Who Is Clark Rockefeller? reviewed by Koutchboom

I know right?

Who Is Clark Rockefeller

Yes, Koutchboom done gone and did it! He watched the world wide premiere of a Lifetime movie! I know this mainly because that little thing in the corner took up about ¼ of the screen letting me know that….the whole fucking movie. I don’t understand the need for companies to leave shit like that up at all anymore in the age of the INFO button let alone the WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE. Luckily this movie was not as bad as the last World Premiere lifetime event I attended (America starring Rosie O’Donnell).

To be fair its not a half bad little thriller. Based on the real life story of course of one Clark Rockefeller who pretended to be a Rockefeller and was married to a rich lawyer for 12 years who never once questioned anything he did. They had a child together and he tries to run off with her after they get divorced.

The movie starts with the kidnapping. From there on out it becomes a standard procedural while showing us glimpses into Clark’s life, including his possible violent past. All in all it comes off as just another cold case/law and order/csi whatever the fuck cop shows you kids watch these days sort of deal.

Clark Rockerfeller


I think the biggest set back this movie had was that it is a Lifetime film so of course it is a women dealing with an abusive husband film instead of focusing on the real interesting story here, Clark Rockerfeller. His backstory and history could have made for one fascinating bio pick. Another sad thing is that Will & Grace star Eric McCormack does a great job as the illusive Clark Rockerfeller. When ever the movie was about him and how he got a job at the pentagon, or as a cardiovascular surgeon I was very intrigued and engaged in the film. The film only wants to skim over those topics unfortunately.

For the most part we spend a majority of the movie with Clark, thats not saying that E.R. alumni Sherry Stringfield is terrible or bad she’s just not half as interesting as Clark. Also the forced abused women story felt cheap, sure Clark was mentally and emotionally abusing her but they were married for 12 years and they should have shown more of those happy times rather then just jumping right into the crazy times. He is not a bad father just a little eccentric so when they make him just seem crazy and that he has a mean streak in him about half way you know they are just setting it up to make the mother the hero. I’m not saying this is wrong at all, just that it was obvious and typical Lifetime.

So if you have read about Clark Rockefeller on the internet and are interested in him this movie isn’t a bad time waster, I really would like to know how he pulled off getting a job as a scientist working for the military. So maybe one day we will get a proper Bio movie about him.

Here is the trailer since none of you probably know what the hell this movie is:

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13 responses to “Who Is Clark Rockefeller? reviewed by Koutchboom”

  1. lordbronco says :

    Who’s that…Rocker Feller? didn’t he used to pitch for the Atlanta Braves before he got fired for being a potty-mouthed jerk?

    • thesweetesthing says :

      Are you serious? Google the name Rockefeller. This family was literally built from the ground up. This family is worth around $110 billion. You are truly an idiot if you don’t know who these people are. I guess you have to have money to know money.

      • kloipy says :

        Hey Sweetestthing, guess you never heard of sarcasm before you dumb piece of shit. By ‘you have to have money to know money’ do you mean the allowance your mom gives you each week so you can go out and pretend to have some sort of social life at some goddamn hipster cafe? You make me fucking sick. Go back to your mother fucking ironic mustache and put on your Broken Bells cd and whine some more. Do yourself a favor and slit your fucking throat and sop up the blood with your precious ‘money’. Eat shit and die you fuckhead. Do you want Frank Booth to send you a love letter straight from his motherfucking heart, fucker.

      • koutchboom says :


      • Jarv says :


        That’s the angriest I’ve ever seen Kloipy.

  2. Tom_Bando says :

    Ha ha this clown lived about 15 minutes from me. People at work were telling us today after watching this about how their kids went to the same school as his son or whatever. Another Cornish NH whackjob ala JD Salinger. Interesting.

    Needed Giant Robots, Didn’t it?!

  3. herrmilflover says :

    “Another sad thing is that Will & Grace star Eric McCormack does a great job as the illusive Clark Rockerfeller.”

    How is that a sad thing exactly?

    • koutchboom says :

      Just because he does a good job and its wasted in this film. Do you not like the guy?

      • herrmilflover says :

        oh okay… it’s a frickin Lifetime movie, pretty much everybody’s wasted in these, talented or not.
        I dont really have an opinion on McCormack, I havent seen him in anything besides a few episodes of Will & Grace.

      • koutchboom says :

        I don’t mind the guy. I’m just saying that for a lifetime film he does an exceptional job.

  4. jarv says :

    They do that thing with the logo to stop piracy. Apparently.

    • Lordbronco says :

      Perhaps the logo works all too well.. What art girl of doom is going to say this must be grim and gritty-because it has a lifetime logo on it?
      No many, i would wager.

    • koutchboom says :

      Really? Ok. It was just annoying because it said:

      Who is Clark Rockerfeller?
      World Wide Premiere

      Sort of like that taking up almost the whole bottom half of the screen. And it wasn’t like it would come and go it stayed up the whole time.

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