James Cameron and ‘Avatar’ get the ol’ reacharound from the New Yorker


Despite what seems at least three quarters of the article dedicated to fellating James Cameron, there are a few somewhat interesting details on Cameron and the  production of ‘Avatar’ in this article in the New Yorker.

I’m looking forward to seeing this quite a bit, but I’m not quite ready to hail it a  masterpiece sight unseen.


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4 responses to “James Cameron and ‘Avatar’ get the ol’ reacharound from the New Yorker”

  1. Xiphos says :

    Are surprised that the Newy Yorker dropped to its knees in order to blow cameron and his blue tinted, 3D movie about the stage show CATS?

  2. Nathan Bartlebaugh says :

    I’ve seen that 15 or 20 minutes they showed in the summer. It’s visually pretty neat stuff, and I think I’ll enjoy it. I’m wondering though if the nerd consensus, which will no doubt bitch about it for simply being popular, is even valid anymore. I can’t think of a single thing released this year that people haven’t bitched about post release. All of the films we love and cherish today–stuff from the 80s–it would get hammered today in the name of being cool.

    That being said, anyone expecting anything more than a fun and exciting popcorn movie is probably setting themselves up for defeat. It’s not really holding itself back from pulp sci-fi territory. This is the kind of sci-fi/fantasy that people were churning out in novel form when Cameron was just gaining his cred as an action visionary. I fully look forward to it, but I’ll remind everyone, I’m the guy who still loves that “shitey big monkey movie that was 3 hours too long”.

    My review of the twenty minutes is over here:

  3. ThereWolf says :

    Enjoyed the article. Informative, not averse to describing Cameron’s arrogant side.

    I keep seeing Avatar dismissed as ‘Dances With Wolves’ but to be fair to Cameron it was his comparison, he’s been quite up front about it. And it’s a good story. Personally, I’d like to see that tale done as sf so I’ve no real problem with the idea.

    But having seen Trailer 1 only, I was surprised (and a little dismayed) at the volume of CG. I’m quite happy watching CG FX, it’s just I was expecting more… people and sets. I wonder if Trailer 2 addresses this?

    I didn’t go to the Avatar Day presentation cos I didn’t want to see too much footage before the movie’s release.

  4. Tom_Bando says :

    1: Dances with Wolves is just fine.

    2: Cameron has earned respect and I’m hoping this is another semi-classic or at least a reasnoable facsimile thereof.

    3: It has what amounts to big Robots in it and I’m fine w/ that too.

    4: Why is Prince scoring it?

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