xI’ve had a chance to watch some movies on DVDs lately and I thought I would throw out some quick mini-reviews because I’m too lazy to write out long ones and except for one, I really don’t care enough to write out a longer review. As a bonus this helps to keep the content on the front page fresh.

The Hangover: I haven’t laughed this little at an alleged comedy since I watched Tropic Thunder. I maybe laughed once, maybe chuckled a couple of times and sat there feeling sad that The Hangover is held up as good comedy.  Four unlikable douche bags go to Vegas and make a boring movie, great thanks. The whole time I watched The Hangover I tried to figure out why these three were friends, because I didn’t see it. Also, I wanted to strangle that loser from the American Office and that fat fuck with the beard is a suck hole of funny, screen presence and acting skill.

Nerd Trek/T4: These are basically the same movie. I watched them over the weekend again to see if my opinion would change. It didn’t. For the life of me I can’t really remember that much about either movie and I’ve seen both twice now. They were ok while watching, nothing more nothing less.

role models Role Models: I enjoyed this movie way more than I thought I would. Stifler and Paul Rudd were very good in it and the story, while fairly manipulative, didn’t make you feel like a tool for buying into it and the movie was pretty damn funny. Plus it had naked FEMALE breasts in it which is always appreciated and rarely seen in movies anymore outside of those shot in the San Fernando Valley. The black kid and McLovin’ were particularly funny in their roles as was Jane Lynch.


Scrubs: Why? The show went on three seasons too long to begin with and now they are trying to jump start it with new people and that was after a very good series finale at the end of last season. About the only good thing about the “new” Scrubs is some of the girls are kind of hot. Unfortunately, the comedy is as cold as Siberia.

ted Better Off Ted: I’ve never worked in an office or any sort of corporate (as in business) environment so I have zero frame of reference about how things in that world work. My entire vision of those places come from movies, TV shows or when you office workers go off about your jobs, so to me this show is frigging funny. Portia De Rossi is actually talented and funny. Who knew? The guy who plays Ted has great deadpan reactions to the wackiness that surrounds him and the two nerd scientists are a riot. I’ve really enjoyed this show. Now the first couple of episodes this season were rocky but the last two have been back to form.



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  1. koutchboom says :

    Better Off Ted is a lot better then I thought it would be.

  2. Droid says :

    The Hangover. It was okay, but by the way people were talking I expected a laugh riot when all I got was a small group of chuckles sitting around drinking beer and playing poker.

    Nerd Trek/T4 – I enjoyed both and have forgotten nearly everything that happened in both.

    Role Models – I liked it a lot. Very enjoyable. And the black kid was genius. “You white, so you Ben Affleck.” Funny.

    Scrubs – I’m a big fan of the show. This season is absolute garbage. The last few seasons have been pretty disappointing. They need to pull the plug on this one.

    Better of Ted – Not seen it.

    • Xiphos says :

      Better off ted is pretty Funny but it very American centric and some of the jokes might not work still give it go an maybe you’ll like it.

  3. Bartleby says :

    The Hangover is DEEPLY overrated. Friends look at me funny when I tell them I laughed, maybe, three times. One of those was during the police station sequence. Honestly, the Tyson cameo was a joke so thin it was ruined during the trailers. See Zombieland for the correct way to do something like that.

    I still disagree with the ‘meh’ towards Star Trek, but I’ve come to live with that. Terminator certainly deserves the ‘meh’, mostly because the central characters were SOOOOOO underwritten. In addition, the movie never replaced that deficiency with anything else.

    There’s a new Scrubs? I didnt know that. Then again,I was never a fan of the original Scrubs.

    Better off Ted–I saw one episode of this and thought it was delightfully quirky, and I agree, Portia De Rossi actually has a real comic presence in the show.

  4. Tom_Bando says :

    Haven’t seen the Hangover.

    I liked the Abrams Trek, it rates 3 goats outta four on the Almada scale.

    Scrubs comes on, I get it confused w/ the other 8 hospital shows and change it to ESPN.

    Donno the other two.

  5. M. Blitz says :

    Star Trek, Star Trek! I thought it was pretty damn good. Seen it a few times and it hasn’t yet failed to entertain. Been keeping all my various ticket stubs in the Spock promo glass from Burger King. It’s a pretty nice glass, too.

  6. xiphos0311 says :

    Dork trek, having seen it twice I’m still not sure what it’s about. I liked it well enough while watching it but still, what the hell was it about?

  7. M. Blitz says :

    Barfy!!!! 🙂

    Been hittin’ the red wine myself…..

  8. Continentalop says :

    Mini-Review. Perfect. Seriously. Me don’t need long reviews, just get to the heart of the matter and tell you if it is good or bad and generally why.

    Got to start practicing that with my post (rambling on…)

  9. jarv says :

    Merry christmas.


  10. lord bronco says :

    Merry X-mas ya’ll!!!

    Yo Xi-reading Stephen Hunter-ha ha-good stuff: His name is Bob Lee. his Father named him just Bob, and he gets mighty angry if you call him Robert. you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!!!

  11. jarv says :


    You’re here.

    Good review. I actively don’t want to see any of these.

    Great stuff see you in 20w0

  12. xiphos0311 says :

    Role Models and Better of Ted are both pretty good. Other then that the rest can be safely ignored.

    have a good staycation in Ol’ London town.

  13. ThereWolf says :

    Star Trek is a blast. Stunning on blu-ray.

    T4… (Wolf’s brow darkens…) I didn’t care for it. At all.

  14. ThereWolf says :


    Peow, peow, flashy lights, BANG, WHOOSH, peow, lens flare, “the dilithium flakes are melting!”, BAAADOOOOM!, “Gah, Starship Enterprising, you will pay for this!” KEEEE-RUUUNCH!, peow, peow, BIG EXPLOSION, “We’ve won!” The End.

    How’s that?

    • xiphos0311 says :

      Ok good now I sort of get it. What’s Red Matter and why didn’t The Vulcans have a fleet around the planet?

      • ThereWolf says :

        Red matter is this stuff, right, and it can create holes in space. I think Spock had a hand in its discovery. I didn’t pay much attention to the red matter, to be honest.

        Vulcans are a very peaceful people and do not believe in fleets.

  15. Droid says :

    Currently watching the best Star Trek ever filmed. It’s called Galaxy Quest.

    “Never give up… and never surrender.”

    By Grabthars hammer… Recognise, bitches!

  16. ThereWolf says :

    “Miners… not minors!”

  17. ThereWolf says :

    The funniest thing in Galaxy Quest is when the guy (can’t remember names) is piloting the ship out of space dock and he’s got this nonchalant look on his face, as if it’s something he does every day. It’s just that look…

    I was crying, man. Crying!

  18. Droid says :

    Is it just me or is Sigourney fucking hot in this?

  19. ThereWolf says :

    Very hot.

    I wish my version wasn’t dubbed for language though. She clearly says “Fuck that!” but it comes out “Screw…” Poor show.

    • Droid says :

      That’s in every version i think. It’s the one moment that slightly annoys. Otherwise it’s pretty much perfect.

      “Unless you took a learning annex course I don’t know about I’m pretty sure you don’t know how to shut down the reactor!”

      Such good writing.

      • ThereWolf says :

        I imported the Region 1 DVD of Galaxy Quest as a new release. I watched it the day before it opened in cinemas in the UK!

      • Droid says :

        “Unless you took a learning annex course I don’t know about I’m pretty sure you don’t know how to shut down the reactor!”

        I’ve just butchered that movie. I need to hang my head in shame.

        “And what you fail to realise is that my ship is dragging mines!”

        Superb kill line.

  20. jarv says :

    I’m glad to see the phrase nerd trek has caught on.

    I’m currently drinking beer and watching the outer limits- which os by far the best TV sci-fi ever.

    Galaxy Quest treats Dork Trek like an Almadan goat.

  21. MORBIUS says :

    The Hangover agreed, all the hype never manifested itself, couple of laughs, so so.

    Trek, hell yes, the Almada Goat Whisperer be damned. Salvation, hell no.

    Role Models I found to be quite endearing. Jane Lynch always a plus, 2 1/2 Men her best.

    Only seen a couple of eps of Scrubs, was okay, Never seen Ted.

    Galaxy Quest a Must See!

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