Saw VI is another good old fashion Saw fun!

Saw 6 movie poster

Another year another Saw

Screw whatever you heard about the other timely movie event of last year, Saw VI is absolutely the more timelier of the two and also much MUCH more rewarding, and it does not suck!

As you know I am a fan of the Saw series.  Though after sitting through Saw IV in theaters I had almost given up on them and waited till DVD for these next two, both times being mad that I did not go out and see them in theaters.  Saw 5 restored my faith in this series after a disappointing 3 and 4.  Now, Saw 6 continues with adding another fun and exciting entry into the Saw series.

This Saw is not going to turn fans out of haters or anything magical, it won’t even go down as the best horror movie of last year its just a solid entry in an interesting series and for the sixth installment what more can you ask for?  Sure at this point the whole SAW concept is getting a little stale and the plot by now is convoluted to the point of nonsense, but this one manages to keep the movie simple for the casual Saw fans such as myself.  Do not see this movie by yourself if you haven’t seen all the other Saw movies see it with a buddy who has and you can ask questions to during the movie. 

While the basic movie will not be totally lost on you if you have not seen all the Saw movies, the whole back story between Jigsaw/Mark Hoffman/Amanda Young/Jig Saw’s wife will probably be lost on you. 

Saw 6 poster

An awesome Saw movie poster

The closest Saw I can compare this to is Saw III, but its Saw III done correctly.  While Saw III is probably the only real torture movie of the series and may be the worst (if Saw IV had not just been so ludicrous story wise and lame kill trap wise) Saw 3 suffered because the movie was 75% flash black of Saw 1-2 and 25% actual new movie.  With this movie the flash back scenes only make up probably 25% and they aren’t just repeated scenes they show you a lot of in between things fleshing out the relationship between Tobin Bell, his disciples and wife.

As for the timeliness of this as mentioned earlier, the main guy going through the game this time is some high ranking medical insurance bureaucrat.  A guy who has a group of ruthless young executives who’s soul job it is to find mistakes in policies just to cancel peoples insurance.  Leave it to the Saw franchise to tackle the whole issue of high earning health insurance executives and give them their just do. 

The movie starts out sort of like a Bond film in that they have a trap that is unrelated to the rest of the movie.   Its two people (housing loan lenders! again TIMELY!) who are pitted against each other to see who can cut off the most flesh before time runs out.  This is by far the grizzliest of the scenario’s and starts the movie out with a bang but is never brought up again (probably part of Saw 9’s story).  The rest of the kills will suffice for gore hounds and not make you turn your head in disgust for you more uptight sorts, they get the job done.  These are probably the most ridiculous in terms of set up (technically speaking) but it is Saw we learned to stop asking that question a long time ago.

From what I’ve heard about Saw VII (in 3-D!!) is that they are going to make it feel like YOU are in the trap.  So I think after the better then average Saw V and Saw VI I will make my triumphant return to theaters for Saw VII.

For Saw fans

For just horror fans

For Saw haters

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24 responses to “Saw VI is another good old fashion Saw fun!”

  1. Jarv says :

    Make me feel like I’m in the trap?


    No fucking thanks.

    Nice review. Unconvinced.

  2. Bartleby says :

    Agree with Jarv. No thanks to this. I’m still bitter that the original got my money.

    • Jarv says :

      I don’t mind 1 and 2 actually. I am EXTREMELY pissed that I drunkenly bought Saw 3 from the “3 for £10” chinese pirate though.

      • Droid says :

        Aarrrr!!! Pirates be cool, laddie!

      • koutchboom says :

        Yeah I think Darren Lynn Bousman is probably the worst part of the Saw franchise. Well hmm he wrote Saw 2, but James Wan wrote 1 and 3.

        Well either way Darren directed 3 and 4. He made 3 a torture porn movie and almost ruined the series. The writers of 4 had to come up with a whole new story to continue the series so 4 is just one big set up for 5 and 6, which is why is suffers. But I just think Darren is not a good director and niether is Wan, because their stuff outside Saw has sucked.

        The writers of Saws 4-6 also wrote the Fest series and wrote and directed The Collector. Which is much better then the output from Wan and Darren.

        Fuck me the writing/directing aspect of this series is as fucking interconnected as the actual movie. No wonder they can pop these scripts out so fast.

      • Jarv says :

        Has someone switched your meds today?

      • Droid says :

        Aarrr, ya best be quietin’ down, ye scurvy dog! Else ye be endin’ up ‘n Davy Jones’ Locker!

      • Jarv says :

        Yes would have sufficed.

  3. Bartleby says :

    by the way, good review. If I weren’t inclined to scrub my eyes out with sea salt when I see the word SAW, you might have convinced me.

  4. Droid says :

    Good review mate. But it’s highly unlikely I’ll see Saw 6.

  5. koutchboom says :

    Yeah I don’t think this would change anyone’s opinion of Saw, unless you were screwed over by some heath insurance company. I thought it was so cleaver that they did that, and it wasn’t something way out of left field. It made sense in terms of Jigsaw’s character and the fact that his wife was a Doctor for a free clinic.

    This movie did get screwed by PA, because its probably actually better then Saw 1, just because the acting is better and their isn’t just a BIG SURPRISE at the end, but that makes it less classic and SHOCKING so no crazy word of mouth. I bet if I watched the whole series again I’d find Saw 5 and Saw 6 are probably the best all around.

  6. koutchboom says :

    Yeah I need like a flow chart of characters/directors/writers of the series.

    • Bartleby says :

      Koutch did you ever check out the Kells review?

      • koutchboom says :

        Yeah sounds interesting. Its gonna show here sometime soon I may check it out.

      • koutchboom says :

        Did you watch Battle for Terra or The Collector yet?

      • Bartleby says :

        not yet Koutch. soon though. I was catching up with Supernatural. I’m officially caught up and officially, the entire show is awesome. Honestly, I haven’t seen a single ‘bad’ episode since the series started and it’s halfway through it’s fifth season.

        Great stuff in that it builds a continual storyline but isn’t overly convoluted. I thought they would jump the shark for sure when the angels and Lucifer showed up, but miraculously, the fifth season is almost as good as the earlier ones.

  7. herrmilflover says :

    I stopped watching these after the 3rd one. I borrowed the then trilogy from a friend, loved the first two, thought 3 was just really bad on every level except for the Amanda stuff, didnt go back for more.
    Not that I’ve been purposely avoiding the rest, I’ll get to them eventually.

    • koutchboom says :

      Well 4 isn’t going to help much but story wise its a set up for 5 and 6. 5 and 6 are probably the best of the series. The acting isn’t as bad (well maybe it is but its no one you recognize so you aren’t scratching your head wondering why they are so bad). But 5 and 6 are more just silly and gory trying to get away from the torture aspect of 3. 5 and 6 really for any series that makes it to 5 and 6 are extremely good.

  8. kloipy says :

    good review Koutch. I can’t make a justification for the series. I went to see the first one in the theater under the influence and laughed heartily at the Elwes acting which was a godamn tragedy. I think out of the 3 I’ve seen, I’d say that 2 was the best of the group. I’ve seen all I need to see, and I don’t enjoy them. Just my opinion. And I hate that it acted (along with Hostel) as a gateway to the torture craze of the last few years.

  9. Tom_Bando says :

    *pokes Koutch w/ a hoe*


  10. Tom_Bando says :

    I won’t watch stuff like this. Not into torture porn or variations of same. Much prefer Big Robots and brain-dead Mikey Bay stuff going BOOM!!!! all over the place, instead.

    But that’s me.

  11. williewizzy says :

    “Saw VII (in 3-D!!) is that they are going to make it feel like YOU are in the trap.” This going to be exciting! No matter how people look at it, i like SAW(s)! “Oh yes, you need to learn to value your life.”

    • koutchboom says :

      Cool, Saw’s are great fun. Went back and watched Saw 1 recently and that is actually a really good movie. Like not schlocky torture porn horror, its a good intense well made thriller with excellent sets and use of minimal budget.

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