him. Then Ethan convinces IUBDAN to go visit his buddy Sean to hide from the Clurichaun while they figure out what to do next. Yes it has turned into a buddy comic. Once at Sean’s place trying to explain anything to this character is just an excuse to set up lame attempts of humor. Sean and Ethan keep trying to mock everything IUBDAN says by calling it lame and uncool, up until the final issue it was pretty annoying. They decide to go visit another purchaser of the a golden coin who does not want to give it up, then the Clurichaun hunters catch up to them.

Leprechaun comic
Issue 3 is just a battle in a barn and Ethan going back to his job as the IT guy at a college to hit on some girl who is into Celtic mythology who may have some coins herself. It ends with the Clurichaun closing in on the college and Sean and IUBDAN driving around trying to find the college. These battles are not very interesting mainly because the art is very sloppy and its just IUBDAN jumping around cutting peoples heads off.

Leprechaun comic

Issue 4 starts with a Ethan and his girl running away from the Clurichaun. The whole time there is the one funny bit of the whole series with Sean and IUBDAN running around looking for the building they are at, once Ethan blows up the building they figure it out. The big plot against IUBDAN is reveled with Ethan being held under a knife by the Clurichaun’s leader, and IUBDAN wants to save him but he is too weak. Ethan’s girl realizes (she knows a LOT about Leprechaun mythology) that she has some coins and that these coins give IUBDAN power so she tosses them to him. He has a ‘I HAVE THE POWER’ moment and the head Clurichaun then teleports somewhere else, where he watches and waits for IUBDAN to fail to collect all the coins and DIE. Back with our heroes they all decide to ban together and help IUBDAN, even though they have just spent the whole time making fun of the way he talks, to help him find his coins. This brings happiness to the mean ole Leprechaun.


Yeah that’s it, that’s the story. I figured I’d go through it since I doubt any one else is going to waste their time with this. I SO wanted this to be a lot funnier and meaner. I mean its almost like he is crying happy tears at the end? It had a very promising start with decent art, but the rest of the issues are all over the place art wise (nothing is as cool as that cover to Issue 4 ALSO WHERE WAS THAT SCENE?, or as good as that cover to issue 1). It’s almost like they set out to create a PG-13 version of Leprechaun, even though almost every page is splattered with blood because of the sword fighting. A sword that just appears and seems to be on some tractor beam connection to IUBDAN. I mean sure it was harmless fun and probably a good thing that this story was used for the comics because I doubt a Leprechaun sequel would have had the money to have some epic Leprechaun vs. Clurichaun battle.

Too bad a this did not go through a edgier studio so it could have cuss words and nudity, lets hope this isn’t insight to the future of the great Leprechaun series.

Leprechaun bust


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17 responses to “Leprechaun Returns!”

  1. Echo the Bunnyman says :

    Wow. That’s really the plot. It sounds like a lame 80s kiddie flick.

    • koutchboom says :

      Yeah its pretty worthless, but I know that Jarv if hunting e-bay for the Leprechaun Bust. I haven’t been able to find a purchaseable one yet.

      • Jarv says :

        What the fuck?

        I can only assume that in true Leprechaun sty-lee they threw out continuity and this seemingly “good” Leprechaun is a new incarnation of everyone’s favourite murderous cod-oirish bastard.

  2. Jarv says :

    And people don’t HELP the Leprechaun, FFS!

    They steal his gold, take the piss out of him, and try to con him. In retaliation he massacres them in entertaining ways.

    These other cunts had better be pretty fucking evil.

  3. Jarv says :

    And what’s this “King” nonsense. It clearly shows in Lep 3 that there is no Leprechaun heirarchy. They simply fight until one of them is dead.


  4. just pillow talk says :

    That secret surprises no one.

    You should probably mention it in at least one future Jarv posting…somehow tie it back to that comic.

    He’ll most likely be quite thankful for it.

  5. Jarv says :

    Great tag, BTW. I may go and attach it to Droid’s Turdmen review.

  6. Jarv says :

    Is it just Buffy, Frank, or did you also watch Angel?

  7. koutchboom says :

    Damnit. I was too busy watching the best Batman last night (Forever) to notice that Lep 1-2 and Lep Back To Da Hood was on. I filped back and forth between the last half hour of Lep 1 and Hood 2, passed out 5 minutes into Lep 2. It was like 3 in the AM.

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